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Sunday, March 24, 2013

DuPont and The Latest in Springtime Chocolate

 Unknown Mami
Hi, there.

Today, I'm combining Sundays in my City with The Latest in Chocolate. It's all about the holidays we're approaching, Easter and Passover. And it's thanks to UnknownMami, hostess extraordinaire of the blogoverse's picture-perfect worldwide tour HERE.

Welcome to Chico, CA.
Du Pont is ready for Easter, sporting a pretty lei, and a boy-girl duo of bunnies or teddy bears (?).

Next, I sampled dark and milk chocolate covered Peeps. YUM! The inside's a fun, bright yellow that hasn't yet killed me. I prefer milk chocolate, so I like this one slightly better than the dark chocolate covered bright yellow marshmallow Peeps, but it's all great and highly recommended (by me, not nutritionists). 
I give this delightful treat at 9.

Lastly, Passover begins Monday night.

The coconut macaroon is a traditional Passover cookie. It's found in all sorts of flavors, including chocolate, chocolate chip, and -this one- red velvet. I was so intrigued, I had to try it. Plus, I actually don't like chocolate macaroons. While Red Velvet Macaroons contain cocoa, they didn't work for me either. The flavors didn't mix right. I give them a 5, and I recommend you get homemade macaroons from a cafe or bakery. Chocolate dipped macaroons are divine. You can otherwise find macaroons at Safeway or most major supermarkets.

Not only do we eat well on Passover, the holiday is rich in meaningful ritual. Passover serves to remind the Jewish people to appreciate our many freedoms and, ultimately, renew our commitment to bring peace on earth. It's a universal goal and one we can all appreciate. So whatever your faith, may you experience gratitude at this time and always. We've countless freedoms to celebrate.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a great week.
Happy Spring, Passover and almost-Easter.


  1. Red Velvet Macaroons!! Oh my gosh... and I can't eat sugar any longer... what a bummer.

    Happy Passover to you and yours!!!

  2. I love Du Pont in his Easter get up haha, even if he probably does find it a little unemasculating! Sounds like a delicious way to celebrate Passover, here's hoping that you and your family have a great one Robyn!

  3. I might have to try that chocolate peep

  4. Chocolate and marshmallow makes sense, and my that horse has to be embarrassed this time.

  5. DuPont has more wardrobe options than I do!

  6. DuPont looks lovely all dressed up in Easter finery.

  7. MyJourney, I'm sorry you can't eat chocolate, but the macaroons aren't so great. Thanks for the Passover wishes.

    YW, LOL, I was also thinking it's rather emasculating. He must be extremely confused by now about his identity too. Thanks, Matthew.

    Adam, yes you do, but not that one pictured. It's long gone.

    Retired, you've come to the right place. Cheers.

    Pat, he still keeps his head up with pride. Poor guy!

    MsA, me too, though I can't say I'm jealous.

    Tara, he does our town proud.


  8. Looking forward to getting me some Matzoh.
    And chocolate bunnies, natch.

  9. I haven't read the post yet...
    ...just wanted to tell ya that it sounds like you're gonna tell us about living better through chemistry

  10. DuPont looks ready!
    Your post didn't show up in Google Reader for some reason. Guess I'm glad I'm switching to Feedly.
    And did you want me to email you that photo of your book and the Peeps?


  11. I heard the Bunny say to the Bear (as they mounted DuPont) RIDE 'EM COWBOY!!

  12. Red Velvet Macaroons..I would have wanted to try them as well. I don't eat hardly any sweets but at Easter time I love the chocolate covered malted milk balls.

    Du Pont looks quite "Eastery"!

  13. Chocolate covered Peeps? And the Fourth Angel poured out his bowl, and chocolate Peeps poured forth--and the world became as chocolate marshmallow madness!

  14. I love chocolate macaroons, but I don't think there are any in New Zealand.

  15. Those macaroons look amazing. The peeps, on the other hand... I just can't do it. They're so sickeningly sweet, it turns my stomach just to think of them.

  16. I have read that some people actually compete to see how many Peeps can be eaten in a minute (followed shortly by the competition for how many Peeps can be vomited in a minute).

    Not a fan of Peeps, but they do look more appealing dipped in chocolate - what doesn't?

  17. I LOVE the chocolate covered Peeps. So yummy!

  18. yay for your universal goal of spreading peace on earth, but more specifically adding to the knowledge of chocolate Robyn xo

  19. I made a comment about the two bears being back-to-back to prevent inappropriate intimate contact, but it's disappeared. Are you censoring me, Robyn?

  20. Al, did you get chocolate covered matzah? I hope so.

    IT, I would, but I know nothing of this "chemistry" thing you mention. See my dating posts.

    Alex, damn google reader. Ugh.

    Keetha, that's cute. Thank you.

    Cheryl, choc covered malted milk balls - Mmm! Thanks.

    L, and God said "This is very good."

    Rhonda, there's gotta be some somewhere in your fine country, no?

  21. BnB, you're a better person (a healthier one, at least) than I.

    Bev, yeah, that contest would actually be too much for me. Or maybe not.

    Karen, I know, right? Smiles.

    David, I do what I can. Thank you.

    GB, censor you? Why of course not. I don't discriminate based on species. I only censor out hate and commercialism. Sorry. Google's going wacko again, it seems.


  22. I don't know why so many people say they don't like peeps. I love peeps and a chocolate covered peep sounds REALLY good. They should be on market shelves all year. That DuPont should run for Mayor...

  23. DuPont looks pretty in pink, but where's his Easter bonnet? Those Peeps look better than the macaroons. Both are dangerous in their own special way!


  24. Chocolate always makes for a fun combination.

  25. The chocolate-covered peeps are the only ones I eat.

    I think that is by far my favorite outfit for DuPont.