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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Scenes, Sundays in My City

Hi there, and welcome back.

As you know, Unknown Mami hosts an extraordinary weekly party. Visit her site here to appreciate scenes from across the globe. Hopping from city to city always leaves me feeling privileged to be in blogland.

As the sun prepares for slumber in Chico, California (that is, I'm a bit late with this post), I'm sharing some Sunday, summer-day sights.

                                  Bidwell Park

                                                                  cooling off in the downtown plaza

                                                                   just some berries

          That's one cool cat.  Hint: it's a mailbox.

Thanks for visiting. I hope it's not too hot for you in your city. But if it is, I hope you have good A/C and ice-cream. Happy new week!


  1. Thanks. Today in Portland it reached 87 degrees, just perfect.

  2. Even if it's hot you've got some great trees to give you shade. And possibly to climb if you're in the mood.

  3. I thought I'd just rush across and tell you I just heard that chocolate supplies may run out in 50 years. What will we do? Start stocking up?


  4. I love these photos Robyn, that fountain looks great and I bet you'd have loved to have jumped into it in that heat, the cat mailbox is awesome too, great post.

  5. The first two look refreshing! Especially as we are dying in hundred degree weather back here.

  6. haha the cat was grand and wish I had that fountain near me, as the cat and Pat have no AC

  7. Love that cat! I would melt without our AC. Hope you are keeping cool and enjoying your Monday.

  8. Ruth, it IS adorable.

    MsA, indeed. AC is a blessing.

    Stephen, 87 sounds just right. It's about 100 here.

    GB, yes, there are plenty of ways to stay cool here. Thank goodness.

    Denise, say it isn't so! Who told you this? I must have a word and some chocolate with them. And yes, we should stock up. In case it's true.

    YW, thanks. It would be nice to jump through the fountain. I'm always tempted but haven't tried it yet.

    Alex, it's about the same here. I hope you have good A/C and ice-cream, not necessarily in that order.

    Pat, no A/C? Is Canada that primitive? Or do you just not need it?

    Charmaine, me too. Thanks for visiting.

    Nita, thank you. Happy Monday and week to you.


  9. But the sun is shining!! Why don't we get any bright light from the sky here?! We're getting nothing but rainstorms in the UK. And I want a postbox like that cat!

  10. As the golden rays of the sun slowly began to dissolve in the western sky, I was a bit cheered at the prospect that the 11-day heat wave would be coming to an end.
    And everyone would be going to work in the morning, leaving me and the dog alone in the house.
    Yeah, I need to go back to work.
    Dog's on his own, though.

  11. Of course it's hot! It's Tucson! But not for long, I hope! We have bought a house on the coast of Georgia. We put our house here up for sale last week. Wish me luck!

    I love your photos, Robyn. Especially the cat mailbox!


  12. That is an awesome mailbox. Hooray for AC and ice cream bars!! That's the only thing getting me through this summer...

  13. We had to drop more money into our old A/C but it's just too hard to live without it.
    I enjoy seeing odd mailboxes but our is very plain.

  14. Rocio, me too. Thank you.

    Yvonne, thanks. I'm lucky to have great photo opps.

    Oh Rosalind, I am so sorry. I shouldn't assume everyone's enjoying -or despising- the sun right now. Sending some of it to you pronto.

    Al, but your poetic side is just starting to bloom. You can't go back to work now.

    Judie, I am thrilled for you. Thanks for dropping by and letting me/us know. Much luck on the house sale.

    BabySis, yes, I don't know what we'd do without either.

    Bill, I know. Ours is too. I'd like a cool happy cat instead.

    DrZibbs, thanks. It's a main attraction in the town center.


  15. Oh how I love those new-fangled fountains for the kiddies! Who didn't just want to jump in the fountain when they were little? I did...hell, I do now!!

  16. Thanks for bringing me the sunshine. I know it's unbearably hot in some parts of the US, but the constant rain in the UK is starting to get a little bit depressing :-(

  17. It's not hot at all in my city, but I'm not in my city! It's hot as hell here and I'm melting... I'd love to lie down in that stream, or even in the fountain.

  18. Looks like a beautiful little spot Robyn. Not too dissimiliar to parts of Australia.. looks homely.