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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Choice Food: A Saturday Centus

The Saturday Centus, hosted by Jenny Matlock, challenges us to write a piece within 100 words. This week's food-focused prompt is bolded below. Join us if you like and please visit the other offerings here. Enjoy, or survive, the season - whichever is your goal.


Welcome to Quick Fry.

We fry it up quick.

See our fourteen page menu

And give us your pick.

The crowd’s growing hungry

So please don’t delay.

Did I mention our specials change three times a day?

And if you like fries

We’ve got orange, blue or green

Blackened or raw, fluffy or lean

Shaped in a C, swirly O or plain L.

What font do you favor, Batang or Corbel?

What size would you like, puny or fat?

So what will it be?

Would you like fries with that?


  1. Hahahahaha!Funny and clever, Robyn, just like you!! I'll have my fries dipped in dark chocolate, please!

  2. between a bun with a beef pattie and some onionrings, gag, I have seen a burger like that, you get a free tshirt if you finish the whole thing, fun read!

  3. Robyn, you never cease to amaze me with the way your brain works! Good job.

  4. I don't know how you always come up with something.
    Good job!

  5. I admire your creativity, but this isn't helping my diet.

  6. Wow, that's some selection of fries! The colours and shapes I can believe, but do fat fries really exist in the USA?

  7. Those are some fries
    And look at you rhyming with your fry cries
    Of course that was fun to the cat
    Who wants to try and avoid all that fat

  8. In a haystack... like the plate of a 1,000 fries at Bistro Ralph in Healdsburg.

  9. LOL, too funny. Who knew there were that many kinds of french fries? Very clever. Loved it.

  10. Unless it's St. Patrick's Day, I don't want the green fries.
    That was great, Robyn! Funny and rhymed well.

  11. Robyn, So funny! I agree with Judie - dip mine in milk chocolate, though, please!


  12. Perfect rhyme and funny too Robyn!~Ames

  13. Judie and CJ, choco fries for you!

    Christine, sounds like a recipe for cardiac arrest.

    MsA and Ruth, thanks so much. Sometimes I literally sleep on it. I look at the prompt at 6am or so, go back to sleep, and the weird thoughts spew forth.

    Stephen, sorry. Think "blue potatoes" and your diet will kick in.

    GB, everything's fat in this country.

    PatHatt, a thin cat? Imagine that.

    IT, seriously? 1000 fries? I've gotta see (and eat) that.

    Viki, thank you.

    Thanks Alex. I don't even want them on St. Patty's Day.

    Ames, thank you kindly.

  14. Haha. I'm with Judie...dipped in dark chocolate, please! What a fun take on the prompt!

  15. cool post! Man it is now 1:20 am and I am craving french fries....decisions decisions
    Blessings, Joanne

  16. Ha ha - yeah, send me up those green fries... and some green eggs and ham while you're there.



  17. Haha...great way to end the weekend...can I have in shape A4 with $$$ in between and I'll stick to Ariel or is that Arial?? :)

  18. Excellent!
    (Thank God I don't like fries - leaves more room for chocolate...)

  19. Fries and chocolate ... both are national dishes here, but never together, fortunately. *shiver*

    Great take on the writing prompt! :-)

  20. I actually love this Robyn, there's some seriously good writing in this! Extremely clever as always!

  21. Kath, thanks so much!

    Anita, choco fries for you too.

    Joanne, sorry. They are a good comfort food, though, in my book.

    Anthony, would you like it here or there? Would you like it anywhere? (This is a pathetic attempt to quote Green Eggs and Ham.)

    Rek, Ariel's two cents cheaper than Arial, so we'll go with that.

    Beth, anything that leaves more room for chocolate is wonderful.

    KC, I haven't tried the combo but I may have to now. Or not.

    Thanks Matthew.

  22. So funny poem, nicely composed...and funny thing, fries served with fries....oh yeah I can see that....

  23. This was smart, funny and brilliant. You are very creative. Amazing job Robyn! xo

  24. You're crazy and I love you for it. :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! xoxo

  25. You are so funny and creative Robyn!

  26. I love reading your words. You always challenge me to change things up in my own journal!

  27. I love you all too.
    Chocolate kisses and greasy fat fries to you.

  28. Bahaha. That was awesome Robyn. You did a great job, like always. :)

  29. Robyn! You clever, clever girl!

    This was really neat!

    I'd definitely take the orange, lean, C-shaped fries.


    Thanks for the smile. Your rhyming was superb!