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Monday, December 23, 2013

Seasonal Hypocrisy

I'm not feeling particularly cheery this holiday season. I'm not depressed either, just in a somber, existential kinda place. Thus, the deep darkness to follow. Sorry if you dropped by for cheer. I'll bring it back real soon.
moon over Chico, 12.13
'Tis the season
Gone all reason.

Hastened waste through untamed giving
Homeless thrown in jail for living.

Chestnuts roasting
Champagne toasting
Filthy rich, effusive coasting.
Selfishness seems never-ending.
Blindness of a world pretending.

Silent night, Holy night.
All is calm. All is bright.

Kids brutalized.
Tuned-out their cries.

Jingle bell time and
Jingle bell rhyme.

Cancer strikes
With shameless might.
A beautiful sight
So happy tonight.

Rape the poor.
Scold the old.
Contagious hatred.
Violence bold.

Betwixt the refuge
Love is glistening.

Sleigh bells ring,
Are you listening?


  1. Some hear. Some do not. Well said, Robyn.

  2. Whenever I feel this way I think about how far we've come. I don't feel old but people tell me I am. There is one good thing about it. I've seen huge changes in my life time. The "colored" water cooler in the court house has been gone for a long time but I remember it. There have been many, many other changes for the better.

  3. This is a difficult time of year I think. I find myself over emotional and crying all the time. Memories of holidays past, all those who have left us...seeing all the 'perfect' celebrations on TV and commercials that no one could ever live up to.

    And yes, there is a lot of hypocrisy during the season.

  4. We all have days like this, Robyn. There are a lot of problems in this world, but we've come a long way. I hope we continue to move forward. There is certainly a lot of hypocrisy this time of year, but not with everyone. Some people do understand the true spirit of the season, and keep it alive year round.

  5. Some would rather have their head in the sand pretending all is right across the land

  6. It's easy to forget what's going on in the rest of world while we cozy up to our new iPads and XBoxes and think life is just peachy. But not all is bad. This year we're forgoing Christmas and presents and doing some volunteer work with the homeless and with kids who won't get toys. With the help of a friend, we've managed to raise a decent amount of money for toys for those kids. I have all I need, and the older I get the less I want shiny new gadgets. I consider it a blessing.

  7. I believe you have pinned it, Robyn. I also get this sad feeling at Christmas sometimes, it's too much buildup, too much 'buy this', and generally OTT - is everybody happy? I see those in need, but can't help them all. . .

    We've been to the care home where my MIL lives for their Christmas Tea, and what endures for these senior citizens? It's the singing of the carols, the attention by their family and an event that brightens their day. It's not the gifts nor the decorations - they only set the stage, and a simple stage is just as effective as a fancy one.
    Hang in there, Robyn, I wish you a calm and peaceful holiday. (with chocolate)

  8. A good reminder that Christmas is just brightly coloured wrapping paper over top of the realities of the world and not too much else.

  9. I am not a 'holiday season' person.
    It would be hard to do your job, seeing all the hardships people face and be jolly about it.
    even when you go to the stores ans people are doing the shopping thing and they are just rude.

  10. Your comments are truly meaningful. Thank you.

    JoJo, well said.

    Kudos to you and yours, Bryan. That's the holiday spirit!

    Plowing, you're right. The whole picture includes a much more bleak history. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love to you all,

  11. You ended the poem nicely. Fit with the whole voice of it. Well done, you.

  12. There will always be Bad Stuff going on. I think it makes it all the more important to celebrate the Good Things. There is kindness in the face of cruelty. There is joy out of sadness. Be well, my friend. ((Hugs))

  13. Really well done Robyn. It is spot on, people forget the rest of the world. The end of you poem ties it all together.

  14. A very haunting poem with a strong ending. I agree with Robin that "there is joy out of sadness." Thanks for reminding us to think of others during the holidays.


  15. I think you make some really important points, Robyn. I have my Christmas game face on but I am always more than a little disappointed at all the wastefulness and commercialism that goes with the season. I guess there are some bright spots as well. It seems that some people are inspired to be more charitable this time of year...if only that would last 365 days.

  16. Very thoughtful piece, Robyn. Well stated. Wishing you peace. :)

  17. Sadly, it's that kind of world we live in. While many are taking in the joys of the season, far too many are not.

  18. You are so good with words. Well said.

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