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Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Movies Blogfest

Thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, today we feature our Top 10 Favorite Movies. Disclaimer: I don't like seeing movies. I get antsy staring at a screen for more than an hour, even at home. Plus, there are lots of movie genres I avoid (e.g., horror, sappy love stories, etc.) So, while these aren't necessarily the best movies of all-time (though I think several are), these are my favorites.


(1) Ordinary People. Directed by Robert Redford in 1980, this one's incredibly true-to-life with phenomenal writing and acting. 

(2) The Wizard of Oz. I said it all in my last post.

(3) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, 1971) ~ a most deliciously fun movie. {I thought the sequel was okay, but Depp was too creepy, and the real Charlie wasn't in it.}

(4) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) I'm not a sci-fi gal, but the special effects were spectacular and left a lasting impression. This was Speilberg's next big hit after Jaws.

(5) Rear Window (1954) I've seen many of Hitchcock's movies, and I found this one to be the most intriguing and least scary.
  (6) Airplane! (1980) ~ a movie that still makes me laugh more than any other.

(7) Good Morning Vietnam! (1987) ~ Everything worked, and I fell in love with Robin Williams. (I've since fallen out of love, but he did a fantastic job in this one.)

(8)    Breakfast Club (1985) ~ Fun, meaningful, and a great intro to the brat pack.

(9) Milk (2008) ~ Sean Penn really shines, and the story is poignant. Very well done.

(10) Lion King For Elton John's theme song alone, The Circle of Life, this Disney classic makes the cut.


Thanks for stopping by. Are any of these your favorites too? Do any of my picks surprise you? 


PS I'm having computer frustrations and an "iffy" connection. If you don't see me much these days, that's why. My apologies. 


Have a great week!


  1. I haven't seen The Lion King - people say it's quite serious for a Disney animation. Could it really be better than The Jungle Book?Airplane! is such a hoot!

  2. I also love The Wizard of Oz, and Rear Window is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies! I also agree that Breakfast Club is the best of the Brat Pack movies, and Shirley Airplane is a classic!


  3. Great movies! I've seen them all except Milk. A few of yours are on my list, too.

  4. A lot of humor and kids' movies - perfect fit.
    It's impressive how well Close Encounters' effects have held up, and it came out the same year as Star Wars.

  5. Great list and agreed, williams hasn't made much of worth in a long time.

  6. Great variety of films! Lion King is great, but definitely not my favorite Disney flick. Beauty and the Beast all the way!:)

  7. Great list, only one I haven't seen is Milk. Good Morning Vietnam was one of Williams best, beats stuff like RV easily haha

  8. "Rear Window' probably my favorite Hitchcock and I left it off my list. Great choices Robyn.

  9. Close Encounters... one of my favorites, which ever version... though stepping into the ship at the end.... magical.

    Jeremy [Retro-Z]
    Howlin' Wolf

  10. The Lion King is probably my favorite Disney movie and Airplane! never fails to make me laugh.

    Great picks!

  11. At last, a list of movies that I actually have seen. Great choices!!!

  12. Airplane! Oh, that brought me a smile to see it on the list. That movie still cracks me up. Close Encounters and Willy Wonka were enjoyable as well.

  13. My wife had never seen Airplane!, and I hadn't seen it in years, so I got it for her to watch recently. After all these years (and having seen it dozens of times), it still makes me laugh like mad, and she loved it too. That movie was definitely one of the things that got me into writing humor.

  14. Milk was a really good movie

  15. Great list Robyn. I loved Ordinary People. Brilliant.

  16. Oooh the Wizard of Oz. I loved that one. :)

  17. Popping by from the blogfest. My little sis and cousin LOVED Breakfast Club and quoted from it CONSTANTLY!

    I remember seeing Good Morning, Vietnam and expecting it to be hilariously funny. Williams' character surely was, but the film itself was quite dark.

    Love the look of your blog!

  18. Of course Willy Wonka makes the cut! And Breakfast Club is such a great movie!!

  19. These are some of my all-time favorites. Great countdown! :)

  20. I'm a big Hitchcock fan yet I've never watched Rear Window before so I really haver to check them out. Great list Robyn, so many films here I've got to check out.

  21. great list! I'm ashamed to say I have yet to watch the Breakfast Club. *goes to put it on her list*

  22. Lion King all the way, baby!

    I've been on the fence on whether or not to rent Milk. As much as I liked Sean Pen in Mystic River, there is something about Milk that just makes me pass on it.


  23. Thanks for coming by and the nice words. I loved the first Willy Wonka but HATED the second.

    For me, it was all wrong in so many places. And not at all funny, and Dahl enjoyed humor.

    Anyway, I'm following you back. Thanks again for the drop-in.

  24. Well I am surprised that you don't watch movies alot, though they do require time!

    Our tastes are very different but I totally agree that all of those films are very good, especially for me, the child within, Wizard and Wonka. (Sounds like a good title for a sequel!)

  25. GB, the Jungle Book's good too. But I like how the circle of life theme is woven throughout, and it's a great son.

    MsA, yay. Someone else is a fan of Ordinary People.

    Shirley, I mean Julie, thank you. Smiles.

    Scribbles, Milk is worth seeing. Thanks for visiting.

    Alex, I didn't realize it was the same year. Maybe that's why I haven't seen it on anyone else's list.

