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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Birds and Panty Liners: Sundays in My City

 Unknown Mami
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I just toured my hometown of Chico, CA in search of Cinco de Mayo festivities. I found none, and DuPont was in hiding. Darn the luck. Then it hit me: what was I thinking? DuPont and his entourage will be celebrating after 5pm in the local bars. Until then, it's just another quiet Sunday.  More exciting photos can be found at UnknownMami's Sundays in My City here. I've a few random shots for you.
Trivial facts about the peacock:
  • Peacocks are polygamous. The male generally attracts a harem of 2 - 5 females.
  • Only a peacock (male), and not a peahen (female) has a colorful train.
  • A peahen chooses her mate based on the the size, color, and quality of their trains.
I've seen many a peahen around here, and only one peacock. I think he's been busy. And happy.
Note: I'll leave the "cock" jokes to someone else, since I don't work well with cocks. (Al Penwasser? Pat Hatt? BnB? Someone else?)
$1 for treats? I rushed over to the bin. Well, it's a good price, but I don't think I'd like the taste of panty liners. Someone who loves Milanos is going to be real disappointed when they bite into these.
Photo taken at a favorite local convenience store, whose name shall remain undisclosed for their protection. Some time after I took this shot, though, the astute folks at Rite Aid moved signs to their proper locations. 

Just a pretty photo of geese wishing you a happy Cinco de Mayo and new week.

Thank you for visiting. Be well!


  1. That last shot is really nice!
    Don't think I'll be snacking on those either.
    And funny how the looks are reversed in humans. (Because really, dudes are just not half as attractive as ladies.)
    HA! Take that Google Reader. I found Robyn's post without your lousy help.

  2. I guess I will go somewhere else if I want a cock joke. In this day age, I won't have to travel very far. Happy Cinco De Mayo.

  3. wow, love that peacock. and the ducks!

    have a great remainder of your weekend, dear robyn!


  4. These facts about peacocks are so cool Robyn haha despite the randomness. That's true about Du Pont and Cinco de Mayo too, I know that it's a huge day in California, they're saving him for then! Hopefully it's a great day for the entire country.

  5. I never knew that about Peacocks.

    I'd leave those jokes for those "man boys" too. They are quite clever when it comes to those kinds of things.

  6. Bah the cat is too cocky to even give such a cock joke a head cock. But then the peacock sure is the head cock.

  7. I think birds should wear panty liners, especially when they're on a twig right above my car.

  8. I took a photo of an albino peacock a couple of weeks ago but it turned out fuzzy :( They are interesting creatures!

    Yeah, I'll skip those snacks too! :)

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  9. Birds and panty liners?
    Whatever they need to stay fresh, I suppose.

  10. So DuPont let us down today, huh?

  11. Pretty peacocks can attract the ladies by the numbers, huh? Seems the same in the human species as well. Good looking men can be a a magnet for women.

    Love the pictures especially the last one.

  12. I saw some peahens up close once, ugly birds.

  13. Peacocks are beautiful-- they sure know how to strut their stuff. I love that last picture.

    I'll leave the liner comments to someone else. ;)

  14. I recently saw a male peacock flying. I wouldn't have thought it possible with all those tail feathers.

  15. I'm so glad you didn't mention me as someone who might make cock jokes, Robyn, particularly in the light of my last post. I think that says something about the mature relationship we have.

  16. Alex, yay. The Ninja is more powerful than Google!

    Robin, thanks. Cock jokes arise everywhere. I just couldn't come up with any. =)

    Betty, thank you. Be well.

    Yeamie, it's an interesting bird. Seems Cinco de Mayo just means "drink up" around here. It's too bad.

    Elsie, I didn't either. I thought the female was the pretty one.

    Pat, good use of "cock". You made me laugh. I knew you would.

    Debra, yes. I believe the ones with wings were created for those birds. Right?

    Lexie, I've never seen, or heard of, an albino peacock. Sounds interesting.

  17. Al, to stay fresh and attract some peacock.

    Keetha, I'm sorry. He doesn't always go out on Sundays. Today, he was nowhere in sight. (I think he's too smart to trot around on Cinco de Mayo - when all the students start drinking at 3pm).

    Cheryl, true. The pretty and/or rich males get the chicks/peahens/women.

