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Friday, April 2, 2010


Continued from Top 10 Fools

Oh my Lord! I mean, my goodness! How on earth did that photo get there? Damn hackers! It's in such poor taste, especially this Easter weekend. I am so sorry, dear readers. Well, since it's here, I hope it does not offend anyone except the former President George W. himself, and perhaps his reading tutor.

The brilliantly foolish nominations for the 10th BIGGEST AMERICAN FOOL OF THE DAY:

1. Mel Gibson for so many reasons but mainly because I can't see his smug face without wanting to punch it. x Kitty Moore

I second the nomination of Mel Gibson for calling a woman "Sugartits". Anyone who'd put sugar on a woman's boobs is a complete fool. Especially so with all the ointments and gels you can get these days. GorillaBananas

2. John Gosselin Shouldn't John be up there with Kate? He's been kind of quiet lately, but only because Kate's been hogging the limelight AsBlackAsObama

3. Vice President Joe Biden for going up to a live microphone and throwing an F bomb-- to the President!!! I am all for "being real" but,, every step we make as a country is being scrutinized,, our "second in command" should be seen with class and a strong verbal prowess. As Bugs Bunny would say "What a Maroon!" InvisibleSeductress

4. those dang "never hold the elevator door" peeps and

5. Rush Limbaugh for something bad he's going to do. CopyboyatNWM

6. Can we put Kate Gosselin on the list two times? PLEASE? Pretty Please? BossyBetty
7. The f*n b*tard in a Camry who sped past a patient line of cars waiting to turn onto the freeway onramp this morning. That was me in the silver Honda, at the front of the line, sir. That was me who you almost hit whilst simultaneously speeding AND slamming on your brakes as you cut me off in an intersection. Oh, you made it onto the freeway alright, and you didn't have to wait in that dreadful line, but I still think I'll have the last laugh. One of these days you'll be speeding along, the f*n b*tard that you are, and those brakes...well, you've read the news. (I just could not edit this one!) Tocalabocina
8. Sean Connery for endorsing the slapping of women on national television.And to later, reaffirm what he said! PatTillett
9. Sarah Palin and her Tea Party posse for her inspiring "Don't retreat, reload" advice to the right-wing extremist groups. Tgoette

10. Educated people who use apostrophe's before every 'single 's - nominated by thi's blogger a's an after thought when I came home to a memo for all Resident's.

Cast your votes now for 1 of the above 10, before I run out of "I Voted for the 10th Biggest American Fool" stickers.
Polls will close when I'm tired of the foolishnes's. (<-Note: final attempt to 'sway vote's.)
Winning nomination will be foolishly recognized.
Free parking and non-stale chocolate donuts available. (Sorry TS.)


  1. While all them are burr-illant. None can eclipse fool #8, that pompous ass, Sean Connery. If you do not agree, if you do not agree, slappiing will commence in short order...

  2. BTW...the photo and caption are great!

  3. I'm sorry but I like stale donuts, I'm not going to be ashamed of that. The only good donut, is a stale one.

    I think that despite the fact they're separated, John and Kate should still count as one. Mostly because I can't decide which one I want to win this more. I guess though since Kate already appeared once, I'll vote John.

  4. Number Ten, with an honorable mention for the folks who can't discern the difference for there, their and they're or to, too and two.

  5. Am I allowed to vote having seconded a nomination? Connery is a swine alright. Apparently he was decked by the late Jack Lord after making a pass at his wife. When I first heard Sarah Palin speak, I thought she must be a spoof politician being played by a comedian.

  6. I always wanted to have Sean Connerey's babies. They would talk with a southern-Brit thang and squint a lot..... And now that fantasy is ruined. I guess now it will have to be Samuel Elliott although I have not seen him lately...and he did get womped pretty good in Roadhouse...Oh yes,, this is about a vote...sorry..Sean Connery...sigh

  7. #9

    Anything to do with "foolishness" has Sarah Palin's name written all over it...imho.

  8. Hmmm, tough choice, but I'd have to go with Sarah Palin, one more time!

  9. Put me down for Palin, although I think her followers deserve the actual award.

  10. It's a toss up between Mel and #7. What do we win if we guess right?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. ***WE INTERRUPT MY LAST ATTEMPT TO INTERRUPT THE VOTING PROCESS WITH THIS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: EARLY RESULTS INDICATE NO CLEAR WINNER, though Ms. (to use the term, uh, loosely) Sarah Palin has a slight lead over Mr. (to use the term for no good reason whatsoever, that b*tard!) Sean Connery. Still holding tight to their foolish reputations are: John Gosselin, Rush Limbaugh, educated people who use apostrophe's before every 's, and the f*n ba*tard in the Camry..(see above). Feel free to stay up all night to keep posted or, hopefully for you, do something more enjoyable. Polls will remain open until the Vatican has had a chance to vote. Sponsored by the Equal Opportunity Voting Association of this Blogger. There's one non-stale chocolate donut left, too. I ate all the rest. HURRY AND VOTE, ONE AND ALL, EARLY AND OFTEN!****

  13. Dibs on the stale donut. (TS always hogs them all.) And my first choice would be Mel, but I don't think that'll help determine a winner. So, I guess I'll go with ... no, I've got to stick with Mel. He's smarter than the two in the lead, so his foolishness is more pronounced. But I have to ask, what did happen to Santa?

    Oh, and thanks for inviting me to visit your blog. You're very funny, despite the fact that I would probably mispronounce all three of your names. (It's not you, it's me.)

  14. **Mel's getting close now too. Stupidbet had a smart point..SUSPENSE BUILDS! Stayed tuned.

    TheSB, thanks! You and TS are quite the team. I already ate the final donut, though, before it went stale. Sorry. Re Santa, I think it had to do with some skirmish with Vixen. Then again, I could be wrong. I was wrong once before.

    Chocolate kisses and Easter eggs,

  15. Not offended by that picture at all - made me laugh!
    As for casting my vote - gotta go with #10.

    (thanks for the visit...)

  16. I really laughed my ass off at the picture.

  17. I will vote number 4 and add to it the people that can't hold the door open for you either. Is it that difficult to stand there for another 1-6 seconds for me to catch the door?