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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Relationship Compatability Test

1) Does the hardware accept the software with ease?

2) Do you find yourself fantasizing about an upgrade?
If so, does this occur during a download?
If so, proceed with caution.
If not, keep the model.

3) Do you notice a security alert during routine use?
If so, cease use.

If not, keep the model. There's no better option at this time.

4) Does it claim to be virus free?
If so, is it in fact virus free?
If not, abort activity and abandon model.

5) Does it freeze up unexpectedly?
If so, accept this as a normal glitch.
If not, don't let this one get away.

6) Do you need to shut down and re-boot several times weekly?
If so, proceed with caution.
If not, be very grateful and keep model.

7) Is it incredibly slow?

If so, do you have a back up strategy?
If so, proceed.
If not, get a younger, newer model.

8) Can you turn it on easily?
If so, this won't last. Enjoy while you can.
If not, this is common with older models. Try a new approach or consider an upgrade.

9) Does it have enough bandwidth to meet your needs?
If so, you're lucky.
If not, consider accessories for private use.

10) Are main functions readily accessible?
If so, you're in luck. Keep the model.
If not, cease use.

Virus security alert. Immediate shut down recommended. Thank you for your time.

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