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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sundays in My City: Horse Store and More

UnknownMami hosts a picturesque party on Sundays. Visit her site for a fun and fascinating tour of our wonderful blogoverse.

Today, we're back to Chico for some horsing around.

I met the kind folks at Chico's Horse Store and More. Donna and Mike shared stories about their horse, a town celebrity. She's been on TV, in local papers, and graciously posed for a second time at Life by Chocolate. Note: I'm not sure if this horse is, in fact, a "she" - I didn't check; I'm making assumptions based on her rather effeminate attire.

From saddles to cowboy/girl boots to medicine for horses, there's a lot of great "more" to the Horse Store and More.

I learned she's dressed for Mother's Day. It's a tad more fashionable than the horse-bunny costume, right?

Gotta love a small town that does things in big ways!

Thanks for visiting. Happy, galloping Sunday and new week.


  1. That is a very slender horse! Do you think she's robust enough to take a rider?

  2. I love that horse.

    Hmmmm - - - I don't SEE any male parts.

    Love Ms. A's comment - - - "clothes horse"

  3. These photos are class Robyn, seems like an awesome day out to me.

  4. She looks sweet. Sugar cube for her! :-)

  5. Has to be a female - real stallions don't wear pink.

  6. That was a great set of whimsical pictures.

  7. She certainly looks fetching in that floppy hat.


  8. I think horses are magnificent, beautiful creatures – until I get close to one and then I’m scared sh*tless. They are HUGE!

    Love the stories of your town – seems like such a wonderful place to live.

  9. Love the floppy hat! Definitely just right for Mother's Day!

  10. The horse-bunny is too funny, but I love the hat.

  11. Surely beats the bunny, small towns are always better in my opinion.

  12. GB, she has slimmed down some since Valentine's Day. Hasn't she?

    MsA, EXCELLENT comment. Very appropriate. Kudos for your cleverness.

    Keetha, that's. You can't help but love this horse.

    Yeamie, it's a lot of fun around here, especially during the spring and summer.

    Baygirl, me too. It fits just right!

    Vidya, she does look genteel.

    Alex, LOL. Good one. I'd have to agree. Thanks.

    Wayne, my town is good for that. Thank you.

    Molly, the hat is priceless in and of itself. Thanks for visiting.

    Beth, I understand. I didn't even want to get too close to this one. Yet she's so innocent and, well, inanimate.

    Molly and Tara, I agree. I'd like a hat like that myself, though I'd get lost in it.

    Pat, I'm of the same opinion.


  13. Keetha, why did I write "that's"? I have no idea. I think I meant "thanks".

    Cheers and happy Sunday, all.

  14. It's mare. You'd know if it was male. There is that saying hung like a horse. That actually has meaning.

  15. Is she off to or back from a tanned trip in Hawaii?
    Still clinging on to the dreams or memories, me thinks.

  16. I'm deathly allergic to horses.
    In fact, I'm sneezing now, so I'd better leave.

  17. She is so stylish!
    Blessings, Joanne

  18. What a fabulous hat! I have a little pin head, so hats always come down over my eyes and make me look goofy. That hat really works for her, though. Would it fit me?? Neigh!!!


  19. I think it quaint and special when people go out of their way to be fanciful enough to bring smiles to people's faces.

  20. How fun! Sounds like a wonderful day out!

  21. She does look festive, but I still prefer the horse-bunny ensemble! Julie

  22. the last photo of the horse-bunny cracks me up! too funny!

    looks like a wonderful day out.

    big hugs!

  23. Okay, I love the horse! Love that they have her dressed for Mother's Day. Aww, maybe they could find her a baby horse wearing a blue or pink bonnet to stand next to her. Yeah, I get way too Disney sometimes. :/

  24. That's pretty cool. It's nice that you aren't trapped in a huge urban setting anymore. Lot's of nice things to see where you are now!

  25. Don't assume the horse is a she, it can be one of those rare cross dressing horses.

  26. PTM, that's true. I do live in CA. I shouldn't be closed-minded (or clothes minded) to that possibility. Thanks.

    Pat, I appreciate that fact everyday. Thank you.

    Frisky, that's a cute suggestion. The kids around here would love it.

    Betty and Cheryl, thanks.

    L Diane, it is. I'd drown in it if I tried it on.

    Stephen, well said. I feel the same.

    Judie, it would fit you, me and the whole town. Neigh? Neigh!

    Joanne, she's trying to be. Blessings backatcha.

    AlP, bless you my friend.

    Rek, she does live large.

    Ruth, I thought about that. But then I didn't want to think about that anymore.


  27. I love the dressed up horse pictures. Keep them coming. You could make a calendar.

  28. Singing "Rawhide"......sound of whip that I have your attention--LOL

    Love it and YOU!

    Not horsing around either, it behooves me to say! The mane topic is Whinnie in the Poo. I hope it reins and you don't bridle up at this!


    Mentally deficient John