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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Give and Take, a Saturday Centus

The Saturday Centus challenges us to write a piece within 100 words based on a prompt. Yikes. We can only use 60 words this week. Jenny is our wonderful teacher and hostess. Please check out the other offerings. There are much more sane writers than me  whose blogs are well worth visiting.  The prompt is bolded below.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! xo Robyn

Give and Take

A gal likes a looker. You’re one; I can’t lie.
You don’t stop a-lookin’ at babes who stroll by.

We all want a giver
And giving you do
To Jasmine, Carlotta, Me and Mary Lou.

Now, take this Dear John:

"You’re a jackass.
We’re through.
Jasmine, Carlotta, Me and Mary Lou”


  1. Loved this!

    I thoroughly enjoy perusing the "Saturday Centus" prompts. You do a great job with them!

    I'm still chuckling about the "Final Truth" poem from a few weeks ago.
    VERY creative.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha, collusion is the secret weapon of wronged women throughout the ages!

  3. Love it! (and got it on my dashboard, just fine)

  4. You tell him, honey! Us gals don't need the likes of him around!!!!

  5. I should stop drinking coffee while I read your Saturday posts. Completely hilarious Robyn xo

  6. oh at least they were all on the same page at the same time!!! excellent!!!

  7. Excellent Robyn !

    I actually snorted a bit 'cause I laughed so hard.What a clever, biting and well deserved letter.Zing...Girl power ganging up on John and kicking that stinker to the curb !!!

  8. Has the feel of more s#*%...sayonara...loved it !! Peace and blessings

  9. I totally love this!

    I'd never heard of the Saturday Centus before. What a great idea! I'm anxious to check it out and read some of the other pieces.

  10. woo hoo. A good ole butt kicking.

  11. Thanks so much, Bryce. I appreciate the visit and compliments.

    GB, true. It sounds like the female apes have collusion down to a science too. Is that right, GB?

    MsA, thanks. Glad it's working for you too.

    Judie, damn straight! Thanks, girlfriend.

    Marnie, I hope you cleaned up the coffee. Thanks. =)

    Jo, that's right. On the same page, signatures and all. Thanks!

    Nonna, thanks. If only it really happened this way. That would be awesome.

    Jeff, that's the feel I was going for but didn't realize it until reading your comment. Thanks.

    Julie, thanks. I hope you'll join us.

    Alex and Dazee, thanks. He'll never know what/who hit him (it could've been any or all of the five of us).


  12. LOL! Loved this! A pull-no-punches creative response to a philandering jerk! Brilliant!

  13. Very fun and creative!I love the play on words! I'll be sure to check out the next Saturday Centus!

  14. Alex and Dazee, oops. I meant 4 of us. It just feels like more.

    Tgo, thanks so much. I'm glad I haven't had to use or co-sign one of these.

    Upinthecosmos, glad you enjoyed it. I really liked yours too. Thanks.

    Julie/EmptyNest, thank you. These are (almost always) fun.


  15. Loced this one by the way I also am addicted to Chocolate

  16. Oh yeah! Not all Dear John letters are from despicable women...sometimes they are addressed to the despicable men! YAY!

  17. Great post, Robyn! Geez, you have one wonderful imagination, and the cadence of this piece makes it even more fun to imagine that jerk getting what he deserves.


  18. BRILLIANT! and so funny! Great job! Blessings, Joanne

  19. Oh Robyn,
    I love this! So pithy! Excellent work!
    Best wishes & hugs,
    Sanna writes to John Tell-Anna's SC wk 60

  20. Perfect blow to a scummy fella. Enjoyable and funny as would make a good stand up comedian poetess...truly with your wise cracks. :D

  21. Bravo, bravo!

    This was wonderful! Love the direction you took this and how you told such a complete story in so few words.

    Absolutely incredible.


  22. Wonderful!! I love how you did this. :)