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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Woman on the Verge of Paradise: Sexual Healing

Over one year and 1,452 trees into drafting my novel, Woman on the Verge of Paradise, I'll be sharing excerpts with you. I estimate publication between one and seventeen years from now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some samples. This scene takes you to my 20th High School Reunion. Note: red = song lyrics to Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing.
 Twenty years later, I scoured the L.A. Airport Hilton for Daniel – to no avail. He must have bypassed the reunion hoopla. Denise made her presence known, though. True to form, she honed in on her prey: a decent looking but tacky albeit innocent and well-intentioned alum. I can’t say Denise exhibits poor taste; she targeted me.

Amid Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, I found myself on the dance floor, a fingertip’s distance from Denise.  “Hey Robyn, it’s so totally cool to see you!” Denise spun in slow circles around me, her long stringy red hair whipping my face as her arms swirled meditatively overhead in Hare-Krishna like fashion.

 Let's get down tonight
            “You too Denise.”       

 “Do this now.” Denise propped her chest out, shifted her buttocks back and glided towards me. Next she launched a series of pelvic thrusts over my left, then right leg. I slowly stepped back, held a smile and initiated full-throttle gyrations in hopes nobody was watching.

“Whoo-hoo! Let it loose, girlfriend!”

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

I attempted to embrace the moment and all, but the damn song wouldn’t end.

“Say let’s exchange numbers. I’ll teach you some more dance moves.”

          I want sexual healing
“Sure.” I flashed a wide grin, wondering at what point in the past two decades Denise turned  hippie-Hare-exotic-dancer. A little experimentation that night might’ve been fun, but with someone less…weird. 

emotional stability is leaving me

As the song drew to an end, I thought it best to relinquish my twenty year old grudge.

Please don't procrastinate
Then I deserted her –still twirling- and made a beeline for the bar.

It's not good to masturbate

Karina and her husband downed martinis as I arrived. “Ooh baby,” he joshed. “I was getting all hot and sweaty watching you two go at it on the dance floor.”

           Flushed, I turned to the bartender. “Make mine a screaming orgasm.”

Denise, if you're reading this, sorry I didn't call you. I have a perfectly good excuse: I ducked and ran while you were jotting your number down for me. 
And sorry I rejected your Facebook friend offer last year, but I didn't wanna be friends.


  1. So, that's where all my trees are going!
    Who was the better dancer? Denise or that guy that was teaching you, what was it, salsa? The guy you almost gave up your celibacy for but you held on strong?
    Now I'll have to go over your old posts cause I probably sound like a weirdo. I know what and who I mean!

  2. The drink is about as close as I get and I haven't even had one of those in at least a decade!

  3. Are those your thoughts in red? They add a lot of spice for the reader, even though they get in the way of the action. I can't find it in my heart to dislike Denise.

  4. Like Ruth, I was hoping that Señor Salsa would sweep you away leaving Denise in the dust. This was great Robyn, and I hope you decide to publish your story sooner rather than later. Julie

  5. Oh this is so good Robyn, I can tell from reading this that you're onto a serious winner with this book, I really want to read the rest of it though!

  6. Yes, your inner thoughts are what makes it!

  7. seriously, this piece sounds like a winner to me! love your writing style! genius!


  8. Ruth, no, you sound like a loyal follower. Thanks. You're wondering about Mr. Salsa. He's a much better dancer, but that's all he's good at - as far as I can tell.

    MsA, sometimes a gal's gotta take it any way we can get it.

    GB, those are song verses to Marvin Gaye's sexual healing. And she's not unlikable, just...weird.

    Empty, I was hoping Daniel would, but he wasn't there. Thank you.

    YW, thanks for always being a cheerleader. I've had fun with most of the writing.

    Alex, thanks. It's Marvin Gaye's song. I guess he's not as well known as I thought. =)

    Thanks so much, Betty.


