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Friday, November 26, 2010

Family Togetherness

Mom had creative ways of conserving energy (her own).
She was smart. Bath time was fun.
Pictured above (left to right): Dawn, Robyn, Glenn-David, and Jonathan
September, 1971 


  1. Your Mom was a smart lady. She had this down to an art. Looks like you all were having fun :0)

  2. All four of us girls took baths together like that. Fun making hairdos on each other out of the lather from the shampoo. We also made beards and boobs and fur capes. Plus I remember the he unusual bubbles coming from my sister that made us all giggle. Thanks for the memory! ~Ames

  3. Oh, man. All I can think about is the water mess on the bathroom floor when you were finished with your baths. Guess that shows I've been a mom too long. I loved taking baths with my sister, but really hated cleaning up the mess left behind when my kids bathed together.

  4. Look at all those BUBBLES!!!!!! LOL

    Great pic!


  5. Such cute little faces! What a lovely photo Robyn :)

  6. Clever of your mother not to fill up the tub and get splashed.

  7. My mom used to do that with us too!

  8. Getting four children all clean at the same time is a big achievement. Well done your mum.

  9. I really hope there's not a picture like this somewhere of me and my brother...

  10. Maybe one day you need to collect "bathing" pictures from all the writers you know & have a contest: match the name to the (dated) image.

    My picture (like this) would have been taken in the late '60's but if I find one I'll let you know. ;-)

  11. "Is that a bar of soap in your pocket, or....WAIT - YOU'RE NOT WEARING PANTS !!!"

  12. Marnie, yes, she did. I think she let us just sit for as long as possible, before the big hairwashing. xo

    Ames, I love your shared stories. Thanks. ;0)

    GunDiva, lol. You're a good mom for noticing these things. The hairwashing, splashing, and tears had not yet begun. xo

    Thanks David. It's my favorite. {0;

    Sugar, thanks so much for visiting AND following. I appreciate it. xo

    John, yeah, something is missing from the photo. Where was Mr. Bubble? :-0

    CSR, thank you. xo

    GB, I agree. She was very strategic about it. ;0)

    Baygirl, that's great. All moms should. xo

    Fran, thanks. I'm not sure about the cleanliness factor, but it was efficient. ;0)

    Alex, that's a teaser. You'll have to post it if one shows up. xo

    AFare, great idea. Please let me know if you find one. I found this while sorting through my closet clutter. I'd love to see others' baby bathing shots. <-:

    Heff, you silly man. I did notice the photo was shot at just the right respectful angle. xo

  13. Holy moly....I remember putting my two girls in the tub together - and that created enough of a mess, lol! I can't imagine FOUR in a tub! With all that displacement, you wouldn't need more than a few inches of water! Great way to save on the water bill!

  14. Now that is a good idea. All the splashing around will get everybody clean! Just a little mopping up afterwards...

  15. Adorable and boy are you easy to pick out of the crowd!

  16. I remember taking so many baths like this and the hilarity that ensued. THanks for the look back.

    xo Erin

  17. We had five in the tub once...with at least 2 screaming at all times. :)

  18. That remind me how we had it also. But we couldn't leave the tub until we had drinken all the water or at least one's own boy weight.

  19. That is hilarious. When you all got out, there was probably barely any water in there...and what was left was probably yellow. My little guy (2) is always peeing in the water. Don't worry...I get him out...later. :)

  20. I used to put my three boys in the bath together too and, if there were any visitors, they were likely to join them. And yes, there was a mess afterwards!

  21. Marlene, I know. I figured four was the record, but Noelle bathed with five. I can't believe it, Noelle. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to congratulate you, but congratulations! xo

    Pat, yeah, as long as the kids didn't do the mopping, we were happy. :0}

    CalGirl, thanks. My sister looks the same too. Thank goodness for hair dye. xo

    Gayle, thanks. This one is missing the bubbles. [-:

    Copyboy, awwww thanks. xo

    Erin,they were so much fun. Weren't they? ;o>

    Kal, stop making me laugh. I mean, don't stop. You silly, funny man. xo

    Kelley, I forgot about the yellow water factor. Well, um, yeah, I think I'd rather keep those memories forgotten. [-:

    Ca88, you even added the visitors? You're such a good, brave mom. xo

  22. Cute! haha

    oh oh.. "G.I. Joe in da water!!!
    And there's a brown shark.. looking for da cave.. from whence it caaammee..." haha

    (yeah, its eddie murphys Delirous)


  23. Ya, my mom also very creative- she just lined us up against the wall outside and hosed us down with a pressure washer every night.

  24. No re-enactment now that you are all older?

  25. Well, bath tubs are kinda like small swimming pools when you're younger.

  26. Thanx for the blog roll thing Robybn - I see what you mean now. That's cool.

  27. GameStoreGuy, it was. Thanks for the visit. I like your profile picture, whether or not it looks like you. xo

    Anthony, lol. You ARE delirious. Thanks for citing the quote. I wouldn't have known otherwise. ;0)

    MajorMack, that's really funny. Thanks for the follow. xo

    BB, no. We refuse to get that close anymore. ;0)

    ClassicallyTN, true. It still feels that way to me now. Thanks for the follow. xo

    David, you're quite welcome. <o:

  28. Aw, how cute! Look at all those curls!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    gi gi

  29. I LOVE this photo. Those were the days.