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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is Not A Sappy "That's my Boy" Post, Don't Worry!

Dear world, meet Jeremy Engel at 3 years young. He has a fabulous, sweet, adorable, talented auntie -who's single too, guys! (Hey sis, I'm giving you a plug here! I'll forward any responses from handsome single men after I screen them). 

Jeremy is just as feisty and smart as he is beautiful. Here's a quick scenario of his recent annual Pediatric visit:

Dr. Idiot, Jeremy, and Mommy enter examining room.

Dr. Idiot questions Mommy about Jeremy's "resistance," being as he is not fully toilet trained at 36 months.

Mommy - a wonderful mom and school teacher well versed in child development - points to the fact that even their office literature indicates that this is entirely normal for boys his age.

Dr. Idiot has no response, so the Doc decides to test Jeremy's compliance.

Dr. Idiot to Jeremy: Raise your arm.

Jeremy smiles at her and does not budge.

Dr. Idiot: Bring your legs up.

Jeremy smiles at her and does not budge.

Dr. Idiot to Jeremy: Lay down.

Jeremy smiles at her and does not budge.

Dr Idiot to Mommy: Does he normally follow directions at home?

Jeremy (before Mommy has a chance to respond): Yes! I don't want to lay down!

Note that I have never been more proud of Jeremy, except when he finished a double chocolate hot fudge cake at Bob's Big Boy. That's our boy!


  1. That is a beautiful child!!! (pretty darn smart, too)

  2. lol, this is a cute "that's my boy" post. He's such a cutie! :)

  3. I applaud your genius nephew. He knows what he wants. lol

  4. Oh I love his spirit. Fight the power little one! Smiles.

  5. Awww! He is adorable! I love this! I have a nephew about that age too. Isn't being an aunt awesome?

  6. Wow... Dr. Idiot is really working with kids, eh?

    What a silly kid. He looks like he is quite the ball of joy.

  7. That is awesome. Good for him to show that Dr. who's the boss. LOL

  8. Nice story until you mentioned the "double chocolate hot fudge cake". That was just plain mean!

  9. Thanks so much, my friends. He's definitely a cutie and a force to be reckoned with. I like to believe he takes after this auntie. He doesn't share his chocolate either! That's my boy!

    PS Blase, sorry for mentioning the mouth watering double chocolate hot fudge cake.

    Robyn, thanks for the follow and for sharing a great name. :)

    Ally, yes, it's wonderful to be an aunt and to be excused from diaper duty.

    Cheeseboy, that's a sweet, accurate description of our ball of joy.


  10. Love both the curls and the ATTITUDE!

    btw – when my 3 year old wasn’t yet completely toilet trained, the doctor advised me to let him run around half-naked (bottom half and not outside). It worked!

  11. Man is he ever beautiful!!!!

    Good Engel genes!!


  12. Oh yes---your profiled on I blog your profile,,,cause you rock the Kasbah!!!

  13. Sooo true. They do what they feel like at that age. My sons are 14 mos apart which means they were both in diapers at the same time for a long time. I worked full time throughout their baby & toddler years. One Friday evening in October, when they were 3 1/2 & 2+, I told the older one, "You are going to learn to use the toilet this weekend." By golly, that kid was trained by Sunday night. No lie. His brother followed about 6 mos later, monkey see monkey do.

    word verification: bedpe (one more e and we hit the pee pee jackpot!)

  14. I wish he'd responded to one of the doctor's commands by smiling and saying "kiss my ass".

  15. I'm thinking I may know where he gets this resistance from? Too cute!

  16. Ha ha brilliant!

    Intellegence and humour run in the family I see?!

    Congrats on being Aion's featured blogger by the way. Here's hoping you get to that well-deserved 100 pronto!

    Rapunzel x

  17. Wow, have some curly hair why don'tcha? Very cute and with attitude to boot. (Hey, that almost rhymes!) But then again, he is an Engel, so what would you expect? Great post, Robyn!

  18. That is one cutie. I totally see the resemblance to his auntie.

  19. Hey There following from Blase..He is gorgeous..and that hair..I just want to squeeze him...!

  20. Oh man Robyn, I've said so before, but your nephew is so adorable!! He's cute cute cute and intelligent too!:D

  21. what a cute smile and he looks like he's way too smart for his age.

  22. Sarah, Sarah, and Kristy, yes, thanks. He is the definition of adorable. ;0>

    Robin, thanks so much for the follow and for bringing me one closer to 100. He is very squeezeable. His hair is more curly than any of ours, but mine is the most similar. :-)

    CB and Tom, thanks for the compliments. When I grow up, I want to look and act just like Jeremy.

    Thanks Rapunzel. Why is this final stretch sooo dragged out? It feels like someone's dangling chocolate in front of me but keeps moving it beyond my grasp.

    Bumpkin, it's funny how the resistance gene went sideways and then down (i.e., from auntie to nephew.)

    GB, that would have been even better. We'll work him up to that for the 4-year physical.

    CalGal, I've heard a lot of similar stories. It is amazing what kids can do when they're just told to do it.

    Thanks IS. Yes, thankfully he got the good & not mutant Engel genes.

    Sis Dawn says she wasn't fully toilet trained until 3-1/2, and she's quite highly functioning. "Whateva, Dr. Idiot. Take a chill pill and relax!"

    Come on people! I just need 2 more! Please help. (Pretty please with hot fudge on top). GROW following! GROW! GROW!

    Chocolate kisses,

  23. Aww, what a cutie!

    There's a little something for you over at my blog (ooh-err, that sounds a bit dodgy but it isn't!).

    Have a lovely weekend.


  24. He's going to be one looker when he grows up!

    I saw you on the Bumpkin's blog and loved your comments. You're my kind of woman!! So glad I popped on by :-)

  25. How cute is he!

    We've never had any luck with pediatricians.... They never seem to think the children have a voice.... We finally found one that treats our kids with a some respect....

    Congrats on being named on 'I Blog Your Profile'!

  26. that kid is adorable. I wish I was that cute was I was a young lad. My mom told me I was an ugly baby :-(