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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stop by for a Kiss!

It's been a long time for me. I'm overdue. Will I forget how? Will it just happen? I hope you want it. Here goes, gulp..Tonight, I'm giving out kisses. You need not enter my apartment, return the kiss, or call or text me tomorrow. Please just don't barf in my face.

The thing is, I was a recipient of some awards in the past several weeks and never fully expressed my gratitude. The other thing is that the energy of the universe is just warped, moreso than ever. Wouldn't you say? Times are extra tough. I hope to spread some sweetness to folks who could use a little pick-me-up.

So, feel free to steal this kiss. Post it on your blog, and/or pass it on as you wish. The only condition is that there are no conditions. You need not divulge your most horrifyingly embarrassing moment in life. You need not award this to 17 of your favorite bloggers, and you can even reject this kiss and leave it here. Again, I simply request that you do not barf in my face. Thank you.

These are some folks who I'd like to pass this on to (in addition to everyone who reads this). These are also very nice, creative, honest folks whose blogs I highly recommend:

Pat Tillett Thanks for the White Russian, Pat. It never tasted so heavenly!
Cal - a very nice, creative, and brilliant guy who doesn't ever stop posting. He's a great commentator too. Amazing!
Tuppence This sweet lady shares great, fun adventures - including a recent trip to Rome.
Marnie Thanks for being such a staunch and fun follower, Marnie. I love your spunk and zest for life!
MissNikki Her blog, Life's A Bitch, is full of humour and honesty - just the way I like it.

To all of my new followers, especially the 40+ crowd, please take a kiss too. Special mention to Java who helps bring us together. It's nice to not feel so old or, at least, not feel alone in feeling so old. A kiss to you, Java!

My friend, TheInvisibleSeductress, a kiss to help you get through it all! (Close your eyes and pretend it's from Jake or -well- a man).

TSHendrik still has my favorite blog. I want to thank you again, Tim, for the CSN giveaway. My nephew called (with some help) to tell me (with some help) that he was cutting the challah bread (with no help). That would be the wooden bread with the shabbat kit I ordered. He then informed me "You sent it to me." That made my day!
Sending good thoughts as you recover and regroup from the flood. A kiss to you!

Bumpkin and her husband (Lisa and John) are surviving the daily trials of the oil spill. They are literally fighting the fight -physically, emotionally, and in every way they can. Bumpkin's blog gives us the real story, unlike any "news" station or paper. This lady's also a burst of fresh air and fun-loving creative energy. A kiss to you and the Captain, Bumpkin!

Some of my new bloggy friends who need our prayers and/or good vibes (Please feel free to add names in the comments section, as I know there are lots more folks who need our support):

Sonya and her sister, Sandi

Faith, healing, gratitude, blessings, prayers, good thoughts, strength, and chocolate kisses one and all!


  1. Congratulations on the recognition that you've been receiving. Also, thanks so much for giving me "your" award. This one could only come from you!
    I have a little catching up to do in the award department myself.
    thanks again Robyn!

  2. Thanks so much. I hope you got the one I left for you at my site. I love the stuff you do also and I especially like the way we meet in the comment section of others.

  3. Girl, you are growing by leaps and bounds! Good for you!

  4. All fantastic bloggers (and a few new ones that I need to check out)!

  5. Aww, thank you so much Robyn! I'm honoured, especially as I love your stuff so much!


  6. Robyn you made my day!! How very sweet of you!! Thank you so much and kisses right back at ya!!!

    Oh my gosh I just noticed that you didn't join our Over 40 Bloggers Club yet!!
    Take a look and join in the fun!
    We'd love to have you join us!!!

  7. Congratulations Robyn!:D Like ABAO said, there are many bloggers here that I need to check out!

  8. Thank you all!
    Have a very sweet Thursday.

    Kisses and hugs,

  9. Congratulations on all your awards, Robyn! You truly deserve every single one of them and more.

    I am extremely honored that you chose me to accept one of your big chocolate kisses! Now, if only I could reach through the screen and grab a real one! :O) I {{heart}} almost anything sweet, but my absolute favorite is chocolate. YUM!! Unfortunately, it all likes to linger on my hips and thighs. *sigh* Oh well, sometimes you just gotta eat what ya gotta eat, right? LOL! :0)

    Seriously though, thank you for thinking of me. Thanks, too, for all your visits to my blog, your many sweet comments and all your prayers for my mom and me. All of it means more than you can possibly know. You are truly a wonderful person and an amazing friend.


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  10. Kissed by a girl! Sweeet...

    I put it up on a post, next I will proudly slap it on my wall! Thanks Robyn! That was nice of you.

  11. congrats! man, i would kill for some challah bread right now!

  12. LOVE The kiss, I will borrow it. Cause I am all about kisses.

    For real there is nothing like a deep Passionate kiss.

  13. I love ya!! I really needed that today,, how'd you know that? I am not sure how you knew but you did,, possibly because you gave this to me and made me smile I might not eat the whole cheesecake in the freezer I have been eyeing,, or possibly I will because either way you I know you will still like me!!! Hugs and many many thanks for all the smiles you have given us and for allowing me to adopt you and not being scared to add ANOTHER crazy person to your family....hee hee...

  14. congratulations on your award :)

  15. Love your blog! That chocolate kiss is just so smoochy. :) Going to check out some of the blogs you've mentioned. I keep seeing this Cal dude's name everywhere, but I haven't checked his blog out yet.

  16. Aw, thanks Robyn! I consider you to be one of the most creative writers I follow, so I appreciate it very much. I'm also glad to hear that your nephew is enjoying your win.

  17. Snif, Snif!!

    Always great to remember your friends!

    Keep on posting Girl!

    LOL--Word verification was --waddif...seriously----waddif I stopped by for a Kiss!


  18. Awww! Thanks Robyn :0) You made my day!

    Muah...right back at ya!

  19. Congrats on your awards Robyn! Hope you are getting some of those chocolate kisses yourself. :)

  20. With a post title like that, who could resist? :-)

    Congratulations on the recognition. You deserve it!

  21. Congratulations... and yes, we're getting older, but far from old!!


  22. Yea!!! Congratulations! You deserve it. Kisses back to you!


  23. I love you all too. You've helped me through a lot more than you know!

    So THANK YOU for that and for not barfing in my face.

  24. now, i have but one question, are these carb free hershey's girl kisses? cause i just started atkins!!!
    great award chocolate and kisses is there anything better? congrats to you, you certainly deserve it! thanks for dropping by my site..i am now stalking you openly check outside your window, that's me with the telescope! lol great blog!

  25. WOW-- I'm staying married no matter how pissed she gets me!

    Luck Robyn,,,,,,,,...I don't guess it makes you feel any better,,,, that your freaking ,,,, hilarious? ,,,,,


    Word ver: bussa---as if, I'm gonna bussa comma up side,,,,,,,


  26. WW, yes, definitely possibly almost carb free. Full of fat and sugar, though. Atkins would approve, I'm thinking.

    John, keep me laughing, buddy!