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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wednesday Weirdness, The Camorsedugirealake

This mutant was created by my former self, age 11.5-ish (years, not months)

Post subtitle: And you thought I was weird NOW!
Post sub-subtitle: Please don't give me a grade on this one, Kal. I know my worth. I'll just head straight for the short bus when school's out.

Here's to a Wednesday that's weird in the best of ways, and to the camorsedugirealake in all of us that's screaming, roaring, quacking, and naying to come out.

xo Robyn


  1. I totally get it. I may not tomorrow when I'm completely sober...but right now it's GENIUS!

  2. Very imaginative, although the humps looks suspiciously boobish.

  3. That's an impressive creation. I think you should submit this as a proof that the Camorsedugirealake existed.

  4. it's nessie! you've captured her perfectly! :P lol

  5. The creative mind is a wonderful thing Robyn! This is a keeper :0)

  6. Mr. B! said to drop bye and say hi. So, HI.

  7. There is a service that will make detailed stuffed animals out of kids drawings of creatures and monsters and such,, It's pretty cool,, that would be a cool one, but I'm a nerd sooooo.

    love ya!!

  8. That is probably the most amazing drawing I've ever seen. You should submit it to a museum.

  9. It's lucky for you that this weirdness only happens on Wednesdays.
    There is no alliteration for normal in the days of the week. I'm shooting for November.

  10. So freaking cool! I like your list of all the animals and reptiles that went into (descended from?) this beast. He's an animal Adam!

  11. I think I've seen one of those. Does it live in a trailer park up in western Michigan?

  12. I'm with Gorrila Banannas on this one.

    It certainly shows you have a very vivid imagingation. I like that and think it's a good thing. Hopefully, you'll never lose that.

  13. That's some good spelling at 11.5 years of age.

  14. I bet it could beat any animal on earth in a fight!

  15. LMAO! I think my daughter has drawn it's sister.

  16. Now that's what I call art.
    Too funny. Not weird at all.

  17. My kiddo drew something similar two days ago...So it can't be weird! Its talent

  18. HA! So you've ALWAYS had a vivid imagination!


  19. Whoa! You never said you were an artist too. Does it eat chocolate?

  20. I'm particularly fond of it's feet. Very duck-like. :)

    I've left you an award on my blog today. Hope you enjoy receiving it as much as I enjoy reading your blog posts.

  21. HA!!! I see a card in the making! ;)

  22. Jane, thanks. Let's keep it that way. Please don't revisit when you're sober. xo

    ADSL, they are rather humpy. :-}

    MsA, thanks. Wish I had more, but I've almost posted all that I salvaged. xo

    GB, we see what we want to see. Thanx. [-:

    MrS, now, to find the fossil remains. Will you help me on this mission? xo

    LaughingWolf, perhaps now we can capture Nessie with the help of this authentic picture. ;o>

    Marnie, thanks for this and for your comment on Blase's blog. I'm so glad to have you around. xo

    Ophilia, hi! Thanks for stopping by. (o:

    TIS, this nerd loves ya too. That sounds like a very cool service. xo

    BabySis, I'm not sure what museum to send it to..Science and Industry? Modern Art? Abstract Art? Yeah, I think I'll go with that. Thank you! :-}

    IT, I like that. Good thing I have plenty of time to find my normal before November. xo

  23. Margaret, thank you. He is an Adam. Or perhaps an Eve? or an Evam? Adve? Oy. xo

    TS, yes! Yes! That's it! I last saw it in the jungles of Berkeley. It sneered at me and said it was off to a trailer park in western Michigan. ;->

    John, thank you. That's sweet. Also, see above comment to GB. xo

    Sarah, I wasn't a spelling bee champ for nothing. Well, I wasn't a spelling bee champ at all. Thanks anyway! Good one! [-:

    Cheeseboy, I hope so. Else, it's really got no clear career path. xo

    TheNinja and Baygirl, I love knowing that your daughters think like I did was I was much much younger. Kids have no qualms about letting their brain cells go wild. :-]

    DDG, why thank you. Weirdness is a relative term. Compared to my relatives, it's not weird at all. Trust me. xo

    Pearl, yeah, it's become more blurred over time. Just yesterday, I saw a mere camelhorse. Sad. ;0)

    CopyBoy, yes, it only eats chocolate. Green m&m's to be exact. xo

    RoMag, thanks so much! I so appreciate you and your blog too. I'll visit shortly. <-;

    Mar, I'd love to see a Marlene card out of this one. Hallmark wouldn't buy rights to this one. Can you believe it? xo

    Thank you all for indulging my weirdness.
    Kisses from me and the camorseadugirealake,

  24. I love it cuz it's part giraffe (and I know which part). I love that you still have these pictures from your childhood. I am very nostalgic and love to look back on toys and things I had.

    This was super creative. I give you an A+++.

    Can I hang it on my fridge for my mom to see?

  25. Why of course. This can go on Powdered Toast Man's fridge. That's what it's meant for.

  26. very uniqueand it shows good imagination