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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Basics: CHOCO-QUIZ TIME!

Hi students. Thanks for coming to class today. Now, don’t leave. You’ll miss the fun. Besides, Bruno’s blocking the doors. He'll let you escape once you've turned in your answer sheet. So take out your #2 pencils and stop whining. It’s time for a test.

Cheating will not be tolerated. That is, you may not do any research or copy your classmates’ answers. When you’re finished, place your test in the comment box or, if you prefer, send it to my email via my profile page.

Don’t worry, I’ll grade this on a curve. Nothing personal, but I expect the curve will be very, very low.

I will also have this test available for at least a couple days, for your more “special” (shall we say?) peers.

The highest scoring student will receive glorious reward and recognition for their choco-smarts. Any questions? I didn't think so. Here we go. Quiet now. Good luck!
1) All of the following are movies (though, reportedly bad ones) EXCEPT:

   a) Blood and Chocolate
   b) Pilates and Chocolate
   c) Sinfully Chocolate
   d) Swiss Chocolate: Eye Candy to Die For

2) All of the following are characters in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory EXCEPT:

   a) Grandma Josephine
   b) Slugworth
   c) Mike Teavee
   d) Grandpa Joe
   e) Violet Beauregard

3) Which candy is made of “two great tastes that taste great together”?

4) All of the following are songs (though, probably bad ones, especially if I’m the singer) EXCEPT:

   a) Chocolate on My Tongue
   b) Chocolate Rain
   c) The Chocolate Song
   d) Don’t Touch My Chocolate!

5) True or False: The red dye used for M&Ms made in the US (Allura Red AC), is banned in Austria and  much of Europe.

6) To avoid chocolate that’s been tainted by child labor abuses, it’s safest to:

   a) Avoid chocolate that originated from West Africa’s Ivory Coast
   b) Boycott Hershey’s altogether
   c) Buy fair trade or organic chocolate
   d) All of the above
   e) A and C

7) My blog button (precious chocolatey nephew, Jeremy) has accurately been captioned with what statement:

   a) “Wild about chocolate pudding!”
   b) “Now what’s for dinner now, Auntie Robyn?”
   c) “The dangers of entrusting babysitting duties to Auntie Robyn”
   d) “Auntie and I made chocolate cake and ate all the batter.”

8) All of the following are true regarding the Mo’s Dark Bacon Bar pictured above EXCEPT:

   a) It’s gluten free
   b) Its cholesterol content is 13%
   c) It’s packaged with 100% recycled paperboard
   d) It really does contain bacon

9) True or False: For approximately 25% of chocolate’s history, it was a sugarless beverage.

10) True or False: Gregory Peck was originally chosen to play Grandpa Joe in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, but he died before filming began.

11) EXTRA CREDIT ~ Give me three 4 (or more)-letter words spelled with the letters in “chocolate”. You may not use: words your classmates already listed, proper nouns, or letters twice (except “c” or “o”, of which there are two).

Thank you for taking the test, dear. Have a great recess. Answers and grades will be announced shortly. (You know what to bribe me with, right? Wink, wink.) Run along now!


  1. Damn! I don't know the answers to any of these and I'm not going to annoy teacher by guessing! Let me try to get some extra credit instead:

    achoo (sounds of a sneeze)
    cheat (something I didn't do)
    teach (something you didn't do before setting this test, ma'am)

  2. REESE'S CUPS!!! Chocolate Baseball Players wear them!

    Love you sweet lady!

    Just LOVE you,


    Oh-- I only had a number 3 pencil----


    Great post- and I fixed your title!!!!

    Picky, so and so.......Give ya an award and you ....aww--who am I kidding--I could never be mad with you! Mad about YOU--Yes--with You--NO!



  3. OK I bombed out from the first question! I know this will shock you, but I'm just not that passionate about chocolate! lol - thank goodness you are and I can read all about it on your posts!

  4. Crap, I think I only know half of those...

  5. I'm sorry, what? There was mention of chocolate, and everything went dark for a bit...


  6. Never tried the chocolate covered bacon, though I've seen it on Food Network shows.

    I do LOVE some great chocolate, and the BEST on the planet can be found a





  7. I need some samples to get my brain really working.

  8. Pencil?
    What's a pencil?
    I smell bacon.

  9. Sending my wrong answers now...

  10. Thank you, thank you, Cheeseboy!

    I see the rest of you need some encouragement. Darn standardized tests. [I'd have no clue either, but if you take guesses, you will be among the best in class. Guaranteed.]

    Okay, I'll post answers tomorrow, and we'll pretend this never happened. Blame it on the CA school system's lack of funding.

    Keep quiet, please. A few determined kids are trying to work here.

    xo Miss Robyn

  11. Sorry - no answers sidetracked from the picture of the bacon bar and had to eat an entire Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt bar. Now I'm feeling guilty and fat and am too depressed to sit and ponder question about more chocolate.

  12. Ms Robyn, my brain hurts, so I'm just going to guess

    1) C
    2) A
    3) Reese Peanut Butter Cups
    4) D
    5) True
    6) C
    7) B
    8) B
    9) True
    10) True
    11) cool late hoot tool

  13. All wild guesses
    1 C
    2 B
    3 pass
    4 D
    5 false
    6 E
    7 C
    8 B
    9 true
    10 true
    11 locate, colate, colt
    hope the teacher isn't too unhappy. :)

  14. 1)b
    2)Um... I thought they all were. I guess A
    3)Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Also Chocolate trout.
    5)True (he said hesitantly, trying to remember what that article he scanned awhile back regarding dyes was about, before shaking his head sadly because it was about ADHD and not about banning)
    9)Sound like it should be true.
    10)False. Gregory Peck is still alive and hiding out with Elvis!
    11)Latch, Catch, Tale, Teal, Leach, Letch, teach, tale, coal, cocoa (last one seems appropriate no?)

    I feel rusty. Too much alphabet, not enough chocolate.

  15. !!! I love chocolate, and I don't know one single answer...I hang my head in shame, while keeping an eye our for chocolate covered bacon...mmmmmm....bacon!! Is google a no no?

  16. Ok here we go.

    1. B
    2. C
    3. Don't know
    4. A
    5. True
    6. E
    7. D
    8. A
    9. True
    10. False.

  17. Maaah brain is mush. And now I crave chocolate. And there is NONE in the house. NOT GOOD.

  18. When it comes to chocolate, all I know is that I love it... I'm sure I got at least one or two correct! Tough...

    1. a
    2. b
    3. Reese's PBC
    4. d
    5. true
    6. C
    7. c
    8. a
    9. true
    10. false
    11. hole, halt, hoot, loot, teal, coal, cale, chat, hale late, tale, hate, lace, latch. (I know there are more)

  19. Sorry, Marnie. No googling in class. Save that for band camp.

    To those of you who gave this your best, great work. I'm really impressed with your answers and bravery. At this point, it's a tie for the lead...Stay tuned. Good work! Have a great evening and I won't give you any homework tonight.

    xoMiss Robyn

  20. I'm no good Under PRESSURE!!!!!ok I'm calm now


    phew I hope I passed, crossing my fingers 'cause I didn't study! Blessings, Joanne

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  22. awesome post!

    bacon and chocolate?

    Hmmm well if I tried chilli and chocolate I can try bacon and chocolate.

    anything with chocolate, right?

  23. bacon and chocolate? sounds a little weird. anyway, i just adore chocolate.

    your post was a pleasure to read!

    betty xoxo

    p.s. damn it! i don't know the answers to any of these. :(

  24. I didn't realize just how much I DON'T know till I read this. Thank you for making me aware of my ignorance!

    I am back from vacation and sassier than ever!

    I miss you Robyn!


  25. I'm sorry I missed this test. I was busy taking other tests for school and I know that this one is more important but my professors told me not to.

    I was sooooooo busy but now school is out for summer. Mmmm bacon chocolate.