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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Date to Hate Contest, Vote Now!

My Dearest Sillies,
   I challenged you to create a Valentine's message that, while meant to seduce, does the opposite - in no more than 30 words.
   You rose (err, lowered) to the task in a colorful way.
   So as to keep you focused on the sentiment versus the blogger, I've numbered the entries. Your task is to vote for one and only one entry. Please don't vote for your own. Must be a follower to vote. Polls will close on Wed, 2/13, 8p EST. Thank you!
   Ready, set, vote!

1) Dear Valentine,
It seems you are mine,
Over time you have grown on me,
I am not certain there is an antibiotic strong enough to set me free.

2) I'm not a cactus expert but I see a Prick when I see one.

3) Blood is red
Dead people are blue
I love you to death
That much is true!
4) If you have burning love to share for V Day, I can scratch your itch.

5) my heart beat faster when I was with you
I could barely breathe after our first kiss
Yes, I'm allergic to nuts like you.
6) Roses are red
Violets are blue
Just one in the bed
My right arm is huge

7) "Erica? Take a letter, please.
Happy Valentine's Day, my Darling, my Love, my One and Only!
Yours eternally,

Carbon copies to Mindy, Sheila, Caitlin, Brianna, Elaine, and Janis."

8) Some days I hate people.
I love that we have than in common.

9) I said I'd love you through thick and thin. 
I didn't think you'd get so much thicker after I said that. 
Get thin and be my Valentine!

10) I love you almost as much as my boat...
11) Darling Valentine, be mine, always mine.
Join me at my table.
I'll take you out of the oven and be ready to dine.
Hannibal Lecter, with some fava beans
/ cut-off at 30 words (and a nice Chianti)

12) Happy Valentine's Day. You're the reason I like animals better than people.

13) Baby, I am ready to float your boat.
I've been practicing for years on my pet goat.    

14) Roses are red
Violets are blue
That’s because I’m strangling you.

15) I don't like you, you're annoying,
but heres some cheap chocolate, lets get busy boinking!!


  1. Well, these are certainly all inspiring! But I think #7 has my vote!

  2. Definitely no 2 for me. Which made me remember the old joke 'At least half of all men are complete pricks. The rest are circumcized.'

  3. # 15 cracks me up (and it has chocolate!)

  4. Not voting for mine- i'll go with #1.

  5. Love that your votes are all over the place. As they should be. Vote, VOTE, VOTE! But only vote once.
    Polls close Weds night.
    Thank you, my dears.

  6. I think #13 is the most cringeworthy for me, so it gets my vote.

  7. Some great ones indeed. #12 gets my vote.

  8. I'm torn between #s 1 and 10. I get 2 votes!