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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Miscellaneous, Sundays in My City

UnknownMami did it again. She does it every week - hosts a wonderfully scenic worldwide party.

I'm sharing a few miscellaneous shots.
I'm also sharing concern for all my friends on the US East Coast. Please stay out of harm's way. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

                                            Saturday in my city

Hundreds of Chico, CA zombies made our town proudly scared yesterday with their participation in this year's Thrill the World. Did anyone else have this in your city? See it? Dance in it?

I'm sure you can find Nemo. Can you also find the baby star fish? Cute, huh?


Again, to all East Coasters, please stay safe and keep your loved ones safe. 
My prayers and thoughts go out to you.


  1. Zombies, Nemo, and a great sunset! Awesome shots.
    We only got some wind where I live and the hurricane is now past, but it's going to hit New Jersey hard.

  2. I'll second that; everyone stay safe out there.

  3. Great shots, Robyn!

    I'm keeping all those in harms way, in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I like the Nemo but I love the zombies! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. I love clownfish so much, they're such a cute fish haha! These photos are great but in a serious note I think it's so kind of you to send out wishes to everybody who could be affected by the hurricane. This hurricane sounds dreadful and all I can do is hope that nobody is harmed and that it passes without much upheaval.

  6. All those zombies look like a scary bunch, watch out if they try to crunch.

  7. Nope, no Zombie Day around here - - - at least not any more so than any old normal day.

  8. So glad you're safe, Alex.

    Stephen, thanks. I can't imagine what it must be like on the other coast.

    MsA, thank you.

    Traci, glad you like and love the pictures.

    YW, yeah, that's all we can do. It's scary.

    PatHatt, they really did put a lot into their make-up. Then again, maybe it's not make-up.

    Keethie, I'm surprised nobody else has commented on it. The dance was performed in 21 countries around the world.

    Stay safe, everyone.

  9. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by starfish. Over the weekend, Houston hosted an event called "Night of the Living Dead" at a local downtown park. Many zombies and creepy looking creatures came out. I didn't attend but saw plenty of news footage about it.

  10. What a wonderful climate you have. Miss Zombie on the right is wearing a summer dress...or is it a nightie? If I lived on the east cost I'd migrate to California.

  11. I don't think Sandy is going anywhere good...praying for all those in its path - I know so many out there. Hard to watch the news because you don't know what is hype and what is fact! Hold on tight!

  12. Zombies? I thought that was a shot of the Cheney family reunion.
    Thanks for clearing that up.

  13. great shots my friend!

    praying...everyone stay safe out there.


  14. Yvonne, sounds similar and fun, but creepy.

    GB, yeah. We west coasters are very lucky right now.

    Terra, yes, with my blog friends alone, I have so many contacts over there.

    Al, the Cheney family reunion was already shot. Wait, I mixed that up: Cheney already shot a friend while hunting quail. You see my confusion here.

    Betty, yes, we'll keep sending good thoughts and prayers.


  15. Glued to the Weather Channel ... a little freaked out at the sight of water rushing through the subway tunnels!

    Love your photos as always!

  16. Great photos! I also hope that everyone on the East Coast stays safe. Julie

  17. Those zombies look awesome!! Very impressive. And I love the starfish. So cute!!

    It's a little bit scary what's going on over there. I hope it will pass soon with as few casualties as possible!!

  18. Des Moines does a zombie walk for charity. Zombie Burger sponsors it. I've never done it.

  19. Aw!! Love Nemo and the little starfish! Adorable!
    Happy Halloween, my friend!!

  20. ahahha those zombies look so awesome! Haven't heard of that parade, but looks like a lot of fun.


  21. I'd love to see the dancing zombies.