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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charlie's Scribes Sweeten the Stage

While I'm on vacation, Charlie's Scribes,* busy as they are, have very enthusiastically and for little or no money (it would be the latter) stepped to center stage with a sweet, witty dose of chocolate craze blended with Oirish accents, self imposed chocibacy, and a reference to Mini-Alex.

* Elizabeth Seckman, Tammy Thieralt, and Mark Koopmans.

Mark is sexy in a coconut bra and grass skirt, right? He's also a great sport and had no idea I'd post this photo. Love you, MK! Wink.

Thank you, Scribes. You're more than awesome.
Thank you, my loyal and silly readers.  I adore you too!
Enjoy this post. It brings so many cleverly disguised forms of chocolate goodness.
I'll be back in circuit sometime next week (3/26 or so).

It was a dark and velvety stormy night. I heard the cries and knew Chocó Man had expired.

“Tammy, stop the screaming. What’s de matter?” I said, from my Hershey Street office (where I’d passed the bar.) “How are ye, Robyn. Listen, you know I’m like your Batman as Chocó Man is – was – to his SugarDaddy… but now he’s gone!!”
Tammy wailed again like a banshee who’d stubbed her toe. “Sweet Jaysus, I already talked to Ferrero and Rocher. What are we gonna do?”
“We need to figure why we’re talkin’ in Oirish accents,” I said, sipping a hot chocolate while Everyone’s A Winner” played on the “grandma-phone.” (I’d owned the ancient Motorola since Easter Eggs were hip, and loved to flip the phone open like I was cool like an After Eight mint.)
“Ah go on, don’ be messin’ wit’ me. Oi’m not talkin’ with a bleedin’ Oirish accent. Wait a mo…. Liz just waltzed in.”
“Not a bother.” I tuned into Chox News. Bill O’Cadburys had finished a dark segment, so I grabbed the remote to catch the latest from The Factory.
“…Witnesses report Chocó Man was the victim of a senseless beating that involved three large eggs of the underworld,” O’Cadbury said, wearing his usual dark, Swiss suit. “Police don’t know what to bake of the situation, but ask citizens to assist with individual pieces (not meant for resale) of information.”
I sighed. How O’Cadbury never melted under pressure was a mystery to me.
A screech from the phone broke my reverie. Liz had talked this whole time.“Look, Robyn, I’ve made this voodoo doll for Mark,” said the wee wan. “I’ll Sweet you a picture, ‘cos I stuck a pin near his vocal chords. Perhaps that’s why yez are all talkin’ with mad Dublin accents.”
I reSweeted the pic to my indulgent followers. Would they Sees how the miniature doll could strike fear and heartburn into the likes of Mini-Alex.
“Whadareyetalkin’about,” said Tammy, leaving me to ponder a new, dark roll. Was Charlie’s Scribes using me as a Tootsie to pin the entire meltdown on me?
“Tammy, it’s Saint Paddy’s Week,” said Liz, “Robyn can pick any day to post. We’ll be fresh, delicious and within our expiration date.”
“I thought it was St. Patty’s Day,” said Tammy, as she waited for her sandwich in Ghirar’ Deli’s.
“Here, Robyn… where’s Mark with his Chocolate Bra and Drizzle Skirt?”
“Oh no,” I said, breaking my self-imposed vow of Chocibacy. “It was him all along! I should have known. I’ll text him. It’s not as if he’s on Mars or playing with the Skittles.”
Kit-Kat1: Aloha, Tolberone0420. Mark, did u know Chocó Man is dead?
Tolberone0420: Sweet.
As the realization set in, the tooth hurt. I Nestléd my head on an arm and brushed Lindt from my sweeter. 
It was a dark day, to be shure, to be shure.                                 

If you know someone who needs literary assistance from Charlie’s Scribes, please shoot Bosley an email at


  1. Looks like Mark is having way to much fun over there.

  2. Oh boy... I am *never* going to live this one down (reaches for the M&Ms :)

    Have fun, Robyn, and enjoy your down time:)

  3. I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but that have been a little too chocolatey for me. *gasp* Maybe if I reread it and replace each chocolate reference with cheese... ;)

  4. This post had so much going on. I think I have to reread it super slow next time. Or maybe it was all that insane scribe goodness? Mark you definitely went for the limit with that picture. Like Mike from Monster's University "You're Fearless." At least enough to wear that get up and post it online.

