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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top 10 Signs The Dude's Just Not That Into You

1) He doesn’t have time to see you again for another 4-3/4 months.
2) He ends the date at 8:30pm, to get some sleep (alone).
3) When you call, he tells you he’ll call back after finishing his soda.
4) In the heat of passion, he needs to stop to feed his cat.
5) When you return to the table, he’s still rambling about his miserable day at the office.
6) When the dinner bill comes, he pretends not to see it and then pushes it with his elbow to your side of the table.
7) When you start to move in for a peck, he points upwards and says, “Look over there! Hee hee, monkeys always look.”
8) When the lights go down in the movie theatre, he finally makes a move – but it’s with the person taking tickets at the door.
9) He claims he can’t kiss you because he might be coming down with juvenile diabetes.
10 ) He calls you Rachel instead of Robyn, I mean, any name other than your own.  

Note: Any similarities to the experiences endured by anyone named Rachel are strictly coincidental.

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