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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Erotica: Mummy Porn

a repost for immature, playful audiences

Bite me.

You suck.

Sweep me away.

No treats, just tricks for you today.

 Fill my bag with all you've got

It's what you give that makes me hot.

You scare.

You creep.

You're ugly too.

My zombie freak,

My favorite shrew.

I love and fear you just the same. 

Your candy corns scream out my name.

Now hide your face beneath a mask.

Let's nail down this dreaded task

And score and score until the dawn

We'll lick and chew til candy's gone.

Be safe everyone! Have fun! Wink.


  1. That's it. You and I need to have a drink...


  2. This is so beautiful Robyn and gets me perfectly in the mood for Halloween, I love how sensual it is, really enjoyed reading it, have a great Halloween as well yourself Robyn!

  3. haha so fun to see a rhyme from thee even a repeat. I bet with such a task a trick would be before the treat.

  4. Licking and chewing... That's it, I' m going home now!

  5. Erotic and Halloween... two of my favorite things ever all rolled into one salacious tasty treat. ;)

  6. So much fun. Love all the word play.

  7. happy halloween!

    big hugs and chocolate!


  8. Happy Halloween!! Enjoy all of your chocolate!!

  9. Naughtiness on Hallween! Now it really is my favorite holiday.

  10. Lick and chew, Robyn? Oh, I see, "chew" is a rhyme for something!

  11. Pearl, absolutely. But just one? Thanks.

    YW, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Hope the rest of your Halloween was/is great.

    Pat, sometimes the tricks and treats are hard (no pun intended) to separate.

    Alex, your wife can thank me later! =)

    Melissa, glad it sated your appetite, my friend. Hugs and a happy Halloween to you.

    Johana, thank you! Happy Halloween to you and yours.

    MsA, Happy Halloween. Enjoy all the yummy leftovers.

    Betty, Happy Halloweent to you too! Please enjoy some Eurpoean chocolate for me. It's SO much better than what we have in the states.

    BabySis, I will. You do the same.

    Stephen, and soon it shall be your wife's too. Wink.

    GB, what do you mean? Crew? Brew? Stew? Sc-- Oh! You dirty minded ape. That's why I like you.

    Be safe, everyone. Have fun too. Wink.

  12. hehe love it.

    Happy Halloween Robyn! :)

  13. I'm not sure if I remember this one. I think I'll read this again and again! Happy Halloween Robyn! P.S. I LOVE the title! Julie

  14. Fight the Gobblins so they don't gobble your goodie bag. There might be some poem around not eating the big bowl of candy on the table before the trick-or-treaters come to the door, but it's hard to think with my mouth full... Tammy

  15. You're a genius with a poem Robyn. I think it to be very appropriate for the occasion...and you totally got me with the title of the post...;))

  16. Ha! Loved it! Hope you had a lot of chocolate treats today!


  17. Only YOU would have mummy porn.


  18. "Lick and chew till candy's gone."
    Wow. Just, wow.
    Have you ever thought about writing song lyrics?
    Lovely and sexy.

  19. Too funny. I came to the party late but still enjoyed the humor!

  20. Anthony, thanks. Hope you're well.

    Thanks, Julie. I hope you enjoyed Halloween too.

    Anonymous Tammy, say what? I can't think with my tummy full.

    Chuck, my btitle sucked you right in, huh? Good, 'cuz I don't swallow. OMG, did I just write that? Hackers, damn hackers!

    Yvonne, yep, still pigging out on chocolate. Hope you enjoyed too.

    Keetha, =). Only me.

    Dawn, thank you. I've written mock lyrics to several songs over the years. It would be even more fun if someone paid me for it.

    Terra, never too late to drop by. I appreciate it.