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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Woman on the Verge of Paradise: Pizza Delivery, Part I.

This series, written several months in retrospect, loosely follows from this post. Hint: “pizza” represents something else. 
We darted for the Tea Bar’s only vacant outside table.  Brandi placed her Iced Ginger Peach Tea aside my Chocolate Chai Frost and declared, “It's about time we caught up!”

“Okay.” I jumped right in. “So, I know I talk a big game about celibacy, and not wanting a man…” —I relaxed into my chair and sighed, the sun piercing my face—  “…Maybe it’s just the heat. But what I really want is ‘pizza,’ good ‘pizza’ before I die.”

“I hear you,” she nodded and clasped her glass. Orange-pink liquid surged up her straw, halted mid-stream, and shot back down. “Hold on! Why didn’t I think of this earlier, Robyn? I have a guy friend who wants ‘pizza’ with no string cheese.  He’s nice and normal too, wouldn’t give you anything to write about.”

“Sign me up!” I giddily devoured my frost, without noticing its taste.

Note to self: Psst, are you sure you want pizza with no string cheese?

Note in response to note to self: Did you say something? I wasn’t paying attention. Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!
The guy, hereafter named “Delivery Boy,” called a few days later. His voice was deep and decisive, the tone of a man smooth with take-out, yet respectful enough to not suggest Round Table for the first date. Instead, we made plans to meet at a local Starbuck’s that Thursday evening. 

To be continued.


  1. Just make sure you practice "safe" pizza. I crave pizza of the string cheese or no string cheese right now. As long as it's good pizza, I'm not picky. ha! I'll be patiently/impatiently waiting for your part two.

  2. Is that a 30 minutes or less, guaranteed, or it's free?

  3. Pizza with no string cheese? If Delivery Boy starts talking about his career in the adult entertainment industry...listen with interest.

  4. I'm sure they'll be lining up when they hear about your "no string cheese offer!" Hopefully, Delivery Boy will pepper you with both sweet and spicy! Have fun at Starbucks, and I can't wait to read all about it! Julie

  5. I'm not going to lie Robyn, I'm really excited to hear the next part of this haha, I hope that you right again soon. Despite this not really being about pizza it has made me really crave some!

  6. It's not delivery it's Starbucks? haha

  7. In this scenario what does it mean if you have a side of garlic knots?

  8. Yvonne, I'm with you - who cares whether the cheese is stringy.

    MsA, yes. For longer delivery times, you get more free pizza. What a deal.

    ADSL, thank you.

    GB, thanks for the warning.

    EmptyNest, thanks. This was written a few months after-the-fact. Oy vey.

    YW, I hope you get some good pizza (the real thing) soon.

    PatHatt, it's always ultimately about Starbuck's, right?

    PTM, ew. It's time to see a doctor, in that case.


  9. I was once an "Italian Food Transportation Representative."
    I really wish I had customers like you.

  10. LOL Pizz with no string cheese. Love it.

  11. But string cheese is the best part!! Oh, wait...we're not talking about the real string cheese, are we? ;)

  12. Life by Chocolate?
    That with Cho - Mack?
    There's a LA company with Tea Party - Texas , and they call it TEXCOCO .
    They also call it COCOK.
    Also , you can find it under COCONS.
    It's now OUTTE 'a the Woods.
    So is COCUK.

  13. I'll have what Anonymous is smoking.

    So would Little Caesar's "pizza, pizza" be a quickie??? Just checking

  14. No string cheese would fantastic, especially if he could deliver Chicago style pizza. ;)

  15. "No string cheese" so you're a gourmet and selective. I was in this place once too, craving pizza, and held out for 5 years, until I was fed a slice that wasn't as good as I had hoped.

    Good luck with your delivery.

  16. But why would you want someone who doesn't give you anything to write about?

  17. Al, represented the Italian sausage industry, did ya? I'm sure you did them proud and left your female customers smiling.

    Alex, thanks. It sounds good in theory, doesn't it?

    Ciara, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for visiting.

    BabySis, no, but real string cheese is the best part. Agreed. Smiles.

    Cocoa Puffs?
    I'm letting you stay, just don't be rude.
    Chuck and I will have what you're smoking, dude.

    Chuck, LOL. See above. Yeah, Little Cesar's would be there and gone before you know it.

    Melissa, Chicago style? Great idea! Those pizzas are hot, thick and delicious.

    AFare, I know what you mean. Pizza is often disappointing, especially after an extended period abstinence.

    Dawn, good question. Pizza is the answer.


  18. I never felt comfortable when that middle-aged lady with all those cats asked for "extra cheese."
    Said there'd be a big tip in it for me.
    I thought SHE was the one looking for a tip.

  19. LOL, Al, when a cat lady asks for extra cheese, run. Run fast and run hard. Shoot, I said "hard." Didn't I? It wouldn't matter, except that I said it to you.


  20. HA! I read part two first. NOW I GET IT! Too funny! Pizza with no string cheese is brilliant...

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