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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haunted Horse: Sundays in My City

UnknownMami hosts a scenic viewing of blogland every Sunday.

Thanks for visiting Chico, California, where you can find:

                                             a 7-11 that sells inner tubes and offers free air!

But that's not all. We also have an...
 angry hippie pumpkin, and --last but never least--

                                                  our town mascot, the HAUNTED HORSE.

Sorry for a creepy tour. 'Tis the season. I hope you take in more pleasant sights and clean, free air.
                  Happy Sunday and new week!


  1. The horse is ready for Halloween, for sure!

    Clean air? What's that? We sure don't have it around here.

  2. I love the pumpkin, I haven't seen such an impressive looking one in a while, it looks like a really scary orange clown or something. Great photos Robyn, I wonder what exactly "free air," was intended to mean.

  3. Inner tubes? Like for summer? Bad timing as well. And I think they may be exceeding the limits on the horse with that gorilla.
    Glad the Sunday tour is back!

  4. I'm so glad they decorated the Horse for Halloween. That's so funny.

  5. That gorilla is so fake, but I like the pumpkin. I'd like to see the look on its face after I sat on it.

  6. You do live in Paradise! My goodness, free air! ;)
    And someone takes such good (seasonal) care of that horse…

  7. We have snowmen around our town. These big snowman sculptures year round, just taunting you and reminding you that the white stuff is never far away.

    I'd love to have a haunted horse. That's cool.


  8. I'm so glad that the town mascot horse has made a Halloween appearance on your blog.

    Of course, you do know what they mean by "free air" don't you?

    I LOVE to find a gas station that still offers free air as I HATE to shell out a bunch of quarters for the air pumps that require them.

    And somehow I always manage to have tires that are desperate for some free air.

  9. haha free air, wow I hope it is good quality and not of the smog filled stuff.

  10. MsA, I guess "clean" is a relative term. We don't really have it here either.

    YW, it is very creepy.

    Alex, yeah, it's about time to take that sign down. The gorilla too.

    Tara, thanks.

    GB, it is fake, compared to you. I thought you might object.

    Beth, yes, this is Paradise. (?!)

    MJ, at least we don't have those snowmen.

    Keetha, yeah, it's just weird seeing "Free Air" in big letters on a sign like that. Silly stuff.

    PatHatt, they would've had to travel far (like to Canada) for the good stuff. Since it's free, I'm doubtful they did that.


  11. Spooky! I especially like the angry hippie pumpkin.

    Happy Sunday!

  12. I am lovin' the angry pumpkin! And the hoss, of course! :D Happy Sunday, Robyn!

  13. That poor horse works hard for his imaginary oats.

  14. I like the 'fro on the pumpkin. Any more riders on that horse though and they'll need a bigger horse.

  15. Wow! I haven't seen a 7-11 in years! I love the horse! Ha! I was driving home last night and noticed there was a gorilla driving in the car behind me. I got scared for a second and then laughed. -Must be on his way to a party. -At least I hope so!

  16. Nice them guys at 7-11 to do a full public service.

    That horse looks completely abused. Does mascot PETA know about this??

  17. OMG Robyn - your neighborhood looks as f... up as this one - hope ya are doing well x

  18. I'm glad the horse got to be a part of the fun. And the pumpkin. Looks hilarious!!

  19. Free air. That's a rarity these days.
    That horse sure has a lot going on.

  20. That pumpkin is simply priceless. Clearly took some serious effort.

  21. Paradise sure is ... interesting! =)

  22. Staci, it's kinda paradoxical, kinda cool.

    Thanks, Vidya. I hope your week is picking up.

    UM, I figured a horse pic was overdue.

    L.Diane, yeah, that horse is pretty sturdy. A good sport, too.

    Yvonne, that's funny. Maybe it was Gorilla Bananas (above).

    Chuck, let's hope not. I don't think they read my blog.

    David, haha. You live in a weird, quirky neighborhood too?

    BabySis, thanks. I hope the horse is having fun, poor thing.

    Ruth, that's all true.

    Erika, they are very creative. Stick around, they accessorize it differently every month.

    Beth, I guess nothing is exactly as it sounds. =)

    I hope you're all having a good week.

  23. Perhaps they've done it in years gone past- but a gorilla? Let's pull out the headless horseman (I mean you've got that horse ....

  24. I'm making a complaint at my local 7.11 They do NOT have free air! Assholes!