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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday Greetings, Little Rascals!

Remember watching The Little Rascals? Life was good. At least, television was good!

A bit of trivia about Our Gang, The Little Rascals:

~Created by Producer Hal Roach, The Little Rascals starred in 220 short films and one feature film from 1922-1944.
~One of these, Bored of Education, won an Oscar.
~The child actors received $40-$200 per week, and there were no residuals or royalties.
~Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland were among those who auditioned for roles but were rejected (before their fame).
~Spanky (George McFarland) started at age 3. He was so darn cute then, wasn't he? George was on the team for 11 years. Spanky popularized the terms "okey dokey" and "okey doke."



  1. I will try really hard to be a little rascally this weekend ! :-)

  2. The one on the left looks like Oliver Hardy. I wonder if any of those rascals ever appeared in a Laurel and Hardy film.

  3. I loved watching the Little Rascals when I was a kid! Thanks for the memories! (No problem on being rascally this weekend!)

  4. I have SUCH a hard time being a rascal. I'm just too good most days. *snarf*

    I loved The Little Rascals. Aww, crap, I just dated myself, didn't I?

  5. loved watching the Little Rascals. hard to beleive that judy garland was turned down for this.have a good Friday

  6. OMG. I have ALL of the Little Rascals on DVD. I'm that obsessed. Honestly, it's the cutest show ever! Yay!!! Btw, I'm a new follower from FFF! Come visit me some time! -Meg @

  7. little rascally this weekend, heck all the time is fine by me....

  8. I have lots of good memories of watching them... thanks for the poke.

    Happy Friday to you and all!

  9. I loved that show as a little kid. I also loved Shirley Temple - I would curl my hair like her and dance around.

  10. Wow, I can't believe they rejected Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. It looks like an all-male cast. Shocking.

  11. Hi. I am a new follower from FF. Nice to meet you n stuff!

  12. The rascals were rascals before Mousketeers were Mousketeers and the NEW Mousketeers were skanks.

  13. Robyn - I forgot to tell you that I mentioned you as one of my 3 favorite blogs on a feature that Mother of Pearl just did on me. I may or may not have said some nice things about you. You can read about it at:

  14. I loved watching the rascals. Our local channel use to re-run them on Sunday mornings. I will try to have a rascally weekend, but after todays trek thru the mountains... I may be too exhausted to do it.

  15. I LOVE the Little Rascals! Do you remember Robert Blake (Baretta) playing Mickey? I'm stopping by to visit you after hearing how wonderful you are from Cheeseboy! He was my featured MAN Supahstah this can check it out below. Following you now too! :)

    Cheeseboy: Our first MAN Supahstah

  16. I loved the show and the most recent movie.

  17. I totally loved that show.
    great post Robyn!

  18. MsA, you too, friend! xo

    Ca88, I know it's in you! Just be your wonderful self. ;0)

    GB, he does. I don't know. Both this show and the Hardy Boys faced their demised at around the same time with changes in film trends. Too bad. xo

    BB, thank you, you rascal. [-;

    Marlene, stretch that comfort zone. It's good for ya. And don't worry about dating yourself. I always do. I'm the best dating option I've got. xo

    Rose, yeah, I guess Judy wasn't enough of a rascal. Happy weekend to you too. :o}

    MegO, hope you saw my note. Thanks! xo

    SirT., you do strike me as a natural rascal. Enjoy! <-:

    Thanks John. Happy Friday/weekend to you too. xo

    IT, thanks for adding that cute line. ;-]

    Ally, me too, especially Shirley in the Good Chip Lollipop. He former stand in actress was a beloved substitute teacher at my elementary. xo

    Sarah, I didn't post Darla. She held her own for the female team. She was a doll. (o:

  19. TIS, I would've guessed. You're another little rascally type - in the best of ways, of course. xo

    ToMommies, thank you! I'll be over soon. :o)

    Cheeseboy, hope you got my message. Lots of hugs and gratitude. BTW, one of the former New Mouseketeers when to school with me. (I really need to start blogging about all the stars I grew up with in LA.) I'm not sure if he was a skank, but he did date them. xo

    MMH, just rest up instead. Perhaps you might rent some Little Rascals. Enjoy! :-]

    Tree, that's right. I'd forgotten that Robert Blake played Mickey! He was a doll. Shame what came of most of them. Thanks so much for the follow. Any friend of Cheeseboy's is a friend of mine. Scary, but true. xo

    PTM, I didn't see the move. I've gotta rent it. Happy weekend. :-)

    Pat, thanks. Tv never was so good. The kids were improvising much of it, too! xo

    Chocolate kisses, all you rascals!

  20. I'm your newest follower.


  21. I recognize a BUNCH of your followers and have found my way here at Abe's recommendation so I'm joining them! :) Nice to meet you!

  22. Hey Robyn.
    Wow, you have a lot of loyal followers.

    I'm afraid I've never seen these guys. We never had it on Australian screens. We did have Abbott & Costello though, and I'm still a huge fan.


  23. Hey Robyn,
    First off hope you have a blissful Sunday!

    I've been followed you for some time and I'd love for you to follow me back if you don't mind.

  24. I loved the little rascals!! Remember the Miss. Crabtree and how the boys all had a crush on her? Or Alfalfa and him calling the way his hair stood up his "personality?" That was a really great show.

  25. Kyann, thank you! I'm following you, spicy lady. :-)

    Beth, nice to (re)meet you too. Any friend of Cheeseboys is a friend of mine. Scary but true. xo

    LaughingWolf, great word! Thanks. (-:

    Anthony, sorry you didn't get this one in Australia. They were so precious. xo

    Cutanddry, glad we connected via email. I always follow back. For some weird reason (likely having to do with my computer skills - ie lack thereof - my picture doesn't show when I follow someone). :-]

    Marnie, those are great memories. I love that Alfalfa's hair was called his personailty! Thanks for sharing that. xo

    Chocolate kisses to all you rascals,

  26. Just found your blog through Cheeseboy. I love chocolate so I'm already a fan!!
    I can't imagine anyone turning down Shirley, Mickey, or Judy...crazy peeps!!