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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Taste of Nostalgia (A Repost)

Back in the Day
Back in the day,
We meant you and me.
To feel was to touch.
To touch set you free.

Courage and valor defined one as great -
Not being a whiney, crazed parent of eight.

When actors could act,
Performers could sing,
Reality shows starred Carson and Bing.

Back in the day,
Mail came to your door.
Wrappers bore gifts.
You walked to the store.

Ice cream trucks stopped on the corner street.
Fifteen cent big sticks, a most awesome treat.

Nice girls didn’t google, switch users or tweet.
Blackberries were juicy and raspberries, sweet.

Nice guys didn’t sag, log off or shut down.
When sex was sacred, and text, just a noun.

Back In the day, botox was unknown.
Surgery was for illness,
Cocktails for the grown.

Cells made up blood.
Breakfast, with Tang.
TVs had antennas, and
Telephones rang.

Back in the day,
You ne’er felt hella radWhen your BFF told you
Your outfit looked bad.
I.M. meant I am.
To chat meant to talk.
You swam with you tube,
And teachers used chalk.

Back in the day,
A Chevrolet brought you clout.
Cowboys re-booted before stepping out.

Blue tooth was concerning.
Hot meant close to burning.

Fruit smoothies were exotic.
Laptops, erotic.

Back in the day,
Old school was a house.
A pad for a bachelor,
And cheese for a mouse.

I’m sayin’
Feel me, and don’t weep.
Oprah continues to represent the peep (for another minute).

And back in the day, who’d ever dream
That a Black man would hold the office Supreme.

We go backwards and forwards,
Forwards and then back,
In circles, and sideways,
But land up on track.

Back in the day...
We means you and me.


  1. A lot has changed. Maybe, getting back those times is impossible. Lovely poem. Smiles...:)

  2. this is sweet, funny, poignant and well put.

    Nick told Gatsby he couldn't "repeat the past."

    Gatsby disagreed and look where it got him.

  3. i must be pmsing because this poem made me cry. darn you, robyn!

  4. Hi Robyn!! How are you my friend?? I love this image and this entire post, so simple and so sweet, thanks for the smile :) Sending you a hug! xox

  5. Wow, that is just so darn clever and beautifully written.

    My favorite line, "and text, just a noun"
    Way too clever.

  6. This was so sweet, I loved it! Yes, a lot of things have changed....but I reckon that people stay the same.
    How can "Hot" be "Cool"? Sometimes things just don't make sense!

  7. I have an award for you...swing on by :0)

  8. I want you to give me a laptop...with a lot of ram

  9. I still prefer the conveniences of today but I do worry about the future for my grandkids.

  10. Mr.Stupid, yeah, there's no turning back. Technology has come so far. I do appreciate this blogging thing, though. Thanks. xo

    CalGal, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't read the Great Gatsby. You have inspired me, though. Perhaps I'll pick it up at the local bookstore. Thanks. ;-)

    Ally, we'll share some kleenex, my friend. Thank you. xo

    Marnie, thanks so much for your comment and the award! I'll visit soon and pass it on. I love your spirit! [-:

    Trish, hi dear. Thank you, and hugs back to you. xo

    TS, thanks so much. Yes, back in the day, people used to read text in books. I HATE the verb "text"! ;-}

    Alice, thank you. Yes, it's all rather confusing and irrational. Is something good when it's bad or bad when it's good...?! xo

    Marlene, yes..we long for those days. Then again, you didn't have as many diet soda options, right? :->

    Blase, I think you need to get back into the cold, cold shower, babe. (I'll be right there) xo

    BP, I agree. We're rather spoiled and couldn't live without these conveniences. On the other hand, what's happening to family relations is worrisome. Thanks for visiting!

    Good old fashioned hugs and chocolate kisses,

  11. Breakfast, with Tang! I haven't tang in years. A lot has changed for sure