    John, yeah, and his stand-up comedy became too raunchy.

    George, I agree that Beauty and the Beast was amazing, but it's got sap. I don't like sap.

    Pat, yeah, Williams did some greats and not-greats.

    Farawayeyes, thank you.

  26. GB, I meant "song".

    Jeremy, yes! Even as a kid, I was so impressed, the movie automatically came to mind. I haven't even seen it more than once.

    MJ, thank you. It's always nice to learn of another Airplane! fan.

    Thanks, Cheryl. I know, I haven't seen a lot of the movies folks are listing.

    Natasha, thank you. Glad to make you smile.

    BnB, that's a great story about Airplane! I'm not surprised it's influenced you - your writing cracks me up in the same way the movie does.

  27. I just watched "Close Encounters..." the other day. I liked it as much as I did when it was new. I still haven't seen Milk. Maybe when it's one TV.

  28. Great picks here- some of my favorites too (I think I've see Close Encounters waaaay too many times!).

  29. What an awesome list! I love Wizard of Oz!

  30. #1. Haven't seen it. Probably great. Definitely not ordinary.
    #2. How can you NOT like a movie with flying monkeys? And, after all these years, I STILL laugh at "Well, that's you all over" when the scarecrow complains about being torn apart by those same flying monkeys.
    #3. Agreed. Johnny Depp, although I like him, is way too creepy. And the real Charlie wasn't in the remake? Boy, am I glad I didn't see it.
    #4. And it even had Richard Dreyfuss again. And aliens with no discernible penises (ok, I looked).
    #5. Cool, cool movie. Which included Raymond Burr NOT being chased by Godzilla.
    #6. I laughed the whole way through. I wish I wrote something like that. And don't call me Shirley.
    #7. Robin Williams is (was?) a COMIC GENIUS.
    #8. And all those kids are almost my age. Yeesh. Yick.
    #9. After Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I loathe Sean Penn. Hate the actor, would have loved the story.
    #10. Proving Darth Vader had a softer side. Just wasn't fast enough to avoid stampeding wildebeest. Saw the play in London, too. Kinda disconcerting that Simba had an English accent, though.
    Thanks, Robyn, for the trip down memory lane!

  31. Some different choices. I like how you changed it up. Milk was a good flick. I love Elton John.

  32. I haven't seen a lot of Hitchcock movies on people's lists. I guess we've forgotten the master.

    And Airplane is just funny. Every time.

  33. I remember watching Rear Window late at night when I was a teenager and had seen every other movie in our collection about a million times. I ended up watching it twice in one night I loved it so much!
    Great list=)

  34. Numbers 6, 7 and could I have forgot them.

    Airplane is really one of my favorite movies and Obviously a heavily quote-worthy film.

    Breakfast Club is a classic and introduced so many future actors.

    I have meant to see Milk and I have now added it to my Blockbuster que.

    Nice list Robyn.

  35. Adam, alas, someone else has seen it!

    Karen, I'm always glad to find others who share my love for that one.

    MinaB, it is quite lovable. Thank you.

    MinaL, yes, it's deep. I was impressed with Williams heartfelt, funny yet serious portrayal.

    Johanna, two fun movies.

    David, I/you/we have good taste.

    Yeamie, let me know if you see any of them.

    Nutschell, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Nicole, it's interesting that it's the one on my list most haven't seen. I wonder if that's because Sean Penn is controversial? Or because of the sobering topic, or...? At any rate, it's an incredibly great tribute to an incredibly great man.

    The Happy Whisk, you're welcome and thank you for returning the follow. Great to meet you.

    Anthony, I know. I have attention deficit when it comes to film. I'm curious what your picks would be.

  36. Most definitely yes to 2,3, and 10!! Love!!

  37. Pat, it's awesome, isn't it? I still remember getting chills watching it.

    Lexie, I've only seen it once but remember it vividly.

    Marta, thank you.

    AlP, #4, I know. I know. I looked too. You silly man. I love your response list. Thank you.

    PTM, glad you liked Milk too. And Elton John. I saw him and Billy Joel in concert together; music doesn't get better.

    LD, yeah, Airplane! is the one movie I can't get enough of.

    Kathleen, I'm really wanting to see it again now.

    Thanks, Chuck. I liked your list too.


  38. I am late to the party my sister. Great list! Loved Milk and Breakfast Club. Rear Window is amazing and Airplane! is still one of my fave comedies "What's your vector, Victor?"

  39. Airplane! I forgot about that one. Great list.

  40. I can't see Timothy Hutton without thinking of ordinary people. Great movie!

  41. A couple years ago, I introduced my daughter to The Breakfast Club. She loves it! I need to get the DVD.
    I really don't know if I could just pick 10 movies as my favorites.

  42. Haven't seen most of these. I have seen Oz of course, and Rear Window (I bought a 3-disc Hitchcock DVD a few years back). I agree that Rear Window is not so much terrifying as interesting. Love the Breakfast Club, and Lion King was on my list too :)

  43. i actually watched the lion king when it first came out to theaters and loved it!! my kids still watch it too

  44. I still love Close Encounters. Such a magical film.

  45. Just dropping in from the blog hop to say great list! :3

  46. I can and literally have, spent an entire day in the cinema. It is and has been one of my greatest joys in life. Your picks I concur with.

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