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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Twitter Scandal: I've Been Hacked!

 I have no idea how this happened! It seems someone hacked into my twitter account to tweet a series of love notes between Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. There's some talk about Ashton Kutcher, and even Donald Trump was thrown into the mix. So now I'm following DonaldEstates and am still awaiting Trump's response to my question about his hair. (See below.) Meanwhile, I take no responsibility for this scandal until I'm voted into political office and run out of lies.

P.S. Try as I might, I fail to find a photo of bulging genitalia (darn my luck!).

Here's a sample of some actual tweets that came from my twitter account @Rawknrob over the past several months.
Dear Lindsay, don't fret. We always get the free pass. If not, I'll visit. Is the cell insured? All my love, Charlie
Dear Lindsay, I know it's kinda last minute, but I was wondering if you have a date for the Oscar's. Lemme know. All my love, Charlie
Dear Charlie, sorry I got us kicked out of the Oscars after party. I was just borrowing Halle's earrings. *Bleep!* All my love, Lindsay
Dear Lindsay, *Bleep* them all! Let's do some damage on Fat Tuesday. That's this Friday, right? All my love, Charlie
Dear Charlie, I'm in. Beads are free, so I won't need to borrow any from Tiffany's. I think Fat Tuesday's on Sunday. All my love, Lindsay
Dear Charlie, wear are wee? What hapend this weakend? All my love, Lindsay
Dear Lindsay, I think we're in *bleep* creak. Don't werry. I have a paddel. Remember? All my love, Charlie
Dear Charlie, I here Ashton Kutchers taking your place. Maybe aisle watch yoar show now. Is it good? All my love, Lindsay
Dear Lindsay, with Kutcher, the *bleep*n 2 and a half men aint got a *bleep*n 2 and a half sperm cells between em. All my love, Charlie
Dear Network Producers, Huh? You mean I gotta act for this role? Charlie didn't. -Ashton
Dear Lindsay, Ashtons such a *bleep*n dweeb. That *bleep* couldn't curse if I said his lines for him. All my love, Charlie
Dear Charlie, i no its tuff seeing Ashton replace you. Hes just prettyer and nicer. But so is Donald Trump. I still love you always, Lindsay
From my hacker to Donald: Thanks for the RT! Are you really Donald Trump? How do you keep your hair on in windy weather? All my love, Chuck Sheen


  1. You are so a good way!

  2. Ha ha ha, you crack me up!!! This was awesome. (And WEINER is a weiner!)

  3. I've been had! I thought this was real. Hilarious xo

  4. really?!?!?! i know nothing about twitter- but hackers hack me off!

  5. Psst, I tweeted all of this for real. But if I'm ever running for public office, I'll deny it. Damn hackers!
    ;0> xo Robyn

  6. Love the where are wee. As in wee wee? No charlie p*nis? sorry?

  7. BTW tweeter I also made you blog of the day.

  8. OMG! This is some hilarious dialogue Miss Robyn!

  9. Hilarious...reading you on hated mornings make them your style....Enjoy your week ahead.
    Should follow you on Twitter now. ;D

  10. i agree with gayle - "you so craycray!" but honestly, i am so saddened about this news story. i was really hoping it to be untrue :(

  11. lol That's some fabulous fun. :)

  12. No bulging genitalia? Charlie Sheen is a dickhead. And Lindsay is a c*** (see, that word is so toxic, I can't even SPELL it!).
    OK, I just love saying this word....weiner. I feel better. now.

  13. lol...good'un, rob!

    for all you illiterates: WEINER is the schmuck; WIENER is the sausage!

  14. This post is hilarious! Love the tweets! However I don't know if you are ready to take office though...You'll need

    #1 a "flawed" web cam

    #2 a mate that will apparently not measure up to the ugly stripper/butler/intern/hooker that you'll fool around with

    #3 The ability to make time during the day to take tons of pictures of your nether regions

    #4 The ability to look America in the eye and say "VaJay JAy? What VaJayJAy?

    Great post! Blessings, Joanne

  15. Joanne, ALL GREAT points. Thank you. I've really gotta hone my campaign strategy and unethical practices.

    Al, his name is appropriate.

    LaughingWolf, that's a nice, easy way to distinguish the two that are otherwise pretty indistinguishable.

    Thanks for enjoying my crazed humor, all. Things are continuing to unravel for the guy (to use the term loosely). A minor (17 year old girl) was privy to his emails. Oy.

    Be well! xo Robyn

  16. lol! you always crack me up! for a second- in the beginning- i thought you've been really hacked! hahaha!


    have a great weekend!

    big hugs!!

  17. Now that's good entertainment. I actually like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. Not sure why. But let's hope they never get together and have children!

  18. Love the new blog page...

    You make me laugh out loud Robin! I love reading you!

    Hope all is well in Paradise...

    Love ya,

    Your Sister from another mister

  19. Heh, you've actually made me want to watch some old episodes of Two and a Half Men. You don't often see an actor pretending to be himself.

  20. So funny! You're crazy!!! :)

  21. Lol. Those two are just so perfect for each other!!