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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dreaminess: The Beginning of Woman on the Verge of Paradise

Hi. Happy June. I hope it's treating you well so far. 

To follow is the start of my novel, Woman on the Verge of Paradise, scheduled for publication by noon PST on a Tuesday sometime this millennium. For now, please enjoy.

PS I rarely curse here, but it makes for a more authentic read. So this time, no *s. No offense. Viewer discretion advised. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

          “Mmm, mm, oh this feels so good.”
          “You’re delicious,” he whispers. “I want to devour you tonight.”
          His brawny arms, luscious lips and tantalizing fingertips offer a bliss I’ve never known before. He’s unbelievably attentive, passionate and SO hot. Plus he’s all mine, right now, in my bed…heaven. I’ve put him off for so long and now I’m finally ready.
          “Mm, mm.  Yes, yes. I’m all yours.” 
          “Are you sure you’re ready darling?” 
          God he’s so caring, so sensitive and manly at the same time.
          “I’m sure. I want you. Take me all night long.”
          He smooths his heated palm along my face, his eyes ecstatically beaming. Our hearts race with excited passion. He pauses to reach towards the nightstand, Trojans in plain sight.
          My body jolts. My eyelids shoot open.
          Damn radio alarm!
          Why don’t you come to your
          You’ve been out riding
          I was trying to, until you rudely interrupted. Damnit! I can’t even get lucky in my dreams. He was such a good one too.  Would you shut the hell up!
          Oh you're a hard one.
         Sighing deeply, I labor to retrieve my breath. Refocus. It’s 7:34, no time for a cold shower. He’s gone. I’m a wreck.
          Reality ignites a few unpleasantries: “work,” “get up,” “go to” and “You’re still celibate. It’s been  -what?- eight years now?”
          You ain’t gettin’ no younger.        [[more here, but we'll cut to the final lines of the intro.]]
          Eyes wide open now, I head for reality. 
          But first, a brief detour.


  1. I really want to read this now Robyn, such a great introduction and I can tell that this book is going to be absolutely amazing. This book has been a long time coming and I can't wait to give it a read Robyn!

  2. Sounds exciting! And I admire your ability to put together a novel. I don't have the discipline for it!

  3. LOL had me going there for a second. Not even in your dreams? Sad.

  4. Alarm clocks suck and so does reality! Great start to the book, Robyn. I hope you'll be posting more?

  5. I love how awesome dreams are always interrupted by your alarm clock right before it gets really good, but when it comes to a horrific nightmare - better play that one out in its entirety.

    Scumbag brain.

    What a hell of a start! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  6. Sometimes, the only thing that will satisfy is a good "shit!"

    Oh, have I been there, wonderful dreams interrupted by reality and the hard cruel necessity of paying the rent.

  7. well, you know how much i love your wonderful sense of humour.
    and am always in awe of your writing skills.
    and had me going there..gosh.

    big hugs~


  8. Good thing those were Trojans in sight. Those Spartans can be sooooo tedious with their machismo, abs, and loincloths.

  9. Good point, Al. You can't be too safe with a Spartan.

    Thanks, Betty. Big hugs back to you.

    Bev, you always understand and I appreciate it.

    Thanks so much, BnB. Yeah, scumbag brain!

    Elsie, yeah, I'll post more here and there. I appreciate your stopping by. Good to see you.

    PatH, not even in my dreams, damnit!

    Plowing, I don't think I have the discipline either. That's why it's taking so long.

    JustKeepinItReal, it was until the damn radio alarm went off. =)

    Yeamie, thanks for your kind words. It means alot.

    Alex, ALWAYS. I'm tossed so many alarm clocks out the window. Not really, but I've wanted to.

    John, nah, they're miserable.

    Thank you, all.

  10. That would be one busted up alarm clock in my house lol.

  11. I have so much trouble writing love/sex scenes - you have nailed it.

  12. Dynamite scene. I trust you have plans to end her... um... "dry spell?"

  13. Eight years? Cold showers? Yikes, I would rather stay asleep. The alarm clock needs to be crushed.

  14. Oh how rude!! I hate when I wake up from the best dreams!!

  15. What a twist this blog has taken since I have so long been deprived. Good job Robyn...had me hangin'. Oop's

  16. I HATE getting up to an alarm clock.
    Wow! You are so funny Robyn!

  17. I am laughing loudly at your comments. Good stuff, my friends. Thank you!

    Theresa, yeah. It's probably a good thing I don't keep a hammer next to the alarm clock.

    Lisa, I only "nailed" this one because there was no actual "nailing." The alarm clock saved me from writing stuff I'm not so familiar with. =) Thank you, though.

    Susan, I - I mean "she" - has many plans to end the dry spell, but things rarely go as planned for me. I mean for her. Smiles.

    Cheryl, when I first wrote the scene I tossed the alarm clock out the window.

    BabySis, it is extremely rude. Like BnB said, too, the nightmares play out all the way.

    Chuck, LOL. Sorry to leave you hanging. I hope that problem is resolved. Great to see you back here, too. Thank you!

    I love ya, Pat. Thanks.


  18. Been AWOL for awhile. Read the last post and I'm glad to hear you're on the mend.Of course this post puts you on a totally different course, not autobiographical, I hope. Ha! Great scene. More please.

  19. I feel a TV series coming here!

    Hot writing, cool girl!

  20. It's always the good dreams that you get woken up!

  21. Greetings Robyn,

    Oh my and then you woke up. Of course, you did make a detour, didn't you.

    And your second illustrious commenter noted "That always sucks!!" However, being such a gentleman, I shall refrain from any innuendo :)

    Steamy stuff, Robyn. I must go back now to my orgy where several gorgeous ladies will tend to my every desire. And then I woke up!

    Gary :) x

  22. At you weren't dreaming about having chocolate cake.

  23. I always love these excerpts, and can't wait for the next one!


  24. Oh my God this is brilliant. Ho many times have I ended up there only to be interrupted by a hideous buzzing from my own alarm. Nothing like having your man open his mouth and all that comes out is "Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep."

  25. PTM, no but I devoured one after waking up from that dream.

    Julie, thanks so much. I've posted most of my favorite scenes but will dig up more. There are plenty.

    Melly, you make me LMAO. I'm very much flattered too, by the compliments from such a brilliant writer who does erotica so well. Thanks.


  26. Farawayeyes, oh no - fake cough, fingers crossed - not at all autobiographical. I really had to stretch my imagination to write this one. =)

    Jenny, sounds great, kinda like a Celibacy in Suburbia (vs Sex in the City) series. Thanks, hon. I really appreciate it.

    Ruth, ain't that the truth!?

    Gary, Hint: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT set the alarm clock!

    Thanks all. You've made me smile lots.