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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Anti-Valentine's Day Giveaway, Sundays in My City & More

Unknown Mami
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Welcome to Chico, CA, where DuPont is ready for Valentine's Day.
A few miles away, this beauty poses for a photo. Does anyone know what kind of bird it is? It's so pretty. I'd like to find out.

And now, back to Valentine's Day. I hate it. Thus I'm hostessing my annual Anti-Valentine's Day Giveaway. All you have to do is write an anti-Valentine's Day slogan in less than 20 words. Put it in the comments section of this or an upcoming post. {I'll announce the contest once or twice more.} That's all! Just write something funny/entertaining/hateful about V. Day. You'll vote on your favorite, and the winner will get a sweet package involving fair-trade chocolate. (I don't skimp when it comes to chocolate.)

Finally, Facebook turned 10 this month. In honor of its b-day, I wrote a poem.

You’ve had more facelifts than Rivers,
More fans than the Biebs,
More questions than Leno,
Than Honey Boo Boo, more feeds.
Quit asking my status, what I’m feeling today.
I’m doing nothin’ with no-one. It’s complicated. Okay?!
You remind me of birthdays.
When I hide, you ask “Why?”
Inform on what’s trending.
And what apps I must try.
Kindly cut out the ads
And hide all the hate
You’ve more money than God
Subtlety, not your fate.
Go play with farm animals. Defeat Candy Crush.
Happy birthday, dear Facebook.
Send money. Please rush.

Thank you for stopping by.
Be safe, warm, and have a peaceful week. 
You are loved.  Smiles.


  1. I think that bird is a duck.
    (Sorry, too easy!)
    Will think of something fun for your Anti-Valentines giveaway.
    Still not drawn to Facebook. I do have Candy Crush on my iPad though!

  2. I'm 87% sure that it's a Mallard Duck or a Wood Duck

  3. I was on the duck thing, too. There are so many variations... It is very pretty. It almost looks unreal.

    I will have to think about a slogan. Who doesn't want to win chocolate???

  4. I was going to guess a merganser duck.

    I do loves me some Facebook though. If it wasn't for FB, Russell never would have found me!!

  5. Mallard Duck i think it is. The cat has two anti valentines day posts scheduled, so I'll think of something fun. I wish facebook had its last birthday.

  6. How about:
    Nothing says YOU'RE SPECIAL like a mass-produced sentiment written by someone else!

    That is a beautiful duck. I was going to say Peking Duck but that is a way to cook duck!

  7. I'm guessing that it's a male wood duck. It certainly looks like one.

  8. I adore your FB poem!! I'm not too fond of Valentine's love theme, but I have to admit hubby usually comes up with candy, a stuffed animal or something good, so if I 86'd V-day, I'd miss the presents!! ;)

  9. I think it's a wood duck too, and I agree it is a beautiful bird. Loved your Facebook poem. :D

    As for the Valentine slogan, how's this--

    Chocolate hearts
    make Valentine's Day fun,
    but if you're alone,
    all you REALLY want
    is the day
    over and done.

  10. Thanks for telling me what that bird (duck) likely is. I'll look into your suggestions. Bonus points to OpExist, JoJo, Pat, Roland =), Martha, Lexa. I'm impressed. You people know your birdies.

    And great entries already, Roland and Daisy! Woohoo! Thanks.

    Be well, everyone.

  11. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Chocolate makes you fat
    I'll eat the chocolate
    and you can have the flowers.

    Well, not YOU.
    You know what I mean.

  12. Is that a mandarin drake? I could be mistaken...

    And thanks for the Valentine's Day reminder. Sure, my wife says she doesn't want anything, but I know that's a lie.... ;-)

  13. Dupont may be ready, but where's the mare? Don't tell me his costume has scared the lady horses off! I suppose that's what happens when you look like a medieval executioner who's been spattered with blood.

  14. A duck - definitely a duck. I haven't a clue what kind.
    Do we have to include the duck in the Valentine poem?
    A Valentine -just my luck!
    I wanted a heart, but I got a duck!
    Don't send me the chocs, they'll only melt on the way to England.

  15. Fabulous Facebook poem, Robyn! Are we allowed to recycle last years poems, and turn them into slogans? No, that will only help the winners. Your contests are always fun, so I'll try to come up with something soon.


  16. Herman, yes. She's lying. Women always want chocolate, unless they're allergic. In that case, even moreso.

    I haven't researched the ducky yet. I'll keep you all posted.


  17. Announcement: YOU'RE SMART AND WITTY FOLKS! It is in fact a male wood duck! Martha was spot-on, and many of you guessed it was possibly a wood duck. Kudos to you.

    xo =)

  18. Love the besotted version of Chico and your FB poem. I'll nee time to come up with a slogan.

  19. I thought male Merganser too but googled and it's not quite the same.

    Can't enter, I love Valentine's Day.

  20. I was going to guess Mallard also, but the red ring around the eyes makes me wonder.

    Ah Valentine's Day. I'm married to a man who got me a battery powered car jack last year. The bloom is off the VD rose.

  21. That is definitly a wood duck. I looked it up. :)

    Anti-Valentine's slogan? Eat more chocolate, doctors and hospitals love making money for treating diabetes.

  22. This was a good post. Glad Alex mentioned it. I'm not entering but I'll still drop a slogan.

    Slogan: Broken Hearts/Friendly Stalkers sure are fun on February 14.

  23. Where's the like button?! Where's the like button?!

    I love your Facebook post. I saw this morning that Zuckerburg donated the most money to charity last year. Can I be a charity??

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  24. Jo and JoJo, it does look very similar to the merganser duck. I'm not sure we have those around here. Great guess, though.

    Thanks for all the entries! This is fun already. I love all the hate. It makes me happy.


  25. I like the duck-- and apparently if it walks like a duck, talks like it duck it might well be a duck!

    Anti Valentine's Day? You betcha! I'll be having a few drinks, watching some awful yet appealing reality tv (the type that reminds me of a car crash - you know it's horrible but you can't help by slow down to look!) and waiting for the 15th to arrive so I'm safe for another year!

  26. DuPont is looking dapper, as always. That is a beautiful duck!! Your readers are awesome and smart. :)