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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Which Came First? Sundays in My City

Unknownmami hosts a wonderful worldwide party on Sundays. Today, I'm welcoming you back to Chico for a little game of Which Came First?! 

Feel free to offer answers and explanation to any or all of the following three questions, as I have neither answers nor explanation.

1) Which came first: 

A) the couch and vase with plastic flowers
OR B) the house  ?

2) Which came first:

A) the fire hydrant OR
B) the mailbox   ?

3) (Final question) Which came first:

A) Normal AVENUE on which you can find the Normal STREET Bar  (I know it's hard to decipher, but the sign above the stop sign on the far right reads "Normal Avenue".)  OR

B) the Normal STREET bar on Normal AVENUE   ?

Cheers! Have a wonderful new week.
Please forgive me for not returning responses in a timely manner. I love my abnormally funky hometown. For now, though, I'm going away for a little while.  Tomorrow's post will explain.
Be well. xo Robyn


  1. Have fun and take pictures, or it didn't happen!

  2. Great post, I like the 'I wonder which came first' post.
    Have a great break.

  3. I always wonder how people can STAND to sit on regular old stuffed furniture like that couch AFTER it's been out in the RAIN for a while.

    Fun shots.

  4. Oh that is fun! I once lived on a street that at one end the street name was spelled CecElia and at the other with an "I" CecIlia.
    Weird. lol

  5. those are funny. I have never had a couch in my yard...I think my HOA would kick us out of the neighborhood...that is why funky hometowns are way better than suburbia!

  6. I like this game. A couch in the front yard is a normalcy where I live, though they are usually left out for people to take free of charge. Love the fun shots and post.

  7. Fun! Leaving beautiful (scorching) Chico? If you have to take a break, July's certainly the time to head for the coast :-) or anywhere not inland. I'll be back to see where you're headed.

  8. Normal is just a setting on the dryer.
    Lemme see... that's Chico so I'm sayin' the couch was there first ;-D

  9. I'm answering A on all three! That was really fun - thank you!

  10. Ha! You're a tease!!! Have fun and definitely take pictures! :)

  11. You live in a very "special" place.

  12. Loving the hydrant and mailbox. We have a newly built house in the neighborhood where the driveway (one of those expensive inlaid pebble things) has a telephone pole sitting at the curb about two feet into the driveway. Clearly the pole was there first, but really, it looks dumb.

  13. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


  14. There is a whole lot of normal going on at that corner.

  15. What a hoot to have the flowers next to the couch! haha!

  16. B to all of them!! :) Cute post.

  17. Haha funny.. all of them..

    what a cute, funny little place you live..

    well observed.. This place is inspring you!

    Maybe its time you wrote something longform...