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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Announcing the Giveaway Winner, Hooray for Single Parents!

Here are your nominations for the Single Parent Giveaway:

~Oilfield Trash said... I nominate Miley (aka Musings of a Confused Woman) as she has had a very tough time the last few years.

~GunDiva said... I nominate Momma Fargo (The Boogie Man is my friend), who is a very new single mom as well as an awesome cop and blogger. She could use something to make her smile - the adjustment from married to single mom is a hard one.

~Marla said...I nominate my friend Jana K. She is a wonderful woman with a daughter and a son. Her life has been very difficult for the last 4 years and yet she remains positive and focused for her kids sakes.

~IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...I'm torn. It's gotta be either the Invisible Seductress or Jane.

I also wish to recognize: Georgina/Gigi, a beautiful mommy of two beautiful girls; Daffy, a do-it-all spunky lady who lets her child indulge in messy chocolate in the car; and Oilfield Trash/OT, who serves as a reminder that there are some stellar single daddies out there too. Thanks, OT!

For all of the single parents [who don't have nannies and aren't abusive], we salute you. I wish I had more gift cards. Alas, there is only one.

So, I wrote the nominees' names down onto equally sized slips of paper, folded them into equally smaller sized pieces of paper, and placed them into my special pink box. With eyes closed, I drew a name. And the winner is...
..Momma Fargo! Woohoo! Congratulations, Officer Momma Fargo!

Thank you all for joining this tribute to our single parent friends. xo


  1. Congrats to the winner.

    And thanks for the thought about us single dads out there who handle their business.

  2. Found you via Momma Fargo :)


  3. Pax, thanks for joining. Nice to meet you. Stay safe over there. xo

    OT, keep on representing your peeps (the good single fathers of the world). You do it well, so I hear. ;0)

    Thanks all, for cheering on Momma Fargo. A police officer, a mommy, and an awesome blogger (with a blog that's very well written and entertaining), she's definitely deserving. Thanks for the nomination, Gun Diva. xo

  4. I say "yay" to all the single parents everywhere. We all need a "yay" and a pat on the back now and again.

  5. Oh Ca88, YOU TOO! YES, YOU ARE AN AMAZING SINGLE PARENT TOO! Thanks for chiming in. xo

  6. is it too late to nominate the man looking for a missing 'o'?

  7. YAY Momma Fargo!
    Happy Sat. Robyn :)
    Oh so glad you liked your lil video!
    Thanks for following my photography blog, that made me day :)
    Your a great bloggie friend! Just adore you!!!
    Hope your enjoying your weekend!
    love ya
    gi gi

  8. ok, I just clicked on the link and it's me, ah ha ha!
    I thought there was another gi gi
    My real name is Georgia( Georgina close :) )
    I actually have four kids, I have yet to put current pics of my boys on glam blog!
    Bad mommy!
    Thanks for the mention your so sweet! I am def. divorced! That is a long saga story!
    Lots of love

  9. Oh, I really blew it, Georgia. I'M SO EMBARRASSED. WE WON'T TELL ANYONE. Sorry. You are Georgia and not Georgina (I just call ya Gi gi), and you have 4 vs 2 kids. That's a big difference. My brain does not always work as it should, but I still love ya. xo

  10. Yeah! Momma Fargo! And thank you for the kind words. I SO wish I had a picture of that day when Lil Duck ate fudge in the car. MAN OH MAN was that a mess! I am STILL finding remenants of that treat! I will have to find a recent chocolate shot to send you ;o) We made tripple chocolate brownie cookies this weekend. She licked the spoon and was quite the mess lol. I loved it!

  11. Thanks so much! I am so excited! And congrats on the other ladies for being such great single moms. My hat's off to all of you! Ok, so I don't wear a hat. But my badge is off to all of you!