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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Breaking Points, A Saturday Centus

The Saturday Centus, hosted by Jenny Matlock, challenges us to write a piece within 100 words. I've bolded the prompt below. Please see the other offerings here and consider joining our fun group. Jenny ever inspires. Have a great weekend. 

Breaking Points

I planted a little story seed

But on second thought, it was one ugly weed

So I took a break for the next year or three

Then geared up again to birth a new tree

But I lacked the right tools to give it a go

Plus storms were approaching and soon there’d be snow

Then time was the issue. There’s never enough.

I neglected my garden to tend other stuff.

Alas I decided to grab the ‘ole rake

I’d end this poem now but need a quick break...and chocolate.


  1. I need more than chocolate right now, sister. To keep up this pace, you KNOW we have to be STRONG WOMEN.

  2. It was deep!
    It was moving!
    And then it took a Robyn chocolate turn. Awesome.

  3. heehee

    I could use some chocolate myself right now!

    Nice work, as always.


  4. I just skip planting story seeds and head straight for the chocolate. Chocolate never disappoints me!

  5. Hahahaha ! That was a clever little story Robyn...very lyrical and chuckle worthy, Excellent !!!

  6. Alex, it took about an hour (or so it felt) to end this one. Then I remember that it always works to toss in some chocolate.

    Thank you, all.

  7. oh i love your sense of haha! we all need some chocolate!

  8. Funny that we both tackled weeds...different weeds, but weeds nonetheless. Fun stuff. Nicely done.

  9. Okay! Great centus, but I also know some really awesome and preTTy weeds as well! LOL

  10. Oh just when I thought it was going to get deeper and sombre, you pored hot chocolate sauce on it...a frown gave way to a giggle. loved this highly creative, whimsical, deep and yet satirical piece

  11. Another clever poem! In keeping with the theme, may I suggest some dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds to go with it?

  12. Hah! Y'know what? I would have added the word "cake" before the final full top. You can never have too many rhymes in a funny poem.

  13. love me some chocolate right now!

    yet another witty piece!

    big hugs!
    betty xx

  14. True – there never seems to be enough time...except for chocolate breaks.
    (My current addiction? Chocolate covered marshmallow cookies.)

  15. Ummmmm, chocolate. Maybe we should have 10 pieces in front of us when we read each other's posts. One post, one bite!

  16. Eh, maybe your just not a tree grower, ha,ha!! I would love me some of that chocolate though. Now that's something I could get behind, ha.

  17. Chocolate is always good for a garden break. :)
    The ending was very surprising.

  18. GB, I didn't think of that. It's good. I really just wanted to end this and eat some chocolate, though.

    Empty Nest/Julie, I haven't seen dark chocolate sunflower seeds. But that sounds good and semi-healthy. Right?

    Thanks, all. Now I'm thinking about a chocolate garden. Mmmm.

    Have a great week.

  19. Taking a break for chocolate is always a good idea. :) Well written!!

  20. chocolatee is always good for a garden break :P
    nice post ^-^

  21. All things must end with chocolate, and this was a good thing!

  22. I'm a big fan of all kinds of poetry so I'm maybe biased but I love this poem. Great work, chocolate would be awesome for me right about now!

  23. Ha ha, I was feeling so moved by the poem, and then ended up with a laugh and a craving for chocolate. Your poems are so clever, great work. Hope the weekend was a good one! :)

  24. This is an interesting group activity (I went on the Jenny Matlock link and saw some other posts on there). It's nice that writers can intermingle as a community it is really what I like about blogging so much that I used to miss in my day jobs where I was mostly doing ghost writing. Hope you enjoyed your break. ;-)

  25. haha, its a good idea, good job ;D

  26. I am your newest follower!!! PLEASE follow me back thanks so much,


  27. Welcome, Selena.

    Tony, thanks for dropping by.

    Nadeem, yes, writing can be so isolating. Thank goodness for this wonderful blogosphere. Jenny's group is a special one too.

    Thank you, friends. May you have good chocolate on your next break and thereafter.


  28. time to raid my daughter's chocolate stash believe - x

  29. Everything goes better with chocolate! Nice job!

  30. haha funny and clever as always.

    May you find the time for that story seed!


  31. Dear Robyn,
    I love this poem! I am trying to write a little verse for ABC-Wednesday and it is so darn hard to get the rhythm & rhyme to work with the content. Something is always wrong with my poems that rhyme (or do not rhyme)!

    So I ate some chocolate candy to ease the frustration.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my SC-post with this same theme. Thanks also for mentioning Romantic Friday Writers, which is taking a month's break during November for members participating in NaNoWriMo. (Wish I was one of them. But I've got some papers to finish writing.)
    RFWers will resume December 2nd. They have a new blog platform:

    In the meantime, there's always Saturday Centus, as long as Mrs. Jenny will have us!


    Anna's SC wk 77 'I planted a little story seed'

  32. Boy, this pace'll kill for you sure, won't it?

    Loved what you did with this.

    Heck with chocolate, though. I'm heading for the tequila.

    This was fabulous!