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Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Typical Date, A Saturday Centus

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words. Miss Jenny's also allowing a picture this week. As images wreak havoc with my blog-feed and I'd be hard-pressed to find one that fits my post, this one's photoless. The prompt is bolded below. Please enjoy. Check out the other pieces here and consider joining our fun class, if you haven't already.

Have a safe, relaxing weekend.  xo Robyn
My Typical Date

Three months into dating, dinner conversation was predictably mundane.

“How was your day?” preceded “I can’t believe this weather we’re having!” followed by complaints about digestive problems, back pains and foot fungus.

I needed to spice things up. “Henry, your 45th birthday’s just around the corner. How about going away for a weekend, just the two of us? We can zip to Tahoe, relax on the beach, wander though pine forests, stay in a cozy lodge for a night or two… ”

Shaking with trepidation, he places his fork down and turns to the woman glued to his right.

Mother may I?”


  1. There must be a Yiddish word for a mother like that.

  2. Oh my. That is funny. Makes me think of my mil and bil. He is divorced and lives back with her.

  3. That is brilliant! I love it. :-)

  4. Excellent and Hilarious Robyn !
    I would run like the wind from that mundane Mama's boy after that conversation !!!

  5. Wow! This was hilarious! Great play on words, by the way!

  6. Oh does he get to go?!! This was such fun!

    You may like to have a go at this one!Still 100 words.

  7. Robym, I'd laugh, but this probably really happened, didn't it?

  8. So just what is the Yiddish word for this guy's mother?? I have a word for him--shlemazl! Great post, Robyn!!! xoxoxxo

  9. hahahaha, hahahaha, snort, hahahahaha.

    She needs to get out of that one and fast.

    Oh my gosh. that was so freaking funny

  10. I think that's a sign you need to run like the wind away from him and his mother, ha, ha, ha. Clever centus.

  11. oh thank you for the great big laugh!!! how did you know i was in such need of a chuckle!!! I loved this Robyn!

  12. GB and Judie, good point. There must be a word but I'm not sure there is one. I think she's your typical stereotypical Jewish mother.

    Thanks, Ruth. We all know a mama's boy.

    Susannah, thanks.

    Nonna, yeah, I - er, she - really should have.

    Yvonne, thanks. Have you dated him too? I ask because we seem to attract the same types (e.g., prisoners, mamas' boys...).

    jfb, thanks. I think one centus is enough for me but thanks for the link.

    Alex, LOL, you know me too well. Let's just say that Henry's resemblance to a man I actually dated is not a mere coincidence.

    Judie, you're good. He is a shemazl! Can I appoint you an honorary Jew? You've got the spunk, heart and lingo.

    Lisa, thank you.

    Dazee, I'm honored to make you laugh-snort.

    Thanks, Viki and beckyp.

    Jo, so glad to meet your needs for laughter.

    Kal, thank you, friend.

    MamaZen, I appreciate it and am glad you stopped by again.


  13. Oh no! That's just too funny!..and she'll probably tell him, No! you may not!

  14. RUN! Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Just run, as fast as you can!

  15. heehee

    You are a riot, Robyn.


  16. too funny Robyn - kep up the dating stories David x

  17. Funny :-)

    So much story in so few words. :-)

  18. I know people like that do exist. A mother whose son would not even have a conversation with his girlfriend without checking with her swears that it is him and not her control. She says that she wants him to be independant so she can finally do her thing but no - - he wants her say in every thing. So who is responsible? I mean for grown up babies? I wouldn't know. I wonder what the research says.

  19. Oh how funny! I am laughing out loud. (What nerve your character has to suggest it in front of his mother!) Well done. laurie

  20. Ah my ex husband to the boot, well most Indian men and mothers, I well crafted my friend...I wanted to hold back visiting till I posted mine but then couldn't resist. You make me feel happier with each visit. ;D

  21. Was mother still alive, or was this a date with Norman Bates?

    She wouldn't need to order dinner, as she was 'stuffed'!

    Great job!

  22. Hahahahahahaha. Sad for you, but HILARIOUS!! Thanks for that.

  23. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! Freaking hilarious! You're brilliant xo

  24. Ha ha ha! You make me laugh, girl!! The sad thing is, you've probably dated a few of these types...but the good thing is, you can probably smell one from a mile away now! LOL!

  25. Karen, you're probably right and he'll be relieved when she says "No."

    Ms.A, good advice. Thanks.

    Thanks Sue!

    David, I guess I will. There seems no shortage of fodder. Thanks.

    KC, I appreciate it.

    Munir, thanks for visiting. I blame the parents, though a grown man is a grown man - supposedly!

    Laurie, glad to make you laugh out loud.

    Rek, it's a cross cultural phenomenon? Even worse. Thanks, friend.

    June, great question. Scary too. I didn't think about the Norman Bates angle.

    BabySis, my pleasure.

    Marnie, glad to make you laugh. It's probably an Italian dynamic too, yes? ;-}

    Marlene, thanks, hon. Yeah, of course I didn't have to stretch the truth very far with this one. Oy vey!


  26. Still - and always - your words serve as a warning as to my ever venturing into the world of dating... ;)

  27. Sorry to burst in here Robyn but I just have to say that 'gautami tripathy' is the best name I have ever heard.

  28. Hahaha I can see that you are starting to miss the beach, Robyn!

  29. Bahahahahaha!! Even whem the mother isn't there... she's there!

  30. I read this several times and laughed each time!

    Brilliant and funny and clever and fun!

    I really love what you did with the prompt here.

  31. Glad to make you laugh and I'm sorry to scare you, Beth.

    Kal, it's a great name and her writing's wonderful.

    Nadeem, yes, I need some beach.

    Be well, kind friends.