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Monday, May 5, 2014

May Medley

Today, my charming and quick-witted friend, River Fairchild, launches book 2 of her Jewels of Chandra series, A DRAGON'S LAMENT!

Much success with your newest jewel! 

    Magic is real. So is betrayal.

   David enters the Fire Kingdom and events shift from bad to worse. He learns a shocking truth about the dragons, a truth destined to block his efforts to retrieve the lost magic of Shaylar from the ruling Council.  After a cave-in and injuries force a rescue, David finds himself more isolated than before as personal concerns scatter his trusted advisors and the wizard who led him there abandons him.

   The head of the dragon Council negotiates separate deals with both David and his father, sowing further discord between them. David's close friend, Lothan, disappears into the caves and doesn't return. A group of dissidents kidnap Wilks, the child empath David is sworn to protect. With no options left, he accepts the Council's demands to help them in their centuries-old conflict, risking a war which might kill them all.

   Even if David manages to win, there's no guarantee the dragons will let him leave the region alive. They don't want the Kingdom of Shaylar to rise again and will stop at nothing to see it remain a pile of dust.                       
You can find A Dragon's Lament on Amazon for just $2.99 here.

Next, thanks so much to all of you who voted for me by "liking" my story and/or leaving comments at My piece, "Goodbye, Ursula: Chronicle of a Hysterectomy" won! WOOHOO!! There's no entry fee for these weekly contests. You need only be 40-65 years of age. Submit a short non-fiction story. See site link for details. This blurb is unsolicited. It was a very pleasant process, and I'm glad to promote it.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<@ 
Third, a story about my story: 
      I set out to attain a two-sided page draft of my novel, Woman on the Verge of Paradise. With 183 papers held together by a measly green rubber-band, I trekked to the nearest office supplies store. There, a competent professional with copy machine expertise would expeditiously create a two-sided copy for me. So I assumed.
    And I handed my doc to Supervisor Incomm Putunt (I.P., for short) at Staples. IP placed it in the feeder, pressed a button, then exclaimed,  "Oops! What's going on?" She waved over her colleague, Supervisor Comm Putunt (CP), for help. 
     Crap. Don't hurt my baby, I thought. Lots of years (2-1/2, though it feels like a lifetime) went into that one.
     CP approached the machine, pressed a button, and walked away.
     IP kept starting and stopping the copy process. She created a number of seemingly random piles with my doc, and my blood pressure surged toward unknown galaxies.
    "Is there a problem?" I asked.
    "Yes," IP responded. Sh*t! Nix my original plan of leaving the job to go for ice-cream at Baskin Robbins across the way.
     "What page was I on?" IP asked me.
     "I don't know. I'm the customer. You're making me a little bit nervous," I told her. 
     CP intervened again,...and again.
     CP told IP "I'm going on my lunch break." No! Don't go until I have my book back!
     Nearly half an hour after I'd walked in, the job was done. I went through page-by-page to make sure I had it all. I did, though several copies were shoddy, and edges had been chewed up. IP did not apologize. Per my insistence, though, she gave me a discount.
    I have everything backed-up in approximately 23 different ways (flash drive, hard copies at home, copies emailed to my writing partners...), so no harm was done, except that I'm still frazzled and in need of blood pressure meds. Also, I missed an opportunity for Baskin Robbins.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<<<@ Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. She made you miss chocolate ice cream and nearly destroyed your book? She should be flogged.
    Congratulations, River!

  2. Thanks so much for showing off my book, Robyn!
    Congrats on your story winning. :)
    That's a scary tale about your book. The IP should have had to buy you ice cream. I'm so glad you have it backed in many ways now!

  3. Congratulations to your friend River!

    And congratulations to you, as well, for your wining story, Robyn!

    I would have been quite nervous if that had happened to me at the copy shop. It seems to me that they should have done it over and done it right for you so none of the pages were shoddy or chewed up. You paid them to do a job. They should have done it! Glad you had it backed up, though.

  4. Congrats on the win, hmmm something evil should come to pass for that I think.

  5. Congrats on winning.

    River's cover is beautiful.

    I would've worried IP to death if she was handling my work like that.

  6. Oh, the anxiety. After all of that you NEEDED the ice cream!!!

  7. Congrats on her book release, and on your win! :)

    Thanks for sharing the book with us!

  8. Hooray for the talented River. And deserved congratulations on your story.
    And further congratulations that you didn't rend IP limb from limb.

  9. Rivers book sound great.
    I would be peeved if I missed out on ice cream!

  10. All the best to River. :-)

    Oh my word I don't know what I'd do if someone had to photocopy one of my books and screwed it up.

  11. Thank you all for your warm wishes! Squee and chocolate all around. :)

  12. Returning the visit (from way back in April)!

    Awesome job on the win! Good thing you had it backed up, but Baskin Robbins is definitely a good form of medication :D


    Writing Through College

  13. Congratulations to both of you. Take care.

  14. Lots of success River. Haven't started it yet, probably next.

  15. Maybe the manager, Agent D.A. (Agent Dumb Ass) should have been called to rectify the situation.

  16. Nothing more nerve shattering that when somebody messes with your baby. Glad to hear that it's in one piece and ready to rock the literary world! :-)

  17. Thank you, kind friends. River, we are all cheering you on.

    I'm still a bit frazzled. We get so attached to our babies, don't we? Damn idiots hired to work a copier, promoted to supervisor, yet fail to figure out how to work a copier.


  18. Best wishes to River!

    Robyn, I'm so over the top happy for you about winning!! You truly deserved it. You told a difficult tale with a smile. Go You!

  19. Hi human, Robyn,

    I know, I know, you've been wondering why I haven't visited.

    Well, all my diva dog duties determined delays.

    Congrats to my adoring fan, River. I pawdict big things with her latest jewel.

    Robyn, my human voted for you. He tells me he gets bonus cookies.

    My human missed Baskin Robbins, Robyn :)

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! xx

  20. Congrats to River! What a beautiful cover!

    Robyn, I'm so excited that Ursula won! You really wrote a touching story that deserved to win! Sorry how you almost lost your book at the copy store. Hope you had a double scoop to make up for it today. You are smart to have multiple copies, and I can't wait to read it!


  21. Congrats to River and congrats to you as well!
    Nice post Robyn...

  22. Congratulations to River and yourself!! I think I would have a hard time trusting anyone after that experience. And I would need lots of chocolate. Not cool!!