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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Choco-Quiz Answers and Choco-Smarts Award!

Welcome back, boys and girls. Take your seats now. I'd like to thank the seven of you who took Monday's Choco-Quiz. The Super will be so happy, and I like to make him happy - if you know what I mean. (Wink, wink.) The rest of you, the ones who used your answer sheets for origami, we'll talk later. Will you teach me how to make a swan? For now, here are the correct answers (in bold below).
1) Cocoa butter (fat) comprises what percentage of the cocoa bean?
A) 23% B) 33% C) 43% D) 53% Yep. That cocoa bean is pretty fatty. Sorry.

2) Milk chocolate that is properly stored does not typically last longer than
A) 7 months B) 9 months C) 11months D) 13 years Note: I neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of this statement.

3) True or False: Valentine's Day is celebrated widely in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi monarchy considers Valentine's merchandise contraband. For a moment, I thought I'd move to Saudi Arabia. Then, I remembered that I don't agree with any of their other policies.

4) United States standards require that milk chocolate contains a minimum of what percentage of cocoa solids?
A) 10% B) 15% C) 30% D) 45% Rather wimpy. Wouldn't you say?

5) Chocolate that "seizes" does what? A) cools to room temperature B) heats to a boil
C) clumps and hardens D) requires immediate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

6) The machine that evenly coats candies with smooth creamy melted chocolate is called what? A) Entuber B) Ensheller C) Enrober D) Enabler

7) The gray-brown dust that can appear on chocolate is called what?
A) Bloom B) Couverture C) Matte D) Mold

8) Which company marketed the Reggie! bar?
A) Mars B) Nestle C) Hershey's D) Standard Brands I thought this was a paint store, but I guess not.

9) True or False: It is not advisable to drink milk with dark chocolate, because dairy products can inhibit the body's ability to absorb antioxidants.

10) The most evil chocolate company in the world, and one which has a known history of exploiting child labor, is:
A) Hershey's B) Her Cheese C) I Am The Cheese D) His Crackers
As far as grades, I was generous with the curve. It was a tough test, and most of you didn't even bother.

The following students get B's: Anthony, Copyboy/Jesse, and TS Hendrik. Congratulations, boys!

A's go to Michael, Marlene (Sorry Marlene. I know you studied for an F), and Rachel. [Rachel is my gifted home-schooled student.] Great work!

Our star pupil, with an A+ for 8 out of 10, is Baygirl32! Congratulations, Baygirl!
Please accept this Choco-Smarts Award for your collection! You're truly deserving.

Class is dismissed. Run along, now, and don't forget your show-and-tell item tomorrow. Remember, it can't be alive or toxic. xo


  1. I just stopped by to tell you that I love you and the blogosphere needs 100 more like you.

  2. Haha, those crazy Saudis! Gotta love 'em! Or die trying to.

  3. Hey cool! I got a B!
    Not bad for someone who doesnt like chocolate.. ok, except for Picnics... and maybe Snickers... and then theres Cherry Ripes!! I take it back!
    thanks for the fun Robyn!

  4. I was waiting for another choco-quiz and I missed it. I went back and took the test without looking at the answers. I only got 3 right. Can I still get a prize for late participation?

  5. WAHOO!! I didn't expect to do very good on this one. Guess I'm just a font of endless trivia

    Thanks Robyn and good job to all who played!

  6. DANG!!! I got a freakin' A?!!!! Ok, I knew I was pushing on that "F", but I expected at least a "C"!

  7. Again, all I know about chocolate is that it is delicious.

  8. Whoo hoo!!! At least I got a B. That equals a degree. No? Glad to be with TS. He rules!

  9. Blast!! I can't believe I forgot!! I fail...I would have even gotten...7 right. That really sucks...

    Congrats to those who won though. *sigh*

  10. Dear Baby Sister, 7? I would have gotten maybe 1 right.

    Dear Rawknrobyn, my chocolate taster is broken. Seriously. I don't like the taste of all. What is to be done???

  11. I love chocolate, but I don't know any of the answers except for the last one, and only because you told us before. :)

  12. Buttoning up shirt, appearing haggard: Well, I'm back with my meeting with Dwayne, the Super(intendent). I see we all learned something.

    Blase, see me after class. Again. xo

    GB, yes. You've got it pretty good over there in the jungle. Huh? xo

    Anthony, good work. Picnics? We don't have those, here, not without ants. xo

    PTM, honey, we've spoken about your special needs. I gave you 24 extra hours. 3 answers isn't bad, though. Here's a cookie. xo

    Baygirl, you are one SMART LADY!! xo

    Marlene, sorry. Life is unfair. Keep hope for an F next time, dear. xo

    That's really all you need to know, OT. xo

    CB, yes. You're halfway to a degree. You got the B. You need the S. xo

    Dear BabySis, don't worry about hiding your chocolate from Noelle any more. I have some secret info on her. xo

    Dear Noelle, say what? I've never heard of such a thing. Bring in all of your chocolate to class tomorrow, and I'll get to the bottom of this. xo

    Sarah, no worries. Just enjoy your chocolate. The last one is the only important one to remember. xo

  13. Keeping up my B average? I couldn't be happier. Well if I had gotten an A I guess... haha

    Looking over the answers I feel like I should have known on a couple of those. Well, I won't make that mistake the next time someone asks me how long you can store milk chocolate.

  14. I'm Asian. Of course, I got an A.

    My mother would not be happy with the fact that I wasn't top of the class, though.

  15. Yay, put the award on my blog and linked it back to here. Go me!

  16. Not a good idea to analyze chocolate...just consume in copious quantities. Interesting post, however, and reads even better while polishing off three 3 kit-kat bars.

  17. I liked your first answer about storing chocolate, TS. I really should've given you extra credit for it. xo

    Michael, great job, especially following an extended leave of absence. I won't tell your mom that Baygirl was #1. No worries. xo

    Nick, actually, I agree. I just like to pretend I know something about chocolate once in a while. xo

  18. Fine then! Have your little contest while I'm offline! Humph!