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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Follow and an "If Only" Moment

If only hatred vanished, leaving just kindness behind.

Please add an "If only.." xoRobyn

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  1. If only I could feel well rested on four hours of sleep.

  2. Hello! I am a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful day!


  3. Hiya,
    I'm following you from FMBT!You're blog is lovely with nice infos :o)
    Hope to see you at my blog...

    oh, yes, if only we had wings, we could escape from reality and go to a dream place x

    Best wishes,

    Fashion and Decor designer

  4. i'm already a follower. if only my body went down to a size 14.

  5. That's a cute picture. Nice post, Robyn.
    If only I could feel happy with one Chocolate Bar.

  6. If only I could get thin by eating what I want.

  7. If only the Queen had balls, she'd be King.

  8. If only men would grow up to be just like that

  9. Newest Follower! I hope you can come see me at

  10. If only my summer vacation would last forever..........I would be one happy girl!!

  11. If only we lived in a world where cancer didn't.

  12. That is such an adorable picture!!
    If only I could go back to bed...I'd be happier...

  13. Adorable photo and great sentiment.

    If only I had a magic fairy to get all my shit done that needs to be done today!

    (Selfish thought, eh?)

  14. If only nice men are plenty and I had the wisdom to spot them.

    Very cute picture!

  15. If only I could hold a thought long enough to get it down on paper so I would remember it.

  16. If only things weren't as complicated as they really are...

  17. If only more people were honest with their secret agenda.

    If only people would put aside their prejudices and work together.

    If only I could get the theme from Love Boat out of my head.

    If only we could kidnap Blasé and have him cloned.

  18. I love that picture! If only I had 12 more hours in the day!

  19. Jeremy, life would be easier. Thanks for visiting. xo

    Furygirl, thanks for the follow. Looking forward to following you too. Happy day. :o]

    MaisonM, you have a beautiful blog and express lovely sentiment too. Thanks for the follow. I've done the same. xo

    Rose, I know. If only the body fat would just vanish with all the hatred in the world..sigh. ;-b

    Thanks CalGal. xo

    MrS, I understand. I really do. (O;

    Baygirl, if only, I hear ya. See above comment to Rose. xo

    PTM, um, yes..if only. I can't argue with such a prolific statement. Silly man! :->

    CSR, yes. What a heavenly thought. xo

    HootieBee, thanks for the follow. I'll return the favor asap. [-:

    Gayle, summer vacation..aah, sounds nice..if only. xo

    Michelle, Amen 1 million times to that one. IF ONLY. Keep faith. Hugs to Monkey. ;0}

    BabySis, yes, sleep..if only..xo

    Marlene, magic fairies would be good with your shit, I'm sure. Selfishness is completely acceptable here too. {-:

    Sarah, I'm definitely with you on that "if only." Be well. xo

    IT, you did it! ;O]

    John, damn straght. IF ONLY..

    Keep faith, if only for today (then, if only for tomorrow..)
    Chocolate kisses,

  20. Someone just told me to write "If only a woman's vagina tasted of ice cream." Don't shoot the messenger.

  21. I'm on a Tuesday Follow Me and am now your follower.

    Have a great Tuesday.


  22. Oh I like this! Only if :0) I often do that with "wouldn't it be nice".

    Only if, oh only if dessert had no calories :0)

    Cute picture!

    Marnie xx

  23. If only there were no mentally disturbed folks on the internet...

  24. If only I would know exactly what to do about everything for the next few months.

  25. Love the thought and the picture too!

  26. If only I had known about yellow snow as a kid.

  27. If only I could meet Robyn in person.

  28. Ooo, so Friday has competition!!

  29. If .. if only I had done it differently the first time.

  30. DDG, I love all 4 of yours. That Love Boat theme never goes away. So annoying (along with Gophers socks)! xo

    Noelle, yes, if only we had more time..:-b

    GB, I wonder who whispered that one into your little gorilla ear and what flavor they might have suggested. xo

    PopcornServedDaily, great blog name. Thanks for the follow, so that I could get my daily dose of popcorn - my favorite of the salty snacks. :-}

    Marnie, I see a theme with the ladies. I agree. If only..xo

    Ninja, thanks, friend. (-:

    Blase, that's related to why I posted this. Down with the haters. xo

    TIS, big (((HUGS))) :-b

    BB, thank you. xo

    Cheeseboy, 10 points for your humor! Love it, though it is kinda gross! <o:

    Jason, that is soo sweet. 20 points for your sweetness. xo

    Copyboy, um, yeah..if only you wrote an if only hear, you might earn some points from me too. :-}

    MMH, those "if onlys" are the toughest. xo

    If only we had no regrets, bypassed yellow snow, could meet each other in person and rid the world of all bad things and people..Keep faith and a stash of chocolate!

  31. Hi, Following you through FMBT. See you around.