  9. Geez, causing global warming haha, love the inner thoughts too

  10. Great excerpt, Robyn! So glad you'll be sharing with us.
    Have to admit that whenever women start this sexual-gyration business with me on the dance floor, I cringe immediately and get the hell away from them as soon as I can. I'm not judging anyone else's choices. I just prefer to , um, gyrate with men, and don't want female dry-humping foisted on me, especially in public.
    This type of dancing seems to be the norm nowadays, though. Guess I'll go have a cup of tea, read my AARP magazine and call it a day.

  11. You are so amazingly talented!! I hope this gets published sooner rather than later too. Denise sounds weird, too bad Daniel wasn't there.

  12. This made me smile! I feel like you've come up with a new genre. Reunion-Awkward :)

  13. I've avoided school reunions for forty years. I understand reunion people are looking for me.

  14. Pat Hatt, I drive a Prius, so I hope that compensates for my contributions to global warning. Smiles.

    Dawn, thank you. I keep rereading your comment for entertainment purposes. I'm not a big fan of public dry humping by men or women. I just kinda went with it this time and darted off during the masturbation part of the song.

    BabySis, thanks so much. I'm not sure how I would've related to Daniel if he'd shown. He kind of rejected my invite to the prom. I'm still jilted.

    Stephen, thing is, I'm one of the easiest people in the world to find, but I'm always on the "can't locate this person" list that the reunion committee puts out. This was the only reunion I went to. A friend informed me of it.

    Johanna, "Reunion-Awkward" is great. Love the term. Thank you.


  15. I've never been to a reunion and I'm not sure I'm that brave! =) I definitely wouldn't be dancing with Denise but ... you GO girl! =)

  16. Robyn, you have hit on reason #1 why I have never attended a single reunion. They were weird back then and could only have gotten worse while I obviously grew marginally superior. I would not be good.

  17. My hubby and I only went to one reunion... our 40th, I think it was. The weirdest thing about it was all those OLD people who snuck in...

    I really like your excerpt, and hope it gets published closer to one year from now than seventeen. (Boy! Do I ever understand that feeling!)

  18. I've never been to a high school reunion (we were both "begged" to come to ours after people found out how mildly famous we are on the Internet) but if it's anything like this, I'm glad I didn't go. However, this did make me run to Youtube and start playing some Marvin Gaye, so there's always a positive. I'll look for your book in 17 years! (Kidding, God, I hope not that long...)

  19. This looks like a hilarious book. Hope you finish it soon!

  20. Love it! I was giggling and singing along with you. About that drink...

  21. Beth, I was reluctant to go. Other than Denise, it was actually a good experience. All the formerly cool kids looked bad and even had the same 70s hairdos. People who never talked to me in high school acted like we were long-time buds.

    Chuck, it's true: the weird ones get weirder, while we grow more superior. I guess I needed the ego boost.

    Thanks, Susan. LOL, yeah, those old people who sneak in for the free food - what nerve!

    BnB, yeah! Glad I got some Marvin Gaye going over there. It seems few of my followers, or folks in general, know his music.

    Nigel, thanks so much, and thanks for visiting.

    MommaFargo, I'm glad I got you singing. Thank you. About that drink, ah, a screaming organism...

    Happy Friday and weekend, all,

  22. “Do this now.” Denise propped her chest out, shifted her buttocks back and glided towards me. Next she launched a series of pelvic thrusts over my left, then right leg. I slowly stepped back, held a smile and initiated full-throttle gyrations in hopes nobody was watching." this point I needed a shower.

  23. "Flushed, I turned to the bartender. “Make mine a screaming orgasm.”
    Oh, great. I took a shower, came back, and read this.
    Then I passed out.

  24. now I remember why I always make a point of reading your blog Robyn xo

  25. Al, where are you? Denise and I will be right over to initiate mouth to mouth resuscitation! No worries.

    David, to see Al pass out? J/K. Thanks so much. You've been a loyal friend and follower.


  26. Based on a true story?
    Very funny, inventive and creative.

    I like it.

    Keep busting those moves!


  27. I could hear the Marvin's voice as I read the lines from the song. The music also. You are one funny person Robyn! Write Green!