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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thanks to the Rebels!

Glenn-David, Jonathan, Robyn, and Dawn Engel in our Rebel station wagon (circa 1973)

Thanks to the Rebels

Thanks to the rebels
We can vote as we choose
Assert an opinion
And read global news.

Thanks to the rebels
Women have a voice
Workers have rights
And faith is a choice.

Thanks to the rebels
Gay pride's a fun rite
Laws protect kids, and
Our President’s not White.

Thanks to the rebels
We are truly free
In so many ways that
We fail to see.

Thanks to the rebels!


  1. Are you sure the rebels were keen on gay rights and non-white presidents? Maybe they would have been after attending a few workshops. Happy Independence Day! General Washington is much admired in the Congo for his dogged determination and attractive footwear.

  2. Very cute. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. They really were the best of time.

  3. You guys are really cute in that picture. This was a great post. Hope you have a nice holiday...:)

  4. Whoever knew the girl in the middle would grow up to be Blasé's Eye-Candy!

    Well, he's sort of white...

  5. Loved that post! If it weren't for women, where would men be?
    Behind every man, there is a woman with a stick, pushing him in the right direction!

    Have a great Independence Day....and as it is also my Birthday, have a drink on me!

  6. I love both the poem and the picture! I hope you have a great 4th of July!

  7. We're lucky that people stood up to defend us. And LOL at Alice in Wonderland! So true! By the way, the picture is really cute :D

  8. Amen to that! And a happy 4th of July!!

  9. Welcome back! Hope your time off was refreshing and relaxing.

    Happy 4th to you!

  10. Love the cute picture and poem!!

  11. Nice ode to rebels. I love my previous rebels too, and thanks for reminding us how they paved the way! Oh, and I also had the same sweet kind of wagon, and my fave place to chill was in that back rear view seat. How cool was that? Happy 4th sweetie...

  12. I love this picture! And your words as reminders of what is taken for granted everyday. Even those who think they have not,,, have more than they know.

  13. "We are truly free/in so many ways/that we fail to see..." Yes, Aye and Amen! Thank you for the fine poem.

  14. MsA, thanks.xo

    GB, there are the good rebels (the ones I'm thanking) and the evil ones (the bastards I'm ignoring at the moment). What about George's hair? I'd think they'd like it there in the Congo. [-;

    Cal, thanks. Sadly, it seems harder to find true heroism these days, but at least our militia is full of good rebels. xo

    Mr.S, thank you. Happy holiday to you too! Keep getting into trouble and blogging about it. ;->

    Blase, my smile was because I knew (even then). At least Obama's a lot less White than any other President and more rebellious -in a good way- than most recent Presidents. xo

    Alice, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and again. Love your comment. Behind him is also 3+ women he's having affairs with. But I digress, and so does he. {-:

    Marnie and Sarah, belated happy Canada Day! Enjoy some beaver tails for me. xo

    Sarah, thank you. Happy 4th to you to, friend. ;o]

    John, why thank you. It WAS great and well needed. It's good to be back too. xo

    Thanks Gayle. Happy 4th to you and yours. <-;

    Miss Nikki, really? It's great to find someone who also sat in the back of the family Rebel. That was MY spot. This pic is probably the only time I let others inhabit it. Cheers! xo

    Seductress, that's so true. Most of us have no idea or appreciation for how blessed we are - even and especially those who think they have not. ;o}

    Margaret, thank YOU. Happy 4th, and enjoy your freedoms. xo

    Enjoy all your freedoms.
    Chocolate kisses,

  15. Go Rebels indeed! Excellent stuff Robyn. Happy 4th to you!

  16. That was so cool Robyn! I love the pic! Your cuteness knows no end! Happy 4th of July!

  17. Love that photo....and something tells me you're a bit of a rebel yourself. ;)

  18. Amen to that Robyn!
    great post...
    LOVE the photo

  19. That photo is beautiful :') and what fantastic words