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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rhyme and No Reason, a Saturday Centus

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words based on a prompt. Jenny is our wonderful teacher and host. Please check out the other offerings. There are much more sane writers than me  whose blogs are well worth visiting.  As usual, the prompt is bolded below.

This one's inspired by three Mother Goose nursery rhymes: Mary, Mary; Little Jack Horner; and Little Bo Peep.

Enjoy and happy Saturday! xo Robyn
Rhyme and No Reason

Q: Mary, Mary, strange and hairy
What is your gardening magic?

A: Within the stone and soil
Nothing's grown; I don't toil.
I've fooled the world with plastic!


Little Jack Truth
Sat in a booth
While gorging at Home Town Buffet
He stuck in his pinkie and pulled out a Twinkie
Then cheered "This is my lucky day!"


Peppy Bo Peep
Was unable to sleep 
After a double espresso with cake
So she turned on the news, read legislative reviews,
and now dreams of staying awake.


  1. I write something opposite.
    inspired by Happy Potter, inside a stone,
    everything is live and cool like a song.

    love your take.

  2. Hi Robyn,

    can't figure out why my blog roll says Life by Chocolate...2 weeks ago.
    just today i thought to check-in...wondering about your whereabouts and i'm really surprised to see that you've being posting regularly.

    i'll come back tomorrow to comment properly.. it's 3.00 a.m here now.

  3. fantastic, so clever and fun!! I had cake...I am drinking decaf...perhaps I shall sleep ;)

  4. These are cool little rhymes! Very visual and bring to mind those charming verses I grew up with. :)

  5. Betty, I can't figure it out either. It's driving me crazy. Sorry. Thanks for checking in on me, though. ;0)

    Thanks, Jingle, Sue, Shannon and Melissa. Happy weekend. xo

  6. What a gifted woman you are! Oh, I think I have told you that before!!

  7. How clever thanks for cheering me up. and thank you for lovely comments

  8. Loved that you used old nursery rhymes. Quite creative. Wonderful!

  9. haha!!
    thanks for the good laugh!

    you rock, robyn!

    big hugs!

    betty xx

  10. Robyn,

    You crack me up, Girl! This is so much FUN.


  11. Funny stuff here Robyn...well done!! I love the new photograph..great smile ;-) Peace and blessings

  12. Robyn what do we do with you...pickle your brain and say, " here is the greatest humorist on Blogger's grey matter"... I spew my Horlicks(malted drink) all over my keyboard...lesson learnt, never hold a drink and read Life by chocolate... :D

  13. Rek, I love it. Thanks! Now I want to try a Horlicks, but not while I'm blogging.

    Thanks, all.
    Love to you and Happy Sunday/Father's Day.

  14. very good. much better than those old mother goose ones. :)

  15. now, that was fun!!! Thank you!!

  16. Excellent, hilarious and brilliant to use of nursery rhymes Robyn !

    My Hubs and me laughed and were so tickled and taken with your clever prose...standing ovations !!!

  17. oh robyn ... who woulda thought of a using the prompt in that manner other than you ... you have a wonderful bunch of stuff going on in that brain of yours! This was a fun take on the prompt!

  18. You are so wickedly clever, Miss Robyn. You are one of my writing idols!

    Super neat!

  19. Thanks, everyone. You're the best, all of you!

    Jenny, that is such a compliment. I'm flattered.


  20. Awesome Robyn! You always have such creative and unique ideas for your SC's and you write them so well! Just a pleasure to be following you!

  21. Haha. That is awesome. :) You're so talented.