My Story, Yours Too.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Robynisms, original quotes

Life is hard. Eat chocolate. Dance it off.

We live so many lifetimes in one lifetime.

Call me a realistic pessimist or don’t use your phone.

Unemployment is wasted on the unemployed.

Waking up is hard to do.

Don’t believe everything you say.

When in doubt, doubt.

All I can do is do all I can.

Keep faith, and faith will keep you.

Nothing’s black and white except a checkerboard, which is black and red.

Those who can't, preach.

Those who can, don't mention it.

The most disturbed people are too disturbed to admit that they are disturbed.

Boring is oftentimes and by far the best option.

The most superior life form is the child. Second is the cacao plant.

Life promotes humility. Death assures it.

Art is borne of broken rules.

You never know until you know and then you still don't know. You know?

Time flies, except in relation to writing.

-The above stem from the mind of this blogger/writer, Robyn Alana Engel


  1. A few more for the list...

    Small clocks tick the loudest.
    Drawing a map to the heart is complicated and messy.
    People often talk about the Circle of Life; yet, calendars are always square or rectangular.
    A rolling stone gathers no moss. C'mon. A stone that is rolling is apt to gather quite a bit of moss.

  2. I like your additions, Bert, especially the rolling stone. It would tend to gather a sh*tload of moss!