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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Collage of YOUR Comments: My Merchant Marine Minute Man, Finale?

Dear Friends, I’m closing this chapter with a mix of some of YOUR recent comments and some final text messages between me and Troy. Sorry if you don’t find your comments below, but that’s because they were too reasonable.

Troy: What if I should desire a little more?
Robyn: You know where to find me, babe. xo
L. Diane Wolfe said...Come on - tab A into slot B. Make it happen.
Troy: I like a cute, witty, sexy woman. What to do? Xoxo
Empty Nest Insider said...Do you remember Gene Wilder and the sheep in the Woody Allen movie?
Stephen Hayes said...Swallowing it isn't the problem.
Robyn: Ah, thank you my handsome merchant marine. Wink. xo
Troy: At winery. Thinking about you a bit. It’s all good!! xoxo
IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...There's nothing wrong with being an alcoholic, unless you drink, too.
Robyn: Let me know if you can squeeze me in, or squeeze into me, before you leave. =) xoxo
Pat Hatt said...damn, hopefully some stamina came due.
Alex J. Cavanaugh said...I really shouldn't read this stuff first thing in the morning...
Jacquelineand....said…You need chocolate. Lots of it.
Troy: Of course, just held hostage by job. Waiting for itinerary. Frustrating!
Elizabeth Seckman said...I just want you to know- I can't even find my underwear because I have yet to unpack from vacation (see, you thought I was going to be naughty!)
Robyn: It’ll come, babe. Anyway, I’m fading. Sweet dreams. xxoo
CWMartin said…Better to sleep with mom's undies than with MOM.
Ruth said...Matt's mom is gonna wonder where all her panties are.
Pat Tillett said... They are full of semen, or is that seamen. Or is it both?
BloggerJo said...Not necessarily so, my father used to sweat after eating a good cheese.
Theresa Mahoney said...I only like hot and spicy in one area of my life.
Optimistic Existentialist said...Was he on a date with the soup??
Troy: I like the way you are.
Robyn: Really dude? Afraid to say the three little words: I like you?! I like you too.
A Beer For The Shower said... The three worst words a guy can ever hear in bed: "Is it in?" The three worst words a girl could ever hear in bed. "I'm not sure."
Yvonne said...I feel your pain. I' ve been in the "where'd it go?" dilemma before.
JoJo said...Bow chica bow bow!!!!!! Just thought I'd add some porno-like music to the story.
*      Jo said...Or a banana JoJo.

Since Troy left, I haven’t heard from him. Clearly, it’s over for now. He won’t return for three more months. Is it over for good? Your guess is probably better than mine. So what do you think?

Thank you, Elizabeth Seckman, for the girl-talk, pj parties and Mai Tais with little pink umbrellas.
Finally, thanks to Debra at She WhoSeeks for this graphic:


  1. Hmm. I am not certain that he deserves you. Stamina issues and absenteeism...
    Loved the post though.

  2. Your wit never ceases to amaze me, Robyn! I loved your clever collage that only a comic mastermind could find a way to have it all make sense. Thanks for fitting in my nonsensical comment too! He definitely does not know what he's missing.


  3. A reference to chocolate will get me quoted? Who knew! LOL

    An insensitive and 'instaminatic' sailor with a soup fetish is hardly worthy of your chocolately eminence Robyn. Set your hat for a man who can concoct chocolate cream soda and an ediblie chocolate knish for your delectation, at least one need will be satisfied!

  4. Those were hilarious. (Thanks for including one of my lame comments.) I think Brandon and Bryan nailed. Then again, I'm not sure...

  5. lol getting quoted for stamina reference, only here lol

  6. Thank you for including my comment!

  7. Glad I made it into this as well. Did he ever go back on a second date with that soup??

  8. You are so hilarious Robyn!!! That was a great collage! I hope you hear from him again over the summer and when he gets back. But I also hope you aren't going to be just a booty call to him.

    As for granny panties, you know what? I've made my peace with them. They don't ride up my ass crack and that's all I care about at this stage in life. I don't care if my undies are big enough to cover the state of New York, they don't give me a wedgie.

  9. Haha, JoJo, that comment has risen...well, it hasn't moved. Let's keep it right there at the bottom. But I love it.

    Thanks, all.

    PS I've lost two followers during this series. Troy and Matt's Mommy??

    Keep a smile.

  10. I'm afraid to say anything, for fear it'll be used in a future post! LOL

  11. The comments were funny. I realize that I am not half as witty as I think I am in my imagination. Boo hoo.

    I don't know if it is over or not. Sometimes it is best to appreciate everything for what it is instead of what it might or might not be. Did that make sense?

  12. This guy is probably good for a few romps in the sack but I doubt he's ever going to make a serious commitment. Too bad.

  13. i enjoyed reading this post and all the comments. i agree with stephen you deserve someone who's going to make and keep commitments. wonderful post. cheers!!

  14. Ha! Clever post. I don't think I would count much on him returning, but you never know!

  15. Hmmm. I'd like to think it's not over and that he'll contact you when he gets back, but you just never know with men.

  16. Now I understand that whole, taken out of context thing being so powerful. LOL. Wonderful compiliation! I'm game for girl talk and mai tais anytime. Maybe one day we can get together and have real drinks, find a concert, and toss our own granny panties on the stage. I just bought some new ones with a pretty rose bud print ;)

  17. That was a fun idea! Glad you could use me, so to speak!

  18. Omg that picture of granny and her granny panties is the funniest.

  19. Well get your bad self out there and find a REAL MAN now that the little weenie is out of your life.

  20. Bwahaha, Oh Terry, thank you.

    Thank you all. I adore you silly people! Yeah, it's not a great sign that the man is afraid to say "I l, l, l, li---ke you." That does not equate with a marriage proposal. Geeze!

    On that note, have a great Thursday/Friday, etc., friends.

  21. Love the Comments Collage! I laughed so hard I wet my granny panties!

  22. Oh, that was funny. I had a big headache and it it actually going away now. Laughter is good for the head. Awesome!

  23. That's hilarious that you used quotes.

    I'm thinking of the Tom Petty song, 'time to move on. time to get going. what lies ahead I have no way of knowing.' :)

    Maybe he'll come back, but you'll be otherwise engaged. ;)

  24. Hey Robyn,

    I'm not going to apologise for not being able to keep up. There you go :)

    Anyway, how very clever to have incorporated all those bloggers into your post. It's good to note so many of my adoring fans. LOL

    Have a good weekend, Robyn.

    Gary :) x

  25. I do love to read the comments myself. Sometimes they are almost as good as the post. *Almost* ;)