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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Sidewalk Cafe, A Saturday Centus

As provided by our wonderfully unpredictable Saturday Centus mentor, Jenny Matlock, this photo's our weekly prompt. Alas, we can use up to 100 words again. I hope you enjoy (?) my offering. Please don't  lose your appetite. Also, check out the other writing pieces through Jenny's blog. You'll be glad you did. 

Have a shvitz*-free weekend. xo Robyn
Welcome to
The World’s Only True SIDEWALK CAFÉ

Where the toast’s rather toasted
Hot links, super hot.
Coffee’s fully roasted
Cold o.j. is not (cold)
Hash browns are hash blacks
You can take ‘em to go
Fruit salad’s like soup
We suggest that you blow.
The eggs are well boiled
Even when they’ve been fried
The bacon keeps bakin’
(Always a great side.)
So nosh while you shvitz*
And shvitz while you pay.
Curbside seating for all

Open weather permitting (Must be at least 95◦F or 35◦C).

*Yiddish for sweat like a (kosher) pig.


  1. Sounds like every sidewalk cafe on the east coat in July/Aug! Shvitz... is there something wrong with sweating like a pig:@) Happy Weekend!

  2. Robyn,

    I love our Sidewalk Cafe! None of it seems tasty, but there's something perversely appealing about it. Great Centus!


  3. That is sooo cute! I loved it. I could see eggs frying on my sidewalk. Love learning the word shvitz, too.

  4. Hi, darlin', this is waaay cute. You ARE a writer!!
    Now, if you will excuse me..I am going in the kitchen, make a HUGE batch of FUDGE, with PECANS...and check to make sure i have a glass of icy cold milk. :)))

    O, and I am signing up to might have a chocolate post sometime and I dang sure don't wanna miss it.
    You think YOU live by chocolate..well, meet ME !!:))
    XO bj

  5. very, very, very good.

    It actually kind a made me want to visit there.

  6. Very clever poem with lots of sizzle! I'm sure the meals are simmered in shvitz too! Julie

  7. What a jolly piece. I love the way you kept the hot theme going right through & the sort of effect that heat like that would have. Really enjoyed reading this!

  8. LOL...we had the same idea! Great post!

  9. Robyn, this is spectacular! The title is clever, and the Jewish inflection sublime...Peace and blessings my friend...

  10. Excellent Robyn !

    You have crafted a true view of every sidewalk cafe breakfast, can almost taste the overdone, crispy goodness of it all ( and our overcooked airport breakfast on my header too ). I love that you infused the yiddish Shvitz into your poem along with hot sausage links for breakfast...oh, the irony !

  11. Seems like an Ad for every food joint with crappy food and crappier service...if we add a yo and then we can even get Diddy to sing along....hilarious, impeccable piece de resistance.

  12. sounds like the hottest little sidewalk cafe in town! (oh that was so bad ... groan ...) This was quite hilarious! Somehow this is much more appealing than just the egg frying on the sidewalk, i almost want to eat here!

  13. Jo, no, I really liked it. I think I'll use it as a slogan when I decide to open this cafe.

    Thanks, all.

    Stay cool and may the shvitzing be limited to a mere moist glow.


  14. This was so much fun! I loved reading it :)

  15. Great poem...your blog looks so lovely! So glad I came back again!

  16. That's great. Recently they showed a NYC street with an egg trying to fry on it. They were able to heat up a frozen mac and cheese as well. Ha ha!

  17. Dear Robyn,
    What a fun, clever and somewhat yucky poem! Even a little Yiddish thrown in!

    Here, I've been shvitz-ing buckets, not because it has been so terribly hot, but because I have been lifting boxes and have finally moved all my stuff to the new apartment.

    Thank you for your kind words about my SC-post. I use my characters when they fit the prompt, but there is no time-order. If I were to write a novel with these people I would have to re-arrange the order of these little stories. (But I doubt that I would use these stories. The texts with prompts are just exercises.)

    I am very late in commenting. Trying to catch up before the new assignment!

    Bless you, Robyn!
    Hugs from
    For the benefit of other readers:
    'John Tell, expert on tourism' Anna's SC wk 65

  18. Holy cow!

    This was fabulous!

    Absolutely and totally fabulous!

    What creative imagery you have shared her.

    I'm totally smiling over the wonderful (and hot!)journey you took on his here!

    I am a fan!

  19. Thanks Jenny and everyone. The love goes both ways.
    Stay cool.