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Friday, December 4, 2015

Together, A Poem for the World

Dear Friends,

The California Regional Center system has my heart, now more than ever. My first and most profound social work job found me at the Regional Center of the East Bay. So the mass shootings earlier this week at the Inland Regional Center leave me shaken. I have too much to say about blaming Muslims, "religious extremists," or Obama, and the like...None of it good. We need to come together - drop our differing political and religious labels and rhetoric, stop blaming any one group or any one thing for problems that are incredibly monstrous. We have to unify to make this world kinder and more fair. It is, afterall, what we all want.

Judaism emphasizes "Tikkun Olam" (pronounced ti-koon oh-lawm). This means a healed world. We not only pray for this, but we work daily - in small and larger ways - to bring about peace on earth. 
Love to you.
-------------------------------------------(I wrote and posted this poem several years ago.)

Together: A Poem for the World
Blessings for healing
Of body and mind
Freedom from hurdles 
That stall and confine

The urge to laugh
A surge of will
To savor breath 
in moments still

May bursts of hope
Feed hardened souls
And broken bits
Grow into wholes

Violence quelled by rising care
A shift towards what's just and fair

May dreams be held and given birth
That none shall doubt their precious worth.

May love pervade
All life, renew
Wounds be healed
and scars be few.

The world so huge
My role so small

Together, may we do it all.


  1. From your lips to god's ears. ((hugs))

  2. Ditto JoJo! If only everyone thought like you, Robyn!

  3. Powerful words Robyn. We can hope!!

  4. It will take a lot of work, but if we don't things will just get worse. Weall have to do what we can.

  5. A horrible incident in a whole string of horrible incidents lately. Beautiful poem, Robyn.

  6. perfect message, so heartfelt. Thanks for this moment - your role may be small but the words are big

  7. Together mankind can get it done, if only they would indeed. Wise words for sure.

  8. You said it perfectly, Robyn, and I couldn't agree more.

  9. I can't imagine your message being said any better.

  10. Dear Robyn,

    No matter who we are, be it Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Rastafarian, agnostic or atheist, we must be as one in a common cause for good.

    Your poem resonates with my hopes for that better world.

    Hugs and hope,

    Gary x

  11. That's a lovely poem. I long for peace for everyone, the kind of peace that Franklin and Penelope and I have in our little house.


  12. I could not have said it better myself and I know I could not have said it the way you so beautifully wrote this. What you wrote is very moving and so true

  13. There are times you say incomparable things incomparably well. This is one of those times. My appreciation and admiration. You are remarkable.

  14. That poem is like a beautiful prayer, Robyn. It hope it gets answered some day.

  15. It started as a prayer for Mark Koopmans 50 States of Prayer, actually. But I'm bothered by all the religious bitterness talk. I'm also offended by it, and I appreciate that we don't all prayer. Nor should we. Each of us finds our own personal relationship (or lack there of) with religion and a God or not. That's something I've come to believe we should keep to ourselves - and just work towards a better world.

    Thank you, and I appreciate everyone's caring words.
    A peaceful weekend to all.

    1. PS I meant "We don't all pray." Of course that's what I meant. I always find at least 1 typo per comment afterwards. Who knows how many I've written that I've never bothered to catch after the fact. =)

    2. You know, THAT comment is just as beautiful as your post. Just because a person does not pray to God does not meant that person is something less than human.
      Well done!

  16. We need to come together. Exactly.

    1. Dear Al, thank you, dear friend. I especially appreciate your appreciation of that comment...I'm thinking about using the sentiment somehow in a poem or something.

      Warm-loving thoughts to you...and Bones.

  17. Beautiful words, and we couldn't agree more. Both with the poem, and your words above.

  18. I agree with everyone that this is such a poignant poem with an important message. Beautifully written, Robyn. My heart goes out to those who lost their lives, and were seriously injured.


  19. I couldn't agree more. Beautiful words, Robyn! Thank you for sharing it again in such a troubled time.