    Adam, yeah, it's no wonder a peacock needs more than one of them to feel satisfied.

    Julie, thanks. I like the color of the sunset in that last one too.

    Stephen, yes, I forgot to mention that they fly. I was stunned when I saw a few take flight.

    GB, absolutely. I'm not sure why I didn't think you'd be good for cock jokes, though. I know you're good for them, but you're much more tactful on my blog than your own.

    Be well, everyone.

  18. Hmmmmm It took me a minute when you said Peahen!! LOL sometimes things go right over my head.

  19. As a runner who loves to run on the trail just outside my housing development, I can tell you that those geese are not saying hello. They're saying get the f*** off my territory motherf***er, and if you had taken one step closer they'd probably start chasing you and biting at you. At least... that's my experience with the little bastards.

  20. While I have heard of unusual uses of pantyliners (they're supposed to be great for drying your car after it's washed) I've never heard they were particularly yummy.

    Peacocks do have gorgeous trains, but they SCREAM in the dusk like somebody being murdered.

    Fun post. :-)

  21. You had me at "Birds and Pantyliners."
    Holy non sequitur, Bat girl!

  22. Nothing like a happy peacock. The problem is they are not melodious critters, happy or not.

  23. better to be a male peacock than a spider I'm thinking - you get all the chicks and the best feathers

  24. Hey Robyn,

    My human can tell you all about ducks. For instance, he found out that "duck" was a term of endearment in this part of England. Yep, folks would say to him, "Are you alright, duck!? My poor human had a sore neck for the first two years, wondering about these mysterious objects he was supposed to duck from.

    Ah yes, Peacocks. My human stayed at a friend's house up in Durham, England. There were flipping peacocks everywhere. Have you ever been woken up by a noisy peacock at four in the morning? Speaking of geese. What do you reckon to a Canada goose? See, no innuendos from me, yes me, lovable Penny.

    Yes, my human has been to Chico.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :) x

  25. I guess you're right. Some birds wouldn't need panty liners. Like Cockatoos.

  26. I keep thinking "heyyy baby, that's a nice TRAIN you got there. mmm hmm."
    Turkeys are the same way...we have wild turkeys here and the males have beautiful plumage. They fluff it up and strut around. Pretty interesting stuff!

  27. MyJourney, "peahen" makes me think twice or more too. It's a weird term that we don't use.

    BnB, you are right. I used to take my clients to feed them, but those big bastards came charging at us. It scared the crap outta my clients (and me). Now we tease them by quacking at them from afar, in my car. It gets them confused and looking for their mommy. Then we speed off. It's really fun.

    Bev, I've been fortunate enough to not yet hear a screaming peacock. My goodness, do they have screaming orgasms? Those must be deafening.

    Dawn, LOL. But we can always leave it to Mr. Penwasser to create a sequitur.

  28. C Lee, like some humans, they are pretty but need to keep their mouths shut.

    David, yeah, the peacock is an upgrade from the spider. Plus, people don't generally scream and swat you to death at first sight.

    Penny, "duck" is a term of endearment in England? Is that because it rhymes with...luck? Pawsitive wishes back to you and your human. I'm always glad to see you two.

    Al, good point. The cockatoo wouldn't be caught dead wearing a panty liner. An extra large condom, yes, but no panty liner.

    Cheers, all. Thanks for your sillies.

    Cyndy, it's funny watching birds struck their stuff, thinking they're all that. Well, they do get the chicks that way.

  29. I'm still laughing from Debra's comment! Fun photos and plucky commentary to go with them!


  30. haha! Pantiliners are useful, but not for chewing on:)

  31. Hey, it may be the new taste sensation! Have you ever seen a peacock fly? Pretty cool to watch.

  32. I forgot all about Cinco de Mayo. Course where I live about 80% of the population says Cinco, but the do not hail from Mexico.

    Nice geese!

  33. Yes, male turkeys are the same...just came back from a bike ride through parkland and saw several turkeys standing around hopefully with trains in full display, while one mousy little peahen ignored them, pecking seeds and drifting away. Smart peahen!

  34. Lol!! That display is hilarious!! And very disturbing. :)

    I no longer use google reader, since it's dying anyway, so I added your blog to my new feed reader. :)