  5. Some of the best things in life are chocolate. Most of the best things in life are chocolate. Or should be.

  6. He doesn't scare me!
    Wait, that outfit just might...
    Hilarious, guys.

  7. Sounds like chocolate covered nuts to me.

  8. Gosh there, humans n'stuff,

    Choco Man meet Chico Chick, methinks.

    Tammy, Elizabeth and the dude who smokes grass skirts, aren't we having fun?

    And no, you cannot pimp my blog. Sometimes, when he behaves, I let my human pawst on my site. That's about it! :)

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny and the Alphabark Challenge 2014! :)

  9. That's quite the outfit. He's really rocking that coconut bra.

  10. Why is Mark selling strange looking coconuts?
    What a bunch those three Scribes are. They're bananas!
    They go well with the all the choc-chocs, though, and those Irish accents are ... lol ... brilliant!

  11. haha wow, quite the display with chocolate by the mountains

  12. Reading this really put me in a mood for a Hot Toddy. 'Scuse me whilst I go poking around the kitchen cabinets to see if we have the makings...

  13. @Crystal: I think you made a Gouda comment, and I'm happy if we nearly made you come over to the dark side :)

    @Sheena-kay: I really had no idea Robyn was going to use that picture (it only went up two days ago :) Fearless, perhaps not... senseless, more like it :)

    @Elephant's Child: I would tend to agree and only add that some of the best things come in small packages - not meant for individual resale:)

    @Stephen: Chocibacy is not meant for everyone - including me :)

    @Alex: Glad to see the outfit had the right impact. If you ever need a fitting (those Ninja jammies must get boring,) just let me know:)

    @Jo: *FUNNIEST* comment of the day goes to you :)

    @Penny/Gazza: C'mon, Penny... ya gotta let me guest pimp your blog at least once :)

    @Jojo: Thanks, but I may be grounded for a month :)

    @Fanny: Ah shure, ye know how it is with the Oirish on St. Paddy's Day... never mind the bleedin' chocolates, life is like a box of cider :)

    @Pat: Making you laugh means a lot, 'cos you're funny like a mad (Easter) bunny :)

    @Herman: Hope you found the ingredients for your Hot Toddy :)

  14. Lots of chocolately fun here, lol. :D

  15. Have fun, Robyn!

    Mark, you are one hot hola girl. Then again, I'm sure you've heard that a dozen times already.

  16. Well Robyn .. your guesters are more than capable of getting a girl to her knees for more velvet cream ... when are you back?! Enjoy your break and they've covered your bases for you .. and your place with a smearing of gooooey chocolate ...

    Fun - loved it .. cheers Hilary

  17. It should be noted...Charlie's Scribes are available for guest posting...with or without the sexy hot likeness of Mr. Koopmans ;)

  18. Reading this made me really look forward to tomorrow. I will be popping open the chocolate flavored coffee creamer.... yummy. Great job guys!

  19. Mark should pose more often like this :)

  20. What a cute and very clever story! He's looking hawt in his Hawaiian getup. His Mounds look much better in the coconut bra then mine ever would!

  21. I got quite a few chuckles from this post.

    I also got a JPEG file titled 'Koopmans Blackmail.'
    *evil laugh*

  22. So many chocolate references!! I'm not sure what to do with myself...take a chocolate bath probably.

    Have fun, Robyn!!

  23. Yeah, I think you're in trouble for that picture. But it's great!

  24. I don't think Mark minded wearing the chocolate bra and grass skirt, but using Tammy as a Tootsie was going a bit too far! Although, the act of "Chocibacy" sent shivers down me spine! You Ding-Dongs really made me "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"


  25. Wow, I'm just sad I got to the party late (even the spammer above beat me). :(

    I brought the Malibu Rum, someone wanna pass me a Coconut Bra? These things aren't gonna hold themselves up.

  26. He's definitely rocking the Hawaiian get-up. :)

    Waving hello from Pat's place. He's talking about you over there (just good stuff). ;)

  27. Love the picture! lol Does he know you posted it now?

  28. Hi my sillies!

    I heard all the raucous and I'm back to clean up this *licking chocolate off of my shoes* mess.

    Oy, this could take a while. What's this coconut training bra doing hanging on the lampshade? MARK!!!


  29. Good job to all you. That was a funny read. So much choc-o-late!

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