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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Anti-Valentine's Giveaway! Enter early, often, and by this Weds!

My Dear Sillies,

I hope this finds you well and not a saddened Panthers fan.

If so, this should cheer you: Enter Life by Chocolate's ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY GIVEAWAY! Submit early. Submit often, but deadline is this Wednesday, 2/10, 12 midnight.

Follow Life by Chocolate. Create a funny hateful Valentine's message in up to 50 words. Post as a comment or, if you'd rather, email me at
I've received some wonderfully hilarious entries already.

I'll put all of your contributions up for a vote before week's end. You will vote. I will make the deciding vote, if needed. The winner will receive a very sweet package in the mail.

Good luck!


  1. I wouldn't know how to write a pro-Valentine's Day message, let alone an anti one! Is that a picture of Ivana Trump? I bet she's received a few bad ones!

    1. Yes, that's Ivana. Good on her for making that break.

  2. I hope to read the entries. :D

  3. Sadly I'm not as creative as you guys are but I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

    1. Oh stop. I see your creativity all over your blog. But if you didn't have your sweetheart, and great love story, you'd likely be more inspired. It's all good, JoJo. Happy hearts time to ya, and please come back to vote.

  4. I think someone needs to write a poem to Cam Newton. He was a grumpy cat last night:

    Poor Cam you got sacked
    in the process your shoulder looked jacked
    I'm sorry that your team got beat
    and you walked off the field in defeat
    at least your team made it to the big game
    my team, the Giants didn't, how very lame
    no Super Bowl ring for your Valentine this year
    only chocolates, flowers, and some salty tears
    maybe this will humble your arrogant ass
    remember this too shall pass

    1. BRAVO! I love it, Elsie.
      Thank you for entering. Oh no, I didn't do a word count. We won't worry about that right now.

  5. This is as good as it gets this week. I must have hit my head on the ice a few times too many. It's meant for Martha.

    Good Riddance Valentine

    Oh, how I hate thee so
    You’re like a dung beetle
    In clean white snow
    Your voice sets me a wailin’
    With a shriek like Sarah Palin
    With hatred I get my fill
    From your breath of old roadkill
    And with this final word
    I flush thee like a turd

    1. Haha. Good riddance, Martha! Woohoo. Thank you, Jono. She's flushed.

  6. I really chuckled at Elsie's post for Cam Newton, poor guy! He didn't take defeat very well.

    1. Is he the one who was actually crying at the end of the game? I caught a glimpse of a close up on one of the Panthers, nearly shedding tears. I couldn't help but laugh. It's just a little game, guys. Elsie's entry is a hoot.

  7. On this loving day
    I'm sorry but we're through
    With myself I'd rather play
    While I search for someone new

    Some advice you have earned,
    So here it is in full
    Your skin would not be burned,
    If you hadn't rode that bull.

  8. As Valentines approaches
    I wonder what I'll see.
    Probably stern reproaches.
    Because the only one who comes?
    Is me.

  9. "It's Valentines Day. I'll ignore it if you will."

  10. This is hilarious and sounds like fun... and I can only imagine what these funny hateful messages will be. Me? I'm trying really hard to not be funny hateful right now. We'll see if I stick to it.

    1. Well if I had San Geraldo's Valentine, I wouldn't be funnily hateful either, Mitchell. ;)

  11. It came in a big box with a small note that read, "This is what I would have given you, if you had only let me." I opened the box to find a globe. (Thankfully, this was in the mid-80s and the globe was soon out-of-date)

  12. OK, here's my entry. Not especially funny, I'm afraid, but I gave it a go. :)

    Valentine's Day Veto

    Some are stressed,
    trying to prove their love,
    to pass some unwritten test.
    Those who are alone are made to feel
    that their lives are somehow less.
    Don't bring me any roses,
    no heart-shaped chocolates or jewels.
    Valentine’s Day is nothing but
    a made-up day for fools.

  13. I was cheering for the Panthers, but I'm fine. I am a Steeler fan and had my cry a few weeks ago.

    1. Glad you're okay, Elizabeth. That's not your entry, is it?

  14. I love that you're sending something sweet in the mail. Alas, it won't be to me as I can't think of anything funny. I think I might have broken my funny somewhere. I still appreciate funny, but am having trouble creating it. As for Valentine's Day... just another day, my friend, just another day.

  15. I'm still waiting for Lupercalia to come back so I can run naked down the road.