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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Heat

I'm in the mood to re-post this one from 6/10. It may be due to my personal "drought." Or perhaps it's because summer is stepping in. Then again, I'm likely just being lazy. Whatever the reason(s), enjoy the heat and happy summer!


We met at the mineral baths. The afternoon sun pierced through the clouds, with sounds of waves thrusting against the rocks far below. He said he remembered me from when I first arrived. Flattered, I played it cool. "You do?" I asked casually. You are so damn cute, I could @!#$%* you right now, I thought. Damn, that heat! I nervously sputtered a few more words. His smile calmed me.

I didn't plan on anything like this, but I decided to give into my desires and enjoy every second of it. It was my birthday trip, after all. Life had been stressful, and I hadn't been close to a man in, well, far too long.

His touch was magically warm, sweet, and seductive. He fully focused on me. I can honestly say, too, that I thought only of him. I'll spare the details, except to share that he was really, really good and very giving. He seemed to know exactly how to meet my needs.

Eventually, I was in such a heavenly state that he assumed I was asleep. I wasn't, but he walked away anyway. Truthfully, I was too satisfied to feel any sense of weirdness or disappointment. When he didn't return, I got up slowly, to gather my clothes.

I took a few steps, and there he was. He even asked how I was feeling. I wanted to say, "Wow. Wow again. And more wows. You have no idea. I haven't been touched like that in..well, maybe not ever before. Kindly do it again. And again. And again. Please!" In real life, though, I tried to be suave. "Thank you for the great massage," I managed to articulate. I proceeded to leave him a huge tip.


  1. Score for the Ninja! I knew it was a massage.

  2. It must be really hot for you to re-post that one, Robyn!

  3. What is life without a great fantasy every now and then?

  4. Too bad he didn't want to leave you a huge tip... lol

    Happy summer to you folks over there!


  5. Guess the heat is getting to you, but not too hot for wishful thinking!

  6. Boy-o-boy, is it hot here.
    I'm sweating like Osama Bin Laden at the VFW.
    Hmm...gonna have to update that joke. Especially since our pal Osama sleeps with the fishes.

  7. Yes, it is getting hot! (due to being summer and all)

  8. It’s so damn hot and humid here (around 92 degrees) someone would have to PAY ME to give me a massage!
    Okay…maybe not…if there was A/C… ;)

  9. Wow the coals are surely burning here, knew it was a massage too.

  10. Yes, very hot...I'm sooo looking forward to fall!!

  11. I love this post Robyn! I never suspected the ending. You're good xo

  12. I believe the proper response to that would be "Tip? I'll give him the whole thing!"



  13. Stephen, absolutely.

    Anthony, LOL. My tip in response would've been about 500%. We'd both be smiling pretty big.

    MsA, yeah, damn heat. I'm a very nice girl during the winter months.

    Al, I'm guessing Osama's pretty darn hot where he is.

    Pat, that damn heat.

    NotSoSimply, thanks, friend. Stay hot, and enjoy it.

  14. Beth, yeah, A/C would keep things from getting too heated (in theory, at least).

    Pat, you knew too? I can't fool you guys, can I?

    BabySis, in my part of the world, we pretty much live for fall too. But I do like the heat. =)

    Marnie, I'm glad I surprised you. Thanks.

    Pearl, it's not only proper it's perfectly improper. Thank you!

    Enjoy the heat, all. Wink.

  15. i hate the hot weather, love the summer though.

    have a great summer, and stay cool!


  16. This was great, and I really was surprised at the end! I tried to comment a few days ago, but it kept freezing up. Julie

  17. I gotcher heat here in SC!

    and the humidity...bring extra towels!

    Love ya,


  18. I've traded massages with other therapists and none felt that good. You've encouraged me to keep trying.