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Saturday, January 19, 2013

DuPont Swings Both Ways: Sundays in My City

Hi, friends. Welcome to Chico, CA, for another episode of Sundays in My City, hosted by the extraordinary UnknownMami. Visit her blog here for a scenic worldwide tour.

Note that, as with all small and big cities, people like "MARY" overuse the quotation mark.

A few minutes away, this snowperson (probably male, but I don't want to make assumptions) never stood a chance.

DuPont, our town mascot, has integrity. Not me; I'm still embittered by the Packers' loss to the 49ers last week. Aaron Rodgers, who hails from Chico, played a great game too. Alas, DuPont swings both ways. He's now a 49ers fan.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great Sunday and new week and, okay, go 49ers!


  1. I guess in business it's good to be flexible!

  2. DuPont is one of those fair weather fans.

  3. DuPont may have just wanted the warm blanket.

  4. Haha I have to admit that I love this horse and generally I'm not keen on somebody who switches his alligence all the time. Great post Robyn.


  5. You know how I love DuPont. I "get" him being able to switch his allegiance so quickly - - - I live up here in Packer Backer Mecca and I'm not pulling for the 49ers too. It's very "kosher" (quote marks on purpose) to pull for the team that beat YOUR team to WIN the Super Bowl.

    I'm just sayin' - - -

  6. haha poor snow person, maybe he needs a little blue pill?

  7. Tacos "Mary". I really don't know what that means. Tacos made by Mary? Tacos called Mary? Tacos as tasty as Mary? I'd like to see a picture of Mary in the next Chico post.

  8. MsA, yes, I suppose it's good. He's a fair horse.

    Wayne, and when your team is out of the picture, gotta revert to the next closest (geographically) team.

    Alex, he really is. I should be so fair weather.

    Tara, good point. It looks awfully cozy.

    YW, he's a lovable one, though a bit confused. Aren't we all?

    Keetha, you said it. Thanks.

    Adam, yeah, he's like the Barney of the horse world.

    PatHatt, haha. I did notice an appendage looks to have come undone. Maybe the blue pill after a surgical procedure. ? Poor guy, er person.

    GB, it is perplexing. The tacos shout "Mary!" I'll have to go inside sometime and shout "Mary!" to get to the bottom of this.

    Happy new week, everyone.

  9. My personal opinion is that DuPont has always been a 49er fan and was rooting for GB because Aaron Rodgers is a local favorite.

  10. Robyn the sting from last weeks loss is still with me but I am rooting for the Niners to take it all. I always root for the NFC and if someone beats my Packers then they better be good enough to win it all!! I think I must be "kosher" :)

  11. yum tacos! now i'm off in search of tacos! see what you started robyn??? poor snowman, never stood a chance!

  12. Glad that you're even PC about snowmen! I'm surprised that Frosthe/she survived long enough for you to snap a photo. Hope that DuPont and "Mary" weren't too ambiguous about it.

  13. Oh you gotta love Swinging both ways. If that snow 'individual' was made of other types of 'snow' it could be worth a hefty bundle!

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Sorry for your Packers. As a Texans fan, I feel your pain.

    I, too, "overuse" quotation marks -- haha!

    Happy Sunday!

  15. IT, that's likely true. I spoke with DuPont's owners and wardrobe coordinators - very kind people and diehard GB fans because of Rodgers. They don't want to upset all of the local 49er fans. (As you know, we have tons around here.) I think DuPont is confused by it all.

    Chuck, I like your attitude and I'm still pained too. I'm a nice Jewish girl, so I'll be kosher by Superbowl Sunday. The 49ers are going to take it all.

    Yvonne, sorry, but I hope you found and indulged in yummy "Tacos". =)

    Empty, I love the way you combined the random elements of this post into one entertaining comment. Very nice.

    Anthony, swinging both ways has tempted me for a while. Er, yeah, since the Packers lost last weekend. And I'm sure we've plenty of real snowpersons around here.

    Traci, sorry for your pain too! Please don't open a Tacos "Traci". Thanks.

    Beth, smiles back to you.

    Have a good week, all.

  16. I wish that's all the snow we had left over here... It snowed again yesterday...

  17. If it makes you feel any better, the dastardly 49ers whupped my Falcons today, too. A heart-breaker.

  18. Those quotation marks really creep me out. It adds a tone of schizophrenia to that sign that makes those tacos so very not appetizing.

  19. Beautiful---as are you!

    Love ya Mean it,


  20. Obviously DuPont is choosing the lesser of two evils. :D

  21. Wooo! 49ers!!

    Gotta love misplaced quotations. Are they really that difficult to figure out?

  22. Can I get anything good at The Horse Store? I need a saddle to put on my cat.

  23. I wonder how a Mary taco tastes. Interesting. Wow, you got enough snow for a snowman? That's kind of cool.

  24. I prefer to think of DuPont as an NFC fan. That way I can forgive him.
    Maybe quotation marks make one seem more impressive? Try it! Say Robyn and make those little quotation mark finger gestures and see if it doesn't make you feel special. Maybe short bus special, but special nonetheless.

  25. Dwei, sorry. If it's any consolation, we're supposed to get rain tomorrow.

    Susan, let's buy each other drinks, and I'll bring the chocolate.

    Brandon/Byron, the quotations marks do add an element of "WTF-this-food-will-make-you-puke!" Don't they?

    Oh John, flattery will get you everywhere. I mean, good day sir. xo

    Nita, there are too many 49er fans around here to not support them. He's kinda wimpy that way.

    Karen, exactly. There's only one situation in which to use quotation marks (I think). That would be - drumroll please - when quoting someone.

    PTM, they sell a bunch of saddles. Is your cat ginormous and obese? You might be in luck.

    Amanda, it is pretty cool. I'm guessing someone came back from the nearby mountains and made the snowperson.

    Ruth, you crack me up. I just tried it, too. Yes I feel very short bus "special" now.


  26. Oh DuPont! Who's dressing you these days! I'm thinking he was dressed this way against his will!

  27. yummy tacos!
    now i want one.

    oh, robyn, your subjects today are as interesting and smart as can be.
    i leave smiling as always:)


  28. I say, Go niners!!! Poor helpless snowperson.