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Thursday, January 27, 2011

300 Thanks!

Dear Readers,

Not long ago, I was begging friends and family to follow my blog. I had about 3 followers for months, and I was one of them. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I thank you for helping me reach 300! Woohoo! I'm doing the Rawknrobyn dance over here. (Consider yourself lucky you can't see me; I've gone a bit spastic.)

I really appreciate you all. It means so much to have made it this far. Please stick around for lots more Life by Chocolate. 

With gratitude, love, and cocoa,


  1. Congratulations Robyn! Quite a milestone and well deserved. Kat

  2. Woo hoo that is a milestone girl! I am still at 27 and one of those is me. But that's ok. I'm ok. But I am glad you are jazzed!~Ames

  3. Robyn, congrats girl. You are an awesome writer so you should not be shocked by 300.

    Congrats to you.

  4. Congrats on hitting the big 300!!!

  5. That's great Robyn, 300 is awesome and you deserve it. Maybe you can send some my way, tho...D oxo

  6. Yay! Congratulations!!! That's a great accomplishment. I'm enjoying getting to know you via your blog. -Thanks for the follow by the way! :)

  7. Woooooooohooooooo on the 300 follower mark! You have earned it. Your blog is always postive and fun. 300 followers is proof of this. On some blogs people don't stick around for long, but mind you those blogs lack substance.

    Marnie xo

  8. Whoo Whoo! Congrats!
    I'm happy to say I've been here for most of your blog posts. I've enjoyed the heck out of your writing and your humor.

    So have a bitchin summer and don't ever change. Maybe we'll have some classes together next year!

  9. Pat, Stay cool. We'll be friends 4Ever. Smiles. xo

    Marnie, Yeah, I think I know who - I mean what - you're referring to. Thanks! ;0)

    Yvonne, thank YOU, new bloggy friend. xo

    David, I wouldn't worry. Your blog is growing faster than mine has. You'll be leaving me for dust in no time. [-:

    Thank you, Marlene, Super Woman of Bloggyland. xo

    Mr. O., that's sweet. Thanks. =o}

    Ames, your blog is one of my faves, regardless. xo

    Kat, thanks so much. It's been great to make so many connections through the (dreaded) Centus. That Jenny. Gotta love her! (o:

  10. Congrats totally on making 300! I made 300 last week myself and then did this little goofy jig around my house in my red pj's with snowmen all over them only to realize that somebody walking by was watching and laughing!

  11. Congratulations, Robyn! That's awesome. In the beginning, it's discouraging, isn't it?

  12. You deserve it...your blog is way too interesting to be ignored...thanks to The Non Review for introducing me to your blog.... Have a great weekend... ;)

  13. Way awesome! Congrats! And I'm sticking sho.

  14. Woo hoo! I know chocolate will be involved in the celebration! Congrats :)

  15. I am glad to be a follower here and I have gained nothing but good from our friendship. I am happy to be keeping up with your wit and your followers. People will always find us if we keep being entertaining.

    Love, Cal

  16. That's Awesome!! Congrats! Just looked and you have's growing!

  17. Congrats Robyn! That's so cool! How do you do it? I got 70 quickly and it hasnt changed since... lol..
    Well done my dear! you deserve every one!


  18. Congratulations. I finally got 37 and I am doing the happy dance. Good for you! Keep it up and you will reach 500 in no time sister!


  19. Congrats Robyn! I truly enjoy your blog and promise I will comment more often in the future...I have plenty to say so why not share it!

  20. Chuck, I always enjoy your comments. Bring it on. Thanks. xo

    Lisa, thank you. Love your spunk. ;0)

    Anthony, thanks. It's wonderful and daunting - hard to keep up with so many blogs, but I'm not complaining. xo

    Thanks Gayle. <~:

    Kal, the love goes both ways. xo

    TAIChocolate, of course. What's a celebration without chocolate? Thank you. :0)

    MF, thanks. I'll be hanging out at your site fo sho too. xo

    songsnwords, thank you, sweet lady. [-:

    Alex, yes, very discouraging. It takes so long for the momentum to kick in. I tell new bloggers that, so they don't give up. xo

    Babysis, thanks hon. =>

    Average, awesome story. Congrats to you too - for providing community entertainment and bypassing 300 yourself. xo

  21. How did you get 300 peeps?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  22. You're doing the Elaine dance aren't you? Come on, admit it.

    Congrats on the massive following!!