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Friday, February 28, 2014

Pat Hatt and Charlie's Scribes

*completely unsolicited

   I never imagined I'd be made into a character in someone's book. But Pat Hatt did just that. Rockin Robin is the second from the left above, in Tune at High Noon. Isn't she cute?
   Be one of Pat Hatt's thousands of followers, and you might just find yourself in the pages of his books. You probably already know that Pat Hatt spins rhymes 24/7. He's published almost 30 rhyming children's books, and the illustrations are great too. Tune at High Noon is my personal favorite. It was a gleeful surprise to learn that I'm dancing in Tune with Miss Cloud, Stretchy Waffle, and Cactus Adam. A much belated thank you, Pat Hatt, our modern day Dr. Seuss!  

*also unsolicited...

     Have you heard of Charlie's Scribes? What an amazing trio, played by Mark Koopmans, Elizabeth Seckman, and Tammy Theriault. This threesome fulfills a blogger's most pressing need. (Well, perhaps a blogger's second most pressing need. Or third, factoring in chocolate.) Anyway, we all have times when we're on vacation/staycation, or experiencing blogger's block, or  combatting health issues, or can't blog for one reason or another. Charlie's Scribes fills the gap. They travel from blog to blog, bravely offering hilariously silly and fun-filled entertainment when bloggers are MIA. 

Taken from their site:
Charlie’s Scribes are the chocolate to your sweet tooth. We are the filler to the soon-to-be cavity. And best of all, we are the wig to Mark's shiny lovable head.
(If you don’t need us now – that’s okay. Feel free to print this page and pin it to your fridge next to those other emergency contact numbers.)

Find them here!

I have fond memories of Charlie's Angels. Like every girl back then, I wanted Farrah Fawcette's hair. I also wanted Jacklyn Smith's sex-appeal, and Kate Jackson's smarts. In this case, I'll take Elizabeth Seckman's smarts, Tammy Theriault's sex-appeal, and Mark Koopman's...wait, let's try again. I'd be thrilled to have Elizabeth's sex-appeal, Tammy's smarts, and...Never mind. Sorry, Mark. I wouldn't have written that if you weren't the most good-natured bald Hawaiian I know.

From their recent visit to Michelle Wallace's blog: "Hey Tammy, pick up. It’s Mark and Liz; we’re at Michelle’s concert waiting for you.   Listen, something weird is going on. Liz picked me up in a cab from a place called Bates Motel; I have a new tattoo of an elephant on my right shoulder and a pounding headache that reminds me of Ireland. You need to hurry and get up here mas rapido. After the next number, Michelle will announce her blogfest winner."

I was so amused by their antics, it took a while before I realized my name marked the end of the post. Woohoo! I'm thrilled and humbled to have won Michelle's Ubuntu blog hop for my poem, Mere Chance.  I'm also grateful to the scribes for navigating elephant dung in stilettos and/or flip flops, despite a terrible hang over spurred by raucous partying at the Bates Hotel the night before - in order to make the grand announcement. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.

How could we not love all the heartfelt zaniness found in blogland? I do.

Thank you, Michelle and the Scribes!

Have a great weekend, everyone.                          


  1. In addition to being a celibacy expert, humorist, chocolate lover, and award-winning poet, you're now a cartoon character?! I'm so excited for you, Robyn! This is a sign of many good things to come. Michelle, Pat, and Charlie's Scribes know great talent when they see it. Now if only Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman would stop fighting over who gets to play you in the movie. Congratulations my friend!


  2. Now I love you more than dare I say chocolate???

  3. Wow, what fun to find. I must go check out the full post. Congrats Robyn.

  4. How awesome that you made it into one of Pat's books!! I love Pat's blog. In fact, I think that's where I found you!

  5. I've heard of Pat Hatt, even hopped over there to comment a time or two, I think. How cool that you're a character!
    (But wait, you've always been a character)

  6. That's awesome you are one of the characters in his book! You are immortalized forever in poetry and paint.
    And Charlie's Scribes did a great job with Michelle's winner announcement post. Where will they strike next?

  7. That is so cool Robyn!!!!!

    I must be one of the only people on the planet who has never seen a single episode of Charlies Angels. My fellow girlfriends were really into them in the 70s, but I was usually watching Red Sox games, Little House, the Waltons or Happy Days.

  8. My Stetson's off to you for the coolness of being made a cartoon character -- and a cute one to boot!

  9. Never watched charlie's angels at my sea, a bit before me haha glad it is grand that you were cartooned at my land, even tough you found out a bit late hahaha

  10. You make a gorgeous little robin, Robyn! Pat knew a great character when he saw you.

    Good luck to the Scribes. . . !

  11. So many creative people in the blogosphere! And you're firmly in that league too, Robyn!

  12. I've never known a real life cartoon character, or even the inspiration for one. Congratulations.

  13. Wow, Julie, I'd love to envision that fight - almost as much as Al Penwasser would. Thanks so much.

    Tammy, I love you as much as chocolate. =)

    Suzanne, they're a blast. And we all could use the break without disappointing our readers.

    Optimist & Dawn, yes. It's very cool. Yes, I've always been a colorful character.

    Alex, they might just strike my blog again...

    JoJo, funny, I grew up watching all those other shows too. Minus the Red Sox.

  14. Thanks, Roland. She is a cute, spunky one.

    PatHatt, yeah, we won't reveal how slow on the uptake I was. LOL.

    Thank you, DG.

    Debra, to be amongst these brilliant folks is pretty awesome. That includes all of you.

    Diane, yeah. It makes me wanna get a big orange cowgirl hat.

    Stephen, me neither. I guess there's a first for everything, especially in blogland.


  15. How cool are you!! That's awesome that you have joined his book!! You definitely deserve it. Congrats on the award, too. You had a great day!!

  16. Robyn, you make a very smart little cartoon character.
    Why do we girls always make fun of Mark? Maybe it's because we know he has a good nature?
    Charlie's Angels, LOL!

  17. How cool to be a cartoon! And congratulations on winning the blog hop! I really liked that poem.

  18. A cartoon character? That's all kinds of amazing!

  19. i love your post congratulations :D :D

  20. Always loved English Robins and chocolate.

  21. How cool! That's adorable. I was a big Charlie's Angels fan, as well...I wanted to be Kris (Cheryl Ladd), though. I think I didn't really tune in until the second season, so I missed all the Farrah Fawcett stuff.

  22. That is so very cool of Pat to make you into a cartoon character. And yes, Rockin Robin is totally "rockin".

    I hadn't heard of Charlie"s Scribes. What a clever concept to fill in as needed to help other bloggers.

  23. I swear I don't know how Pat does it. The guy is wicked talented. All I can manage are limericks. And fart jokes.

  24. Holy shoot...that's awesome! And any blog that shamelessly features a picture of Beaker is alright in my book! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to worship at the alter of Charlie's Scribes...

  25. Congratulations! Here's hoping you become a fav of little ones and their parents everywhere.

  26. It's one thing to be a cartoon character, but to be one in a book is truly something special! Maybe you'll get little-kid fan mail one day. That'd be awesome.

    We'd love to receive crayon scrawled fan mail that wasn't just from an adult crazy person.

  27. Hey Robyn

    Well done
    Have fun
    You is Rockin
    I aint mockin
    Tune at High Noon
    From the rhyming loon
    Pat in the Hatt
    How about that

    Charlie's Scribes
    And blog pimping vibes
    I found them there
    And everywhere

    By the way
    I have to say
    Mark smokes a grass skirt
    Be on the alert.

    Michelle and the scribes
    Checking the tribes
    Blog hops galore
    Time to even the score

    Well done to all of you
    Even Scooby Doo

    Gary, Gary
    Quite contrary.

    Hugs n' stuff
    Have you had enough...

    Gary :) x

  28. I Thought Charlie's Angels were the ones who brought the chocolate!

  29. I wanted Farrah Fawcette too. Oh wait, you said her hair. Never mind.

  30. Well color me jealous. The only thing Pat puts me in are his videos, and that's usually to kill me off.

    Congrats on the feature! You make a lovely children's book character :)

  31. Wow! Awesome! I'm envious!


  32. Oh we always knew you were a cute little bird! How fun. :)

  33. Hey, when you've made it into cartoons, you've really made it.
    That is pretty darn cool that you've made it into one of his books.
    You are blowing up!

  34. Hey:)

    I had obviously not made it over to say thanks for the sweet shout out :)

    So, cheers to you - and chocolate, too :)