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Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Hi Maryanne,
I have no idea if this has any relevance to us.
Stew Pid Lady, Stewpid Magazine dot com, Copy Editor

Dear Stew Pid Lady at Stewpid Magazine dot com, Copy Editor,
Do you mean to say,“Thank you, but we’re not interested”? If so, say it. If not, do you mean to admit that  you are completely inept at determining the relevance of my writing in relation to Stewpid Magazine dot com? If so, I question your relevance as a Copy Editor.

Finally, who is Maryanne? Note that I am Robyn, as per the name in my email address, the one to which you sent this dubious message, the same address in the links and at the closing of  my email below your dubious message. Hint: look below your dubious message.

Good day, Ginger.


Robyn Alana Engel


Looking for a winter for a short film Good luck finding a winter in California.

I'm looking for some one to brang my short film idea to life would like to do a mad max tipe of film looking some one to get a basic stay or scriped dawn on paper any help would be grate thanks

Sounds like an idea worth grating. See the poster above. Do you work during the winter?

I suspect your search may take a while.  


  1. ...that's sad. Their poor kids don't stand a chance at being even slightly competent!!

  2. Those made my head there a school that puts emphasis on good spelling and/or grammer??

    Love the Gilligan's reference, you are so sharp of wit my brain feels papercut!

  3. That last one takes it!
    Good to hear from you, Robyn.

  4. You found it Robyn! "Stew Pid is as Stew Pid does," or something like that. Perhaps you should apply to Mensa Monthly! Julie

  5. I've stopped reaching out to agents and editors, but when I was actively pursuing them I was amazed at the typos, grammatical mistakes and poorly written emails I received, even from those interested in my work. Words are their business; you'd think they'd put a little more care into it.

  6. I think you got the reply to someone else's email. Maybe you should have emailed her again as Maryanne assuring her that it was very relevant. Or just written "The Stew Pid end up in the Stew Pot".

  7. Craigslist is rife with flakes, no shows, inept clowns, et al. Thankfully, there are enough legit people on there to keep me going back.

  8. oh Robyn, you never fail to find things that make me giggle.

  9. "Good luck finding a winter in California." At that moment I felt a wave of jealousy set in while I laughed haha, you guys are so lucky, Winter's really picking up here!

    As for that email, I'm pretty annoyed Robyn, for them to just claim that your piece mightn't be relevant is a lot of nonsense, that stupid magazine doesn't deserve your writings, for them to not even get your name right is an absolute disgrace, they could have just told you outright they didn't want it or something instead of being so rude and passive aggressive.

  10. Finding/discovering the “stew pids” in life – it’s a gift and a curse… ;)

    P.S. I wonder if Stew Pid Lady sent you that email by mistake? If so, this simply confirms her stupidity.

  11. Wow what a moron, how do these people get the jobs over anyone with half a brain? Right, ass kissing or things of the like haha

    Working with any of those last three would cause brain damage.

  12. BabySis, grin. Very true. And thanks for all your sweet comments.

    Chuck, glad you picked up on it. I was thinking of cc'ing the Professor but decided not to go overboard (no pun intended). Thanks.

    Alex, good to be back.

    MsA, yes. I'm proud to say I'm not stew pid enough to make this stuff up.

    EmpthyNest, LOL. And then there's Stew Pid Der. S/he is and does even less.

    Stephen, so true. They'd be better off not sending rejections at all.

    GB, I like that idea. Thanks.

    JB, at least it's always rife with good comic material.

    Terra, thanks. And I owe you an email.

    YW, sorry for your jealousy. You must visit CA when you get a chance. And you're so nice. Thank you.


  13. Wow, that's messed up. So rude! Why bother? I get rejections all the time, 99% of which are form emails. At least they bothered to write it correctly the first time.
    Sounds like a magazine to avoid.

    Forget short film makers. Most of the them are still in nappies. (diapers). A generation who can't speil. ;)

  14. ...And that's exactly why I don't query and will labor forever in complete obscurity on my blog. Idiot editors like that. Thanks for reminding me, Robyn!

  15. Darn. I wish I would have seen that second ad. I would sooo be willing to brang something. ha!

    You are so funny Robyn.

    I mean Maryanne.


    Ummm...whatever your name is.

  16. Thanks, Peggy. Glad you dropped by.

    Anthony, you and the nappy comments always make me laugh. Thank you!

    Dawn, yes. We are better off flying solo. At least, that's what I always tell myself. I just get an itch once in a while, only to regret it afterward. =)

    Jenny, thank you for this and all the supportive comments.
    -Mrs. Howell

    Keep smiling, all, and please stay smart. The world needs some smart ones.


  17. Shoot, she didn't even know how to spell "stoopid."
    What a dope.

  18. Ohhh, I have met your stupid lady! I get some rejection letters too, except mine say: "Please take a look at our criteria and meet it." ----so you're saying I didn't meet it then? OMG, just tell "thanks but no thanks"

    I think the craigslist ad is a winner! ha!

  19. BWAHHHHHAAAAA! Least I can SPEALEE That any way I want!



  20.! Poor Maryanne! Well, at least they didn't reject you Robyn!

  21. Who the ...what the.....
    Here's hoping that you receive good news from an editor that doesn't have a drinking problem.
    Blessings, Joanne

  22. Oh my! That was terrible! Can you imagine the math mistakes they'd make on your paycheck? No thanks!