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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa's Losing It! Sundays in My City

UnknownMami hosts a picturesque world tour on Sundays. Please take a look here.

Welcome to Chico, CA, where Santa's losing it.

It has been rather windy, but you'd think he'd be able to withstand harsh weather conditions by now.

A few blocks away, Santa's still laying down on the job.  Did someone spike his eggnog?


 The end. And such a cute end too!

Thanks for visiting. I hope your Santa's faring better than ours.
Happy Sunday and new week!


  1. Haha - did you take these? Stage them? very funny



  2. This Santa looks like he'd benefit from a mug of spiked eggnog.

  3. I know just how they feel. Christmastime always leaves me feeling a bit deflated, too!

  4. Santa got de-bagged by a dog?! I can't think of anything more humiliating. Well, maybe being de-bagged by a cat.

  5. Don't worry, Santa's still very busy here in Finland, Lapland - Korvatunturi! :)
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Totally love it! Especially the last picture, sweet!

  7. We happen to have many of those Santa's in PA too. ;-)

  8. I think your Santas are passing out from the heat!

  9. Have you ever seen one of those HUGE blow-up Santa Claus figures on someone’s lawn? I often wonder why some kid doesn’t deflate them with a sharp object. It’s tempting – and I’m a mature adult! (Supposedly…)

  10. It seems to be catching, Santa's here are rather flat too.

  11. Lmao! It makes me pretty sad to see these Santas getting mauled like that but that's the way these things go. After all these years it's no wonder Santa's feeling just a little flat over Christmas.

  12. AWESOME!!!! Been missing you---SO SORRY I've been gone!

    Still love you more than ever!!!


    Happy Holidays Robyn--and belated hugs from a true friend--uhhh- that would be me!

    Great pics!



  13. These are adorable! Poor

  14. Anthony, yes I took these photos. They're impromptu. It's been windy and Santa's gotten wimpy over the years.

    Stephen and MsA, I agree with both of you.

    GB, a possum would be even worse.

    BLOGitse, glad Santa's doing fine over there.

    Vidya, that one's my favorite too. Thanks.

    Tami and Pat, that's funny. Poor Santa - losing it all over the world.

    Beth, it is tempting. These are the blow up kind, so someone may've already caught onto your scheme.

    Yeamie, exactly. You said it well.

    Tara, yeah, poor guy.

    John, LYMI even more.

    Thanks Jennifer.

  15. Frankly Santa looks almost as half cut as the tree and is it appropriate for him to shag the tree – I bet Mrs Santa won’t be impressed...

  16. Well, that first Santa was wicked tired so he needed some releaf.
    Ooh, sorry.

  17. I've never seen anything like the last pic--so cute!

  18. The wind has played havoc around here, too.

  19. A few streets away from us they've decorated their entire house and garden with Christmas lights. It's dazzling at night but I wonder what their electricity bill is like.

    Love the dog pulling the trousers one best!

  20. All the santas are like that around here during the day. They unplug them during the day and just look so sad.
    My santa is still in the closet.

  21. Santa is just a littel deflated that's all...a little eggnog should do the trick. And that last picture is too cool, my wife would have loved it had I not forbade her to spend any more money this season!

  22. Thanks for enjoying these Santa pics. I keep seeing more fallen Santas around here. Let's hope he gets inflated before Xmas.

  23. Santa is up to no good in your hood.

    That would make a good song title.

  24. Ha ha ha these pics made me laugh. Poor old drunken Santa, it's pitiful. :)
    At least he got himself together by the end. Very cute!

  25. Now I know why I never get what I want for Christmas - Santa's on a bender in your neighborhood!! W.C.C.

  26. I'm thinking Santa has already had one too many hot toddies!

  27. ok, I am sorry but santa with his pants hanging down made me laugh!