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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Losing it After 40: A Saturday Centus

Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus sometimes (e.g., this week) challenges us to write a piece within 100 words. The prompt is bolded below. Consider joining the fun, if you haven't already. And please visit other centus posts here.

 Losing it After 40
The chair dominated the small room. I didn't see it until I walked into it, though. A peppy young Doctor giggled and patted the seat for me, indicating where to place my butt. She pushed a cold, binocular-like apparatus against my face. 

"What letters do you see?" she asked.

Letters? Those fuzzy black spots? I pondered. Nervously, I made stuff up: "U, R, A, P, P,"..."Y, O, Y?"…“C, I, C!”

She shoved the apparatus aside and scrawled out a prescription. "You really need bifocals. It often happens after forty."

F, U, kid! I thought.


  1. Eye doctor chair..oh, clever.

    Oh, bifocals are the pits...have them--usually in my purse!

  2. Oh no bring on some more chocolate!!! hear it's good for the eyes...or is carrots! great job with the chair...very fuNnY!

  3. LOL maybe you need to find some good high quality chocolate covered carrots...haha

  4. Speaking from personal experience? Surprised I haven't hit that yet.

  5. I hate it when that happens! Well done!!

  6. Bookie, I'd stick 'em in my purse except I can't see my purse. Yeah, hate it.

    Karen, thanks so much.

    Pat, I'm on the lookout.

    Alex, how could you tell? Not you? I wonder if it's just women, or just me. I used to have 20/20 vision, now I barely have vision some days.

    Anita, thanks for understanding.


  7. I am soooo happy I had cataract surgery! Now I see better than all my friends! I have heard that dark chocolate improves one's eye sight!!

  8. It ain't just the eyes that go, after 40!

  9. I have avoided the eye dr. for the last few years because she told me I would be needing bifocals soon.

  10. LOL! Yep :)


  11. It's because you aren't getting enough sex.. :0 ..uh I mean chocolate! Yeh chocolate!.... Oy vey.~Ames

  12. You forget C in the least you are not blind like a bat without them as yours truly...Robyn like that little bird with an I, chirping and spreading laughter on a boring sunday morn...

  13. Yep, I used to be so nearsighted I couldn't see. Now I'm farsighted, too.

    And I have astigmatism.

    Triple threat.


  14. That peppy young doctor needs a firm reprimand. There's a small distance between seat-patting and tush-patting.

  15. "nervously I made up stuff"...hahah, you and me both kid! And so happy to read you had the last "word" tee-hee. I enjoyed reading your words very much.

  16. Love this as always Robyn, seriously good stuff!

  17. I loved it! My optometrist giggled when he declared my need for bifocals, saying, 'You're 40, right?"

  18. Judie, and another reason to go dark. Thanks.

    MsA, true. For men, at least. Not to be sexist, but women lose it a lot later, right? I'm sure hoping.

    Stephen, Ruth, and Melody, I'm glad you can relate. Thanks.

    Ames, LOL. Crap. I'm doomed. I'll start looking into seeing eye dogs.

    Rek, it's frustrating. Sorry for your batlike vision but I love your description of me. Thank you, friend.

    Yvonne, high five back to you!

    Sue, sorry for the triple threat. I think I'm almost there, if not there already.

    GB, you think she was trying to get a quick feel? I don't know, she'd probably try for a firmer, younger tuchas.

    Koby, thank you. It's great to see you back here. I'm glad I'm not the only one who makes stuff up.

    YW, thank you.

    Dreaming, but they told us 40 is the new 30. Liars! =)


  19. Been wearing bifocals so long I can't remember how old I was when I got 'em. I just remember how they screwed up the golf game.

    Still the chair in that office isn't nearly as intimidating as the chair in the dentist's office

  20. indeed - can't see a foot in front of my face - or an arm

  21. Enjoyed reading this post!
    Why not try memorising the eye chart and see if you can fool ' might JUST work!

  22. It's a nice story with suspense until the 'chart' appears. Nice write, Robyn.

    I buy reading glasses at the General Dollar Store. They have gone up from $3.00 to $6-8 since I have been using them.

  23. Ugh! These peppy young doctors! They're so...peppy and young!

  24. “Losing” your eyesight after forty is just the beginning! Lots more to look forward to… :(

  25. Thank was cute! I'll be hitting 40 in a few months, gulp! I'm still trying to figure out how that happened:)

  26. This could have been written for me! LOL! Good one Robyn xo

  27. Too funny! As a woman who just got a ridiculously strong glasses prescription after turning forty, I sadly can relate.


  28. IT, true. The dentist causes a lot more pain. Thanks for visiting.

    David, yeah, us non-peppy folks are often clumsily walking into feet, arms and large chairs.

    Megan, I'd memorize it if I could see it.

    Jim, the exciting thing about reading glasses USED TO BE that they were so darn cheap. Now there seems no consolation for those of us losing our once good eyesight. Thanks for the visit and comment!

    Dawn, yes, I remember a similar post of yours. I think all the peppy young docs get their credentials just to torment us non-peppy old non-docs.

    Beth, yeah, I know. This one's the least traumatizing loss, isn't it?

    Honey, age just keeps sneaking up on a person. It's a strange and unnerving thing. Thanks for dropping by.

    Marnie, thanks, friend.

    Traci, oh sorry. We should get together for drinks but would we find each other?

    Thanks, everyone. Here's to a good week of vivid and pleasant sights.

  29. As I sit here trying to get used to my new mr Magoo glasses I echoe your sentiments! Great post
    Blessings, Joanne

  30. Love it...sort all happens after 40!

  31. Heehee, funny, especially for one who has been there done that. I loved the part about making up letters, and then of course, that last line, lol.

  32. haha - nice work..

    Ironically, i had 20-20 vision... until 40. Then got reading/computer glasses... 20 + 20 = 40.;.. Co-incidence? I think not..

  33. Great text! Unusual take on the prompt. (We all were worried that this was a trip to another kind of medical expert.)
    Instead of bifocals, get 'progessive lenses'. There is no sharp line between the different parts of the glass. No one sees that you are over forty!

    Best wishes & hugs,
    Marias's New Chair" for SCwk 95

  34. well done you!
    i hate it when that happens!

    p.s. i only have astigmatism.

  35. Turning 40. Definitely not for sissies!

    I would say that I enjoyed this, but actually it traumatized me remembering something quite similar in reality!

    Clever take on the prompt!

  36. Lol. That was an awesome twist on things. :)