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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year End Top 20 Comments, Starring YOU!

   As we bid farewell to 2014, the cast and crew of Life by Chocolate thank you for another year of friendship, laughter, caring, and silly banter. It was an amazing year, and you’ve supported me through it all. Much gratitude. I’m looking forward to continued, new, and renewed blogland connections in 2015.
   Now, let’s look back. I reviewed your comments and chose my favorite 20. Please don’t be hurt if you didn’t make the cut. I still love you. You’re just more stable than the majority of my viewing audience. 
   Note that these aren’t really ordered, but the last three (numbers 1-3) are my favorites. What is/are yours?
   Have a wonderful, safe New Year's, and enjoy!

20) Bossy Betty You say "Cow Pelvis" to me and I'll go anywhere.

19) A Beer For The Shower She's pretty smug for an undercooked slab of bacon. And am I the only one who was surprised that Macaulay went down so easily? It's like he didn't even try to elaborately boobytrap the stage so that a can of paint swinging from the ceiling hit Miss Piggy right in her ladybits.

18) HermanTurnip that "platypus'" or "platypuses"? It's similar to "Lexus'" and "Lexuses"...I'm just not sure. It's these sorts of things that keep me up at night.

17) Kim Van Sickler I think I would have been staring at her horny grinding pads.

16) Debra She Who Seeks I laughed so hard I wet my granny panties!

15) (Terry) My Journey With Candida Well get your bad self out there and find a REAL MAN now that the little weenie is out of your life.
14) Fredulous Yo The guy who diagrammed his inner ear on a napkin sounds like my type.

13) Optimistic Existentialist I tried to replicate that George pose once, and they arrested me for crimes against humanity.

12) Melissa There's always lambskin. LOL

11) Janie Junebug I like men who giggle about masturbation.

10) Pickleope Von Pickleope I am intensely jealous. But hey, people should be showering you with gifts. If people want to send me gifts, please send them to:
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
I may have said too much and given away my identity.

9) Alex J. Cavanaugh Breasts...Sorry, completely distracted there!
8) Birgit With all the things I have done ( recently going to work with a hole in my pants for all to see) I don't feel embarrassed too much any more.
7) Mitchell is Moving Something you may not know (although I have a feeling you've got experience): If you crawl under a table to pick something up, you should crawl back out before you stand up.

6) Pat Hatt Sometimes the slow way is the way to go. But if that fails, you could fill in for those birds on the Windex commercials.

5) Michael D'Agostino Maybe I should start my own talk show. Mine would be more of a philosophic, "David Frost in the 70s, holding a cigarette and burrowing into the head of his subject" kind of interview. You know what I mean?

4) Robin He has nice... hands.

3) Stephen Hayes I have a black garbage sack that makes me look alluring, if I do say so myself.

2) Ken Lynch A Valentine's Haiku
                Flowers, chocolates sweet
                Lovers stroll on the Ginza
                       Oh, no! Godzilla!

AND THE #1 Comment of the Year at Life by Chocolate: CWMartin Try waking up at 5 AM with a roaring hangover, the kind that every breath carries the threat of nausea and every move is a headache of its own, stagger back to your bedroom from the bathroom and walk into the bedroom door edge on. With your eyes closed. That's when you realize that all those stars and planets that Elmer Fudd saw when the anvil hit weren't made up.
Congratulations, Chris! Sorry there's no prize. Play again next year.
And just for fun, THE WORST COMMENT OF THE YEAR:  
Have you been thinking about the power sources and the tiles whom use blocks
   What the *bleep*? Oh, I got it. You mean the NSA and Donald Trump and the blockheads on Gumby whom slide across the floors despite having no feet or knees or—not that I was looking, but— genitalia? Nah, never gave it a thought.


  1. Fun reading your favorite comments. Can't believe I'v made the list.

  2. I'm stoked I made the list! This post is going straight to the pool room!

  3. OMG, first I get 3rd most comments on one blog, and now #1 comment here! I am sincerely very, very honored. It is good to know that such an extremely painful experience has borne fruit at last.

    But before I go, let me point out one assailable fact- truly great comments cannot be made without a great blogger writing the post in question. Have a wonderful NYE and 2015!

  4. I have no memory of writing that. It must have been some other Janie Junebug.


  5. Hopefully, I'll have my half of a wit turned on at the right time and tickle your fancy (not THAT fancy) with dazzling repartee. To make your top twenty would be an honor indeed! Congrats to the top twenty!

  6. Congrats to the top twenty - and to the inspiration for their comments.
    And a laughter (and chocolate) filled year for everyone.

  7. Those comments are a riot!!! lmao Happy New Year Robyn! Looking forward to sharing 2015 with you!

  8. Writing about a puppet's ladybits? Yeah, that sounds like something I'd do. I'm honored to have made this list, and in reading those other comments, I believe I've wet my OWN granny panties with laughter. This is such a cool idea for a post. One I wish I could steal but cannot in good conscience.

  9. You know I was feeling a little hurt, but then I saw that Al didn't make the list either. He's gonna have a fit when he finds out that Ken guy beat him out of the running. Love the "granny panties!" These were all fun! Have a happy and healthy New Year, dear Robyn!


  10. Happy New Year, Robyn! The comment from the web design company in India would be pretty intriguing if I knew what the hell they were talking about. I may pay them a visit and tell them that I'm thinking about what they thought you were thinking about!

  11. This could also have been titled "Out of Context Theatre". These were hilarious. My personal favorite was the haiku. I'm thankful and surprised to have made the top and grateful that I didn't make the dishonorable mention. May your New Year be filled with further opportunities for erotic poetry.

  12. These are hilarious. Even better when read out of context!

  13. haha those are great indeed and we made the list this year, yippeee for me.

  14. Hahaha! Love these. I guess I'm a stable one since I have not made the cut. I'll have to do better next year :)

    Happy New Year, Robyn!

  15. Hey, I made the cut!
    Keith's is a riot.
    And I don't ever want a hangover that bad...
    Happy New Year, Robyn!!

  16. Number fourteen represent. He did sound like my type though.

  17. Well, WoW.. I made the cut. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.. Hope you have a Happy New Year!! 2015 is going to bring you some Happy Times!!

  18. Oooh, what a hangover. Like the comments, Alex's was my favourite.

  19. That was a great post - I enjoyed reading your favourite comments.

    Happy New Year - Cheers, Jenny

  20. Oh wow I made the cut! The pants went bye bye and I have seen the Elmer Fudd stars more than once

  21. Happy, Happy, Sweet, Safe New Year's, my dear sillies.
    George is going to be here momentarily for a NYE dinner.
    I'll visit you all asap.

  22. Oh Robin - you have quite a following. Great comments on great blog posts. I truly look forward to your 2015. Health and happiness my friend. All the best

  23. Happy New Year, Robyn! I hope that 2015 absolutely rocks for you!

  24. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best for 2015!

  25. Haha! Your readers, like you, make me laugh. :D Happy New Year, Robyn!

  26. Sometimes the comments are just as fun as the post! Glad Keith didn't show us his George pose. That's not an image I want seared into my brain ever!

  27. Ha! A hilarious 2014! And I, too, get such intelligent commentary from the "Web Design Company of India" and the like.
    Happy New Year, my friend!

  28. Wait! There was a post about breasts!!?? Musta been too busy mast...watching the news.

  29.! Wishing you a very happy New Year!

  30. Hey Robyn,

    I seem to be so far behind that I end up commenting on this post from the other side of 2014 which I suppose means I commenting from 2015.

    Great selection of comments, I must say. Now, I'm not one to possibly say that the comments are often better than the post! :)

    Have a lovely New Year, my dear friend.

    Gary :)

  31. This is awesome... love the comments and sense of fun! Just found your blog, so happy to have stumbled across you. I will be back!

  32. Wonderfully funny collections of comments. My favorite is from Alex . . . it just made me laugh.

  33. Those are all awesome. I think Betty's is my favorite, and number 6. Hilarious. Happy